[Bohls] Prominent Big 12 source tells the American-Statesman the Texas-OU move to the SEC is almost done.

FlimFlamThaGimGar :
This shit is happening faster and more suddenly than my parent’s divorce
They just want you to know that this is your fault, too.
legitimacys :
It's impressive how long they kept this quiet to get the work done. I imagine they had to ask some of the schools that would be on the fence how they would vote and they managed to do that without alerting a&m. Idk if it'll actually happen but at least it's made my last 48 hours pretty entertaining!
More impressive that OU kept it a secret from OkState. You can believe it or don't, but I can say I have knowledge of this: OSU and OU ADs went at it pretty hard yesterday and KState is shellshocked because they have no options. (I'm sure Tech/TCU/Baylor too, but I don't know anyone there).
CanesMan1993 :
*Notre Dame AD wakes up and checks phone * * Sees 254 Missed Calls*

benjaminck :
What else has A&M not been told?
“How many other lies have I been told by the council?” - ~~Anakin Skywalker~~ Texas A&M
JB92103 :
I'm surprised half of r/CFB isn't dead from all the drinking with all these realignment posts
debated pouring myself a drink this fine morning but i have therapy. i know what we’ll be talking about today!
If this is true, the Aggie anger will be off the charts… Not only is Texas moving into your subdivision, they paid cash and found a loophole in the HOA guidelines to build a fence that blocks the view they worked a decade to build. The first time TAMU/Texas play an SEC conference game will be nothing like College Football has ever seen. $1000 minimum to get in the stadium, no doubt.
ESPN is already clearing their schedule for it
Glader_Gaming :
So like….the B12 games are about to get real heated. There’s gonna be real hate in some of these games. At least that part should be fun.
As if people didn't hate UT enough. This will make the Tech/UT basketball games even more entertaining
wolverine1819 :
If it’s done then wow sec is going to be loaded for years. That’s a conference that has Oklahoma,Texas, Alabama,auburn, Georgia, lsu, Texas A&M and florida. Some of those fanbases will be very unhappy not winning a conference title for a long time
Matt_WVU :
Well yea when the Big XII releases a statement saying schools are free to pursue their own interests you know the goose is cooked
Feels like the USSR allowing elections in the Eastern Bloc. It’s over.
EnigmaForce :
Is this SEC speed?
$EC $peed for sure
Kohanky :
Lmao A&M kept in the dark. I have a feeling Texas and A&M’s threads this year are gonna be spicy
No time for threads when you’re shit talking your own family at Thanksgiving
O3D_ :
Well this took off and didn't fucking slow down at all did it?

StateStreetLarry :
Texas and A&M’s blood feud makes for some great drama.
That first game is going to be a war
CommodoreN7 :
So at this point instead of take a drink, this is full fire hose chug till alcohol poisoning mode right?
I've drank so much, I'm pretty sure Covid would die in my body pretty quickly.
LifeShouldBeHappy :
This makes me so sad. The Big 12 madness was fun while it lasted :(
I just miss the Big 8. Now it feels like those teams are going to be in 8 difference conferences lol. I wish instead of this whole super conference thing we just had eight 8 team conferences instead. I would be a lot more on board with Notre Dame joining one of those, with 2-3 of the right teams.
whatifevery1wascalm :
>working on this for a minimum of 6 months This only confirms my theory. I am ~90% sure Saban telling Texas HS coaches about Bryce Young’s NIL deal was because he already knew about Texas and Oklahoma. He knew there’s a decent enough chance recruiting those kids is gonna get more competitive in the SEC and he gave one of the best recruiting pitches to their high school coaches without it coming off like a pitch.
It originally came off as a recruiting pitch. But 2 days later the pitch just looks waaaaayyyyy different.
Prolingus :
I wouldn’t trust anything from Kirk Bohls. He’s been 24 hours behind on this story…which is the whole story in this case. Yesterday he was saying the votes weren’t there and Missouri was a no vote.
The SEC is going to love good ole Kirk
KiratheSilent :
The game I'm looking forward to the most in the Lonestar Showdown Thanksgiving weekend.
Means Arkansas gets LSU on Black Friday back hopefully.
Not_Really_Jon_Snow :
Please dear God no
You mean? You don’t want your team to struggle to make 6-6 most years even though you will be filthy rich with some nice locker rooms?
Sctvman :
Asked about A&M being kept in the dark during secret negotiations between Texas-OU and SEC, one connected SEC source tells me, "I wouldn't dispute that." https://twitter.com/kbohls/status/1418560185237483524?s=19

BobDeLaSponge :
I'll believe it when it's done and the lawsuits are settled
If this does happen, and that's a big if... I'm seeing a trend where we're going to go through some real growing pains for structure in the next 20 years until we basically decide that there is a superconference that becomes the new FBS and the G5 now have to play in a new FBS-2 style division. The superconference will include this novel concept called "regional pods," and these pods will consist of about 8 teams battling to win their pod in a round robin format. The winner of each pod then receives the opportunity to play in the postseason to determine the National Champion. They could call these pods something like the Big 8, or the Pac-8, or the Southwest Conference. And then we will end up about where we were in 1970 but with a more convoluted process.
crushingbedtime :
I guess we got the Super League after all, just in American football rather than European football.

DrTreenipples :
Texas doing the most to make sure they don’t ever play Kansas again
And Oklahoma is avoiding Kansas state as well.
DMB_19 :
“Texas won’t be able to control the SEC” *Proceeds to get the SEC to nearly finalize a deal that changes the landscape of the league without discussing all members, particularly the one most familiar with Texas and Oklahoma.
Well I suppose in 30 years they’ll blow up the sec then move into the next conference to implode /s (mostly)
32RH :
Of fucking course.
Fucking tell me about it. We’re probably dead in the water. Basically everything Campbell’s built in the last few years goes down the drain if we don’t land on our feet
jmac_21 :
Brb sewing SEC patches on all my clothes.
Don't forget the ass tattoo and cult like chanting of SEC.
Palchez :
When we play Texas both teams should wear orange.

