Has anyone else just absolutely had it with seagulls? Why are they still protected?

litigant-in-person :
This has 14 reports, but honestly it's too funny to remove.

YourNewBestMate :
I mean, I’m not going to read a post that long about a bird but yeah, they can be kinda annoying.
I worked hard on those paragraphs, excuse me
Stump_E :
I'm not sure I'm as passionate about it as you but yeah, they're annoying little bastards. Actually they're not even little anymore, when did they get so big?
All the rubbish we feed em. They're an abomination of our own making and it is up to us to return them to God's grace, preferably with bullets, or rat poison
tysonn101 :
I quite like seagulls, but this post has to be one of the best written in this subs history. You almost had me convinced to join you in seagull genocide. Almost.
I wish I could convince you friend, we can't expect God to do all the work
Lady_Brachiosaur :
There's loads of them in Liverpool. The juveniles (when they're enormous but still covered in brown feathers and not always that good at flying) will squawk constantly for their parents to get them food and the parents basically have to ignore this to get them to start feeding themselves. It's a literal baby seagull tantrum that they vocalise once a second. For a while it was heartbreaking watching one outside my window. He would cry for his parents and hop and flap but get nowhere. He lived on the pavement for about two weeks. Don't try to help them when they're being needy though. The parents and any other nearby adults, of which there are somehow thousands, will divebomb you if you go near their screaming offspring. Proper chavvy, seagulls. Also something sets them off and they all take to the skies together. The noise is incredible. Edit: I believe one of the main incident report types at Sellafield is seagull related. Slipping in their shit, being divebombed by parents at breeding season, strutting around near the legacy ponds and other places they shouldn't.
There is a place near the Uni with all these mirrored buildings and the gulls drop the young ones off so they are calmed by the reflection and use it as a bird creche. Honestly, they learned it. And you get chased by teen gulls when you park there. Madness. Pierhead gulls are proper bold. They walk behind anyone with ice cream.
RuManCam86 :
I have a confession. I've lived in Cornwall for most of my life (almost 30 years). Herring gulls are pretty much everywhere I go. I spend a lot of time at the coast and I live in a town with a permanent resident population. But I don't hate them. I quite enjoy the sounds they make. They're just communicating with each other. They're really good and attentive parents to their young. I quite enjoy watching their behaviour and find them really endearing. They're intelligent and funny birds with tons of character. Their rain dance is particularly hilarious. They're just misunderstood.
We had one nesting on our windowsill. Every morning we'd be woken up by this thing screeching its rage at the world. We called it Colin. Colin was a cunt.
WarmWelshCakes :
I would 100% support a cull on seagulls. I’m with you pal
She culls sea gulls on the sea shore
Lucy_Lapwing :
I absolutely fucking *love* gulls. So here's my defence of these babes, hear me the fuck out: * First off - there's no such thing as a 'seagull'. We have a few species in the UK and each one behaves differently. So which seagull do you want rid of? Herring gulls - they're the big sexy bastards that eat your chips at the beach. You know, the seafronts where gulls used to live and where we hustled on in and built on their habitat? You can't blame an intelligent species for adapting to new conditions that we created. What about kittiwakes? They're tiny, elegant gulls that live on sea cliffs. They call their name 'kitti-waaake' and have eyes so kind they look like they'll give you a cuddle and buy every round at the pub. * Gull numbers *are* decreasing - and your anecdotal evidence doesn't prove otherwise. It's like saying global warming isn't real coz I saw it snow this winter. Every type of breeding gull in the UK is Amber or Red Listed - Herring gulls have declined by nearly half in recent decades. * Just because something's annoying, doesn't mean it should be culled. The UK is one of the most biodiversity-depleted countries in the world. Meaning we've basically fucked off shit loads of our wildlife, and were seeing ecosystems starting to collapse. The answer isn't simply to kill something because it inconveniences you. * They're fascinating - gulls have so much going for them. They're clever, they're characterful and I think quite beautiful. It's all about perception. Take the emotion out of it, and just observe them. Let's be honest, our lives are largely cushty as fuck, it's not the end of the world if you lose an ice cream or hear gulls in the night (I have some nesting near me and I love their calls). * You're using human words to describe them - like 'bullies' and 'murdering'. They're literally species interacting with other species. Nature kills other nature, it's fucking brutal but it's also beautiful and fascinating. I saw a herring gull eat a ducking last year and it was *mint.* So I'm not coming at this from an animal-rights, bunny-hugging perspective. Humans have this weird obsession with wanting to persecute any wildlife that inconveniences us. Just because something is a pain in the arse, doesn't mean we should just kill it. You know what else is a pain? When I stub my toe on a chair leg. And I can't go around culling bloody chairs just because one pissed me off. I get that things are annoying, but when we're in a literal biodiversity crisis, calling for a call to a group of brilliant and clever species is just not the take. There's much joy to be had in connecting with wildlife and understanding it - please consider it! ​ ​ ​ They're brilliant birds
And here we have a seagull who can use Reddit. Isn't evolution amazing?
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The suggestions only make this entire thread funnier
AnselaJonla :
