Aftermath of worst floods in China 2021. This is exit of a tunnel where thousands of people were trapped due to no information regarding severity of situation.

babyBear83 :
What happened to the people on the train? I saw a video of them with water up to their shoulders. I could never find anymore updates on that afterwards..
[deleted] :
I’m so sorry you’re home town is experiencing this horribleness, you must feel helpless and worried for family and friends. I hope this disaster doesn’t effect you anymore that having to watch it be in such crisis.
UlyssesTheta :
For some context: the recent flooding in Germany was caused by rainfall of 10-15cm per day. At one point, Zhengzhou received 20cm of rainfall in one HOUR. That's how the city was completely overwhelmed by water.
The other stat that blew my mind is that it rained more in 3 days than it usually does in a **whole year** in that region. Truly wtf.
Revolutionary_Bee3 :
After the water recedes, someone is going to get to those cars' cameras and release footage of horrible last moments.
Eye on the TV cuz tragedy thrills me
Queen_Ariana :
This is the type of shit you normally see in post apocalyptic type movies and video games. Knowing this is real life is crazy to believe. Hope everyone can get out safely.
Fun fact: Were living through and causing a climate apocalypse right now!
htownbob :
People say 20 minutes like it’s a long time. The tunnel was over 2 miles long a flat run is maybe 13 minutes on dry flat land for an average person not running through water and weaving through traffic. If it takes 20 minutes to fill you don’t react the minute water starts to come in. You react when it gets up to your door level which it maybe took 5 minutes to do? Moreover if it’s full in 20 minutes it was well over your head long before then.
From what I read, it took 5 minutes for the water level to reach the car doors, and another 20 minutes for the cars to be completely submerged.
ErrorAcquired :
Note to self, *avoid tunnels during weather events* I suspect a lot of people had horrible experiences and didnt make it out in this tunnel
"what, ErrorAcquired died? How?" "well when the tornado hit he just refused to go to the underground shelter. His last words anyone heard was 'Ha! I'm not even wet you fools!' " "ah, classic ErrorAcquired"
inkzillathevampsquid :
So did people get trapped in a tunnel or not? Im so confused by the stories that were going around earlier and seemed to disappear?
Yes they did. I read the article when it came out and there were some unfortunate pictures of the victims. Iirc at least 20 confirmed dead as of this morning.
GreatPugtato :
Those poor people. I can't imagine going out like that or being first hand witness to such an awful event. Hopefully they will get the aid they need to recover and time to mourn.
The tunnel has emergency exits every few hundred feet. A video, going through that tunnel:
WanderLeft :
Damn, this is horrible. My best wishes to the Chinese people.
Thank you
Its4veexxx :
Good thing its all over now
There it is again. That funny feelin’.
FloodMoose :
I don't have much to say. This is bad and those most affected are people just the same as all of us. This is also a preview of what's coming from global changing climates. We humans fucked up. Bigly.

Sponge-28 :
I'm not sure if this is down to the mass adoption of social media in the last 15 years or so showcasing these events, but the amount of sudden weather anomolies has been increasing rapidly this century. Flash floods, increases in wildfires, hurricanes, frequent heatwaves (noticed this a lot in the last 5 years in the UK summers) etc... It's quite concerning as to how different even the next decade may be. Not to be negative, but its arguably too late to stop this now and yet so many still seem completely unphased by it.

bingold49 :
Still coming to work though right?
With everything flooded, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just emergency crews and specialists flown in to assess the damage. Insurance and state costs will be insane, since 1 inch of flooding can cause 10k damage to a home alone. Basically the population would be sitting still on high ground for a bit, lol.
BoxOfBlades :
Are there any videos of the disaster in action? All I'm seeing posted here are aftermath images and footage. I wanna see what 20 cm of rain in one hour looks like.
There's videos of it, even with people in underground metro railway trapped with water up to their neck inside coach.
AsBeingTheCowboy :
Climate change has entered the chat. Fuck.