MeatLord1285 :
Iowa State fans: We want to win the Big 12! *Monkey’s paw curls*

TexasWhiskey_ :
[SEC, Texas, and OU in their combined statement coming out in a few weeks](https://youtu.be/TvfQ2ywQ8W8?t=206) The truth is, there's only been ~~2~~ 3 previous seismic changes in CFB on the level of Likeness Rights. The type of change where there's a clear distinction between before, and after. Forward Pass, Post-WWII Scholarships, TV Rights, and now Likeness Rights. Post-WWII Scholarships drastically changed the landscape, to the point that only 8 of the Pre-WWII dominant teams continued to thrive creating Blue Bloods. TV killed Big 8 / SWC, and forever changed the shifting nature of Conferences. Now Likeness Rights is about to create a huge Have and Have Not Teams for the foreseeable future. [Edit] Correctly pointed out that the Forward Pass was seismic. Integration was extremely significant, but no school was "left behind" beyond a few years which is the only reason I excluded it.
rip john candy
croutoncoupons :
a&m not being told is the best part lmao
I really hope they found out by accident, too. Like, one of the other schools sent a group email about it to the conference and accidentally cc’d them on it.
InsanelyInShape :
Well that's not exactly reassuring for the folks who think this isn't going through.
Where there's smoke, there's fire
SouthernSerf :
I truly think this is so much bigger than just adding teams. I think this is the SEC gearing up for a post NCAA world and wants all the fire power it can get to shape that new landscape.
This move sets the SEC up in the catbird seat. Notre Dame is the only big name left not in a P4 conference. Assuming that the Big XII dissolves, I just don’t see how the other conferences can stack up to the media rights the SEC will fetch by adding OU and Texas.
telefawx :
Sankey is a piece of shit for keeping A&M in the dark. It’s bad business and dishonest. We should be pissed for that. That being said, it’s a done deal. Welcome teasips. Welcome Sooners.

HolyRomanPrince :
Welp college football as we've known it is dead. Long live the SEC super league where 6 teams will rotate through 4 playoff spots and the other 10 just cash checks while they're fans don't have a chance at success. This fucks us and the rest of the middle class so hard. We're gonna have a top 20 recruiting class and finish fucking 13th in the conference. We can't out recruit UT, OU, TAMU and LSU. Just fucking ridiculous
Yeah no one seems to be talking about how this screws the existing middle tier SEC. You’re in a better spot in terms of money but basically conference championship contention went from a long shot to permanently locked out
JamesHardenIsYourDad :
A lot of laughing at A&M in this thread, but if true, this is really shitty. I'm sure South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida fans would be livid if the SEC went behind their backs like this.
My “poor Aggie” comment was serious. It is a really shitty thing to be in a conference that isn’t telling you what is going on.
Errybody_dothe_Lambo :
All jokes aside, this really sucks for college football and the smaller schools. Would be nice if there were a President of say the NCAA who gave a shit

HeezyDub :
This is gonna come off as salty but I’m not sure of Kirk Bohls is the best source

palefire1962 :
It feels to me like the SEC, after adding two massive programs, might become something like a professional league. Never mind college football, it’ll just be the lower level of the NFL. Not good.

LordTextalot :
Huh, I wonder if A&M has legal recourse against the SEC then, if they were cut out of the early membership process.
The Aggies would like to speak to the manager.
J4ckiebrown :
I bet Warren sat around with a thumb up his ass while this whole thing played out. I know the weather isn't as great up here but the Big Ten could have made a case to Texas regarding academics and Oklahoma with their old rival in Nebraska.
Warren fucked up last year with the Covid postponement and he dropped the ball here. If we didn't at least put in an offer that's ridiculous...
Ugadead1991 :
Holy fucking shit. In a period of three day, Bryce young became a millionaire and changed the fucking landscape.
Well. According to OP talks between SEC and Texas and OU have been going on for 6 months. Well before NIL.
GravitysRainbowRuns :
This is awful. I hope the remaining Big 12 schools, especially Iowa State, Kansas State, and [I’d assume at least one of the remaining Texas Schools] can find a heathy home. I think/hope Kansas, Oklahoma State, and WVU will ultimately be fine.
At first, I was on the on the "let's see where the other schools stand" but with the pac12 rumors for some of the southern schools, I straight up want Gene Taylor calling the American for a spot. If we don't have a landing spot before ISU, KU, and TCU, we are fucked.
cptspinach85 :
Texas blew up the SWC, then blew up the Big XII. Will probably blow up the SEC. Just watch.
Within a few years Texas will convince Bama and the other Blue Bloods to leave and hook up with Ohio State and USC so they can have a super Conference without the Mississippi States or Vanderbilts out there.
PSUNittany18 :
Hey B1G bros, we’re good right? Like no one wants to leave right?
Sorry, what was that? I was just packing my suitcase for a...business meeting.
FireHamilton :
College football is dead.
Looks that way. Wait until players start getting in trouble with the IRS.
ChristmasShoes18 :
How quickly would this take affect? They playing an SEC schedule this fall or what?
No they’re looked in this season. 2022 is definitely possible though
PNWQuakesFan :
Good i can't wait for ESPN to fellate Texas as they struggle to get to 7-5 and open as 19 point underdogs to Alabama

lydeck :
Aggies! Mizzou! We have a conference for you that does not have Texas in it! Whatddya say?