> I've been to other coastal European countries (and even other continents) and the seagulls there might as well be a different species. Because they probably are. We have the [European herring gull](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_herring_gull), [lesser black-backed gull](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesser_black-backed_gull), [great black-backed gull](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_black-backed_gull), [common gull](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_gull) and [black-headed gull](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-headed_gull). The first three are among the largest species of gulls, and they're found in northern Europe. The species of southern Europe are smaller.
Do they carry coconuts while migrating like swallows?
7ootles :
r/BirdsArentReal But seriously though, I agree wholeheartedly. I disagree with guns, but I'd carry a big-ass revolver just to shoot those howling shitweasels out of the sky. Where I live (couple of miles north of Blackpool), part of the problem is that people actually *feed* the little rotbags. I'll soothe your soul with a brief story though: a couple of years ago I'd just come out of a Pound Bakery with a bacon sandwich and was eating it as I ambled back to the shop I worked at, and this *thing* flew at me. On instinct, I punched it one. It landed on the pavement looking very offended, and that was when I realized I'd just clocked a seagull trying to steal my bacon. An older guy looked at it and then looked at me dumbstruck, as if to say "you motherfucker, I did ***not*** just see that happen". *^(Haha I got downvoted for punching a seagull.)*
It fucking infuriates me when I see people feeding seagulls. I live in a coastal town that gets a lot of visitors. So many of these visitors decide to go and get some fish and chips and then sit on the seafront and throw half of their chips to the seagulls, then get in their car and drive to their home far away from these seagulls that are now amped up on chip grease and vinegar like a salesman on coke. This then leaves us locals to deal with a population of angry seagulls that are now shitting lunchtime’s chips all over my car every evening. How about I come to your home and start feeding the rats. How’s that for a deal?!
Hot-and-Foamy :
Ok, so your question ‘why are they still protected?’ Shows a slight misunderstanding. Seagulls are not protected specifically - the Wildlife and Countryside act 1981 protects all birds. They’re protected in the same way as all birds are. Of course, that particular piece of legislation does also allow licenses to be issued to cull them if there is a problem. So they can be culled. As for numbers, they have actually declined over the last 40 odd years - I think it was by more than half but I’d have to check. As for them not being by the sea - well the name seagull is informal only and does not refer to any particular type of bird. Mostly people talk about the herring gull. They go where there’s food. If we weren’t leaving food around us all the time, they wouldn’t be around us. Tl:dr - seagulls themselves have no specific protection, only the same protection as all other birds. They can be culled. Numbers have declined. A sea gull isn’t really a thing. Stop feeding them.
I agree, but I'd bet my right nipple that if we stop feeding them they will steal and fight and scratch even more. Gulls have evolved to do some shitty things to feed and it will only get worse unless we interrupt natural selection such that the gutsy ones don't survive to pass on their genes.
Concerned-Pineapple :
They're absolutely everywhere here (Edinburgh). They drive me batty. That said they're still animals. I found a seagull with a broken wing once so I had to report it to some local bird welfare group. Couldn't stick around and I couldn't just ignore it either. I think it got rescued (or maybe put down) since it was gone the following day. I still wish they'd STFU though. Loud mofos.
I'm in Leith and they're an absolute menace at the moment. There's a baby on the roof opposite me and it never fucking stops cheeping, day and night.
BrightonTownCrier :
The other day I saw a young lad about 12 come out of Greggs and a seagull swooped down, snatched his whole pasty and scratched his face in the process. The kid shook up his coke and sprayed it all over the gull.
Can't get more British than that.
Diplodocus114 :
I live close to the sea. All the herring gulls live in the town,close to the food outlets. My ex partner had a couple of nests on his velux roof every year. It was like abunch of toddlers stamping around in the attic at 4am every morning. I feed and encourage the crows as they are the only birds capable of chasing them on equal terms. Sadly the gulls will not leave the town. A full-on battle between a murder of crows and a small flock of seagulls is amazing to watch however. The crows happily go back to their fields a mile away afterwards, leaving the gulls to the scraps. Seriously doubt the last few generations of gulls around here would even know how to catch a fish from the sea. Only 2 days ago I watched this large gull loudly tapping it's beak against the window of a fish and chip shop 30 mins before it was due to open.
> I feed and encourage the crows as they are the only birds capable of chasing them on equal terms. Sadly the gulls will not leave the town. > > > > A full-on battle between a murder of crows and a small flock of seagulls is amazing to watch however. The crows happily go back to their fields a mile away afterwards, leaving the gulls to the scraps. Seriously doubt the last few generations of gulls around here would even know how to catch a fish from the sea. There's a buzzard in my area I see often, it's been chased off by seagulls 3 times this summer.
TVPisBased :
Animal rights propaganda? No one gives a shit about animal rights. If they did, cows and pigs and chickens would have different lives
People give a shit about animal rights propaganda as long as it doesn’t require them to do anything.
greymanjack :
We can’t go in our own garden as there are babies on every rooftop in my close and the parents attack you as you try to enter or leave your house
Fuck that shit, keep a bit stick by your doors and brandish it when they come anywhere near you. Little fuckers.
Jdoyler :
Perhaps this beautifully crafted masterpiece of a rant will be enough to convince people that we as a society are wasteful to an absolute extreme I imagine before the days of mass-consumption being the driving force of our economy, seagulls would have to travel hundreds of miles to find 'good' food, whereas now they can hang around tourist spots and rubbish tips and fatten themselves up on the addictive, salt ridden, unhealthy crap we eat

