Black lab was like: Don’t worry my dad will give you a lift.

Choccy_Melk69 :
Some person: where'd my dog and goat go?
When I saw this on Facebook I read a comment that said the man already knew the owners of the goat and dog. They were neighbors
elya_elya_ :
Like when I'd go pick my son up from work and 2 other kids need a ride home too, everyone in let's go!
As a kid who always needed a lift home, thank you.
listenup78 :
Just drive goddammit, there's no time to explain
If anyone asks we were with you all night!
QuentinP69 :
All I want to know is what club they were at till 6am
Since the three of them didn’t split they are now heading to the after-party. A bunch of party animals.
FluffyDiscipline :
"Wild night dude, should have been there, Thanks for the lift"... lol
"Dude it was a fucking *movie*"
keyboardstatic :
Dogs make life better.
Goats too! 🐐😊
NoodleRocket :
If I remember correctly, the other dog and the goat turns out to be pets of their neighbors or someone who lives near them.
Makes sense, that white dog has a collar
Crackingcoin :
“Oh and he has a goat in tow” is where I lost it lol Edit: Thank you so much for 1k upvotes! First time for me!
I know, I thought it was a third dog at first. Nope, it's a fucking GOOOAT!!
K3yB0ard5eizur3 :
The lab being so charismatic and friendly he makes friends with another dog and another goat and brings them home is very on par. My lab even likes to try to make friends with the skunk that runs through my yard sometimes, then regrets it. Does he learn? No, no he doesn’t, he’ll never give up on his fren
My dog tries to make friends with bugs. Flies are his favorite. He’ll catch them ever so gently and then set them on the ground and do that little play bow thing, roll around on the ground next to them (never on top of them), and he’ll lay down on his side so that they’re riiiight next to his eye. He’s like “I can see u smol fren, u don’t look like me but u are good fren” They’re usually so stunned they just don’t even move. He eventually gets bored and then I set them free outside lol
TriforceFriend :
'Yeah follow me man this tall dog totally just spawns food and scratches me where I can't reach. My shit disappears around him and is replaced with more food sometimes, honestly I'm scared but you come too man it's lit. Huh? Yeah the weird dog with horns can come too'
Edit this so the person is a dog too please
CaptainDowdy :
Baby Driver < Kid Driver

Grenaydee :
I got a goat and two dogs in my truck haha

grannygritz :
"They followed me! Can I keep them? Pleeeeeeze?"

siensunshine :
I need the full story!!
The goat and the white lab belonged to the guys neighbor. Apparently one of his fences on his farm was busted
siamkitty1 :
I have seen this video several times but I just love watching again and again. The whole video.. the dogs, the goat, the way they ran across the field together, and the owner.. so wholesome.

chickspiracy :
My dog disappeared for two weeks and came back with a girlfriend -a mutt-. My little brother promptly adopted her and named her “beautiful”, because he thought she was beautiful (I thought she was butt-ugly). She lived with us until she went to dog heaven and regaled us with many mutts from all the neighborhood dogs (German shepherds (my dog), pointers, boxers).

JennyJiggles :
Country dogs just have a different life than my city dogs. I want that country life for my pups one day.
Made the move from the city to a semi-rural house. My dogs are different dogs now and it makes me so happy.
Homeward bound!
Chance, Sally and Shadow
BarelyHangingOn :
My friend raised sheep. He had two labs and bottle fed lamb that was kept in the house after being rejected. Damn thing thought it was a lab. The three of them would get into all sorts of trouble together.
Now I need to know more about their adventures!
bwfcphil1 :
How casual he is about the dog being missing overnight tells you this dog is pulling crazy shit all the time! Labradors are hilarious.

AquaMitten :
Hangover: Now the dogs done it.

Cwmcwm :
Ah, Alberta -- where you can watch your dog run away for three days straight.
I think that’s Saskatchewan, my dude.
funnerfunerals :
Whenever I see stuff like this I think about the concept of outlier animals. I think it's fascinating that certain animals act according to their own agendas. One has to assume that goat wasn't just wandering alone, his curiosity probably exceeds his peers and he acted upon it. There's something so human and genuine about that.
It always surprises me when my dog does this. We'll be chilling on the couch and out of nowhere he'll get up, go find his dog toy, and come back with it to munch on. It's funny to me that he was laying there and thought, hmm I'd really like to munch on my toy right now welp better go grab it before the commercials end.
CriminalMacabre :
White doge and goat joined the party!

MysteriousDingle :
The way the current generation puts aside their differences, they don’t see another species, just another friend… it gives me hope for the future.

Independent_Offer575 :
I regret that I’ve never had the human equivalent of the night that dog had.

whitewolfiv :
Be careful not to leave the goat with the wolf after crossing the bridge. Then go back and get the cabbage.

fr33judge :
Then the camera swivels back to show a 20 foot tall prehistoric squirrel coming up over the horizon.
You got tree fifty?
Specsporter :
All frens.

C137Ivy :
I love how the guy is like “aight I’m taking another dog and a goat too I guess”

nylady914 :
Two dogs & a goat. I think I saw that movie.

Kylee6431 :
I have seen this video before, and love it every time!

bettylou79 :
This is hilarious…”can they at least stay all night dad?”☺️

JarlBallin420 :
I dream of being this fortunate

krejcii :
I never wanted to get into a strangers truck so bad!

RudeExplanation9304 :
He went out to all the other farms, made some friends, and said yall gotta meet my dad, he's the coolest

daligirl7 :
“But oh wait, he’s got a goat in tow” Literally made my laugh

jasonguru13 :
Seen this before... need an update. How they doing today? They got a horse and a crow now or what?

Liz4984 :
Black lab get away driver!

Zero2000K :
Seems like the beginning of Noah's ark

smithsp86 :
I'm pretty sure this is cattle rustling.

missingN0pe :
This reminds me of "egg" from malcom in the middle Cracks me up every time 😂