IHeardOnAPodcast :
I've seen them kill pigeons in Belfast and then in St Mark's square in Venice\* and one dive bombed my kebab (and got some) in Byron Bay, Australia. It's a global pandemic! I haven't actually found them too much of a hassle in Belfast recently, but I can appreciate that they can get bad, worst ones I ever came across were on the Isle of Wight. \*Right after the thought, 'there sure are a lot of seagulls and pigeons here, I'm surprised they co exist peacefully,' then two seagulls divebombed a pigeon and literally ripped in in two.

tmstms :
*Show me where the nasty gull attacked you and nicked your fish and chips!*

dhandes :
When you get a load of them flying around, squawking and being boisterous, it's something out of Jurassic Park.

liaamd :
Or, we could just co-exist and not wish death upon innocent creatures, just a thought.

ignoranceandapathy42 :
Another animal who we get mad at when we wiped out their natural habitat, and now we want to kill them because they are annoying? What an entitled view.

Cat__Damage :
I’d say you need to get out more and perhaps touch some grass but I think that might just tip you over the edge.
But there might be *birds* out there!
rwinh :
>They are getting bolder and louder every year and one of these days they're probably gonna start coming directly after kids and pets I vaguely remember a story of a chihuahua being taken by a seagull a few years ago. BBC News - Gizmo the Chihuahua 'seized and taken away by seagull' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-49070562 It's quite grim actually. Apparently the paw of a dog/cat was found near where it was taken. Seagulls are horrible animals and common as muck. No idea why they need protecting as they're pretty vicious.
From a little research it appears that they’re protected because their overall numbers are declining, despite the fact that the number of urban gulls is increasing. Even the RSBP recognise that urban gulls are a problem. Killing of urban gulls is legal, but only in cases “where a significant risk to public health or safety has been identified”. Causing a nuisance and minor damage to property apparently does not justify the killing of urban gulls.
AngrySaltire :
Why are seagulls still protected ? Lets check shall we. Herring gulls red listed. Greater Black-backed gulls amber listed. Lesser Black-backed gull amber listed. Almost like gull populations are collapsing just like other seabirds. This is one of the dumbests posts Ive had the misfortune of reading.
But humans!! And my car!! OP is one of the biggest idiots I've seen on this site and the fact that their post is so well-received annoys me as much as OP seems to be annoyed by seagulls.
spudpickle :
So many psychos supporting animal cruelty here...yikes. Y'all can't keep overfishing the ocean and complain when birds resort to desperate measures trying to get food off humans instead. This is their world too. Learn to share.
Yep, just shows you how much of the population are abhorrent and repulsive nutjobs
matiyarosz :
I live 6 miles away from a coastal tourist spot in Cornwall. They don't usually come here since it's just a small village. As soon as the lockdown started last year, they migrated to all of the smaller towns and villages as the tourism has stopped. They're bastards, but they're very clever bastards. Now with all the emmets back in Cornwall, the seagulls are no more here and they're back at the coast.
> emmets In case anyone else was wondering: > *Why do Cornish people call outsiders emmets?* > > “Emmet” (also: emet, emmit, emit) is what us Cornish call tourists who flock here in the summer months. Literally it means ant, but it's been adapted to describe holidaymakers because they only come in the summer and run away when it rains.
Em_Haze :
Your passion about this is palpable but come on, we are so much worse.

alphawarframe :
You arn't wrong, they are annoying but, at the end of the day, they pretty much have a right to live as well. They only invade our spaces, because of our habits.

RiClious :
One of the bastards shat in my eye the other day. Not too surprising, but I was wearing sunglasses. It managed to get between the glasses and my eye. That is some Barnes Wallace shit right there!
As a clinical germophobe I am suicidally disgusted by reading this
constellieation :
I saw a seagull take off with a dead rat in its beak last week, hanging by the tail. Nature is so beautiful.

Ollypooper :
I love gulls. :(

elapid :
I live in a seaside town and they don't bother me at all. I've got one I've been slowly enticing into my room over the last month by leaving him a couple mealworms each day. We fucked the fish population in the sea and leave trash lying around for them. Seems daft to blame a bird.
That's adorable, have you named it yet?
FraGough :
Stood at the local bus station a week or so ago and a bunch of us had to form a human wall between a seagull and a child with a pastie. Cannie little fucker tried every opportunity to attack a child for food. I get it, we're an incredibly wasteful and untidy species and our collective habits are a significant source of the problem, but aggressive pests that'll attack and injure humans need to be sorted out. There's no reason why we cant deal with the problem on both fronts. Prosecution of feeding gulls, wardens in public spaces, effective litter management etc can also help, as well as effective herring-gull population and behaviour management etc.

DannyNic8 :
This may well be the greatest rant to open up a sub on Reddit I've ever seen!

Corb876 :
They nest on the roof our work, and other buildings in the estate. It's becoming a pain in the arse. Everyone's cars are covered in shit, as are the walls and lamp posts. That isn't even the worst of it, because their chicks being nearby we get constantly divebombed walking across the carpark. I hate the little bastards with all my heart.

ostentatiousbro :
I'm concerned...for you. WTF happened?

[deleted] :
Get a grip dude. It's a fucking bird. Move inland if you're that arsed. Sincerely, a Blackpool resident who has learnt to drown them out, like every cunt who lives near a fucking train track, motorway or main road.

A_G00SE :
You seem like a cunt. I hope these seagulls continue to annoy you.

JackEddySix :
You won't catch me reading this silly post either, far too long for seagulls. They're not that bad

dubincubin :
Because, as you said, theyre animals, they have no sense of right or wrong theyre just trying to survive and wanting to murder them because they annoy you is frankly, barbaric. You can not like an animal without wanting it murdered, and if there was funding im sure alternate ways to deal with them so theyre less of a nuisance might crop up. Why jump to murder bro.

acheekymango :
The first paragraph just reminded me of drunken assholes, infact I don't see any difference...shit/vomit everywhere, nest/passed out all over the place, screaming at 3am, snatching food from each other, damaging property and fighting. 🤣

ZanzibarGuy :
This was, and is, a top tier rant. If I had any awards to give, I would.
I will cherish your upvote like it were a diamond award ❤
Far-Ad-6179 :
I think they’re great. They are one of the few animals that can stand up to mans decimation of nature. Those and jellyfish. You’re going to enjoy the end of the century..

meliora675 :
"Mrs Tweedy! The chickens are revolting!"

barriedalenick :
At worst they are slightly annoying.

Winpigg :
If they bother you so much, move.

PrimNathanIOW :
ok but I love seagulls

ground_cinnamon :
The scurries up here in Aberdeen are insane man, the fuckers are on roids I swear. I’ve seen them attack dogs, steal food from shops, hell I’ve even seen one open a packet of crisps with its beak and then rip bits of the bag off and wolf them down once it had finished the crisps. Bloody sky rats.

RecoverClear8674 :
Stopped reading at "bummed in the showers" because OP is homophobic trash.

NoshTilYouSlosh :
Nicely normalising prison rape, You are scum.

---x__x--- :
Maybe an unpopular opinion but I love the sound of seagulls. I wish I lived near the sea.

Bonebound :
If they're that much of an annoyance to you I strongly suggest moving away from the coast brother.

Rat-daddy- :
Sounds like you want to wipe out a species for mild inconvenience’s

bicep_ :
They’re pretty sound I reckon, just birds at the end of the day. Got one that comes to our balcony everyday that we water and feed, named him Steven

My dad said he saw a seagull take a pigeon's heid off in Aberdeen

DiegoMurtagh :
Can you go practice writing somewhere else?

MyCalloutsAreGodly :
Fuck me, I opened up Reddit to escape bloody Jeremy Vine banging on about seagulls and here you are!

Livrox :
I'm in Cornwall, they hold raves on my kitchen roof at 3am,

Thousand-Journeys :
They got my pasty 😢

Likestolickfeet :
I live by the sea, gulls are up with the sun. MINE MINE MIIINNNE MIIIIIIINNNNE MIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEE