At least 100 US athletes unvaccinated as Olympics begin

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[deleted] :
Jesus Christ, this just sounds like the beginning of a PR disaster for the IOC
True, but PR disaster is what the IOC does best.
RedditSkippy :
Why is Japan even letting them in the country?
And imagine with the Czech team they sent a doctor that’s unvaccinated and of course there are COVID-19 cases in the team now and some are being sent home and Czech doesn’t even lack the vaccines we do have astra ,Pfizer and moderna for anyone who wants to get one
errindel :
I don't understand that as an athlete, at this point, why you would risk all of that training, on the CUSP of the biggest event on the world's stage, by not getting vaccinated. The personal risk of not being able to compete, at the very least, that you are taking on has to be something these people have thought about...right? (Yeah I know there's also the public health implications, and personal health implications of getting really sick, but those are being discussed in other threads, lets just talk about the act of being able to's just mind-boggling that they wouldn't take the predictable path, and get vaccinated and deal with the side-effects on their own schedule)
"My body is a fine-tuned machine, and I don't want chemicals disrupting that balance. I'm young, healthy, and invincible."
kraftpunkk :
I wonder if it’s an anti vaxx issue or they just didn’t want to risk 24-48 hours of side effects that might hinder their training schedule.
If they took it a couple months ago, it wouldn't have interfered with shit. Taking 48 hours off wouldn't have been the end of the world for these athletes unless it lined up with a qualification event.
Crazy_Kakoos :
How am I, an isolated farmer, vaccinated and a traveling Olympic athlete representing the United States on a world stage, not vaccinated?
Because these athletes missed brain day.
vhalember :
Just wait for the eventual story to break where one of these unvacced will lose their Olympics because they test positive before their event. Years of training and preparation down the drain, all because they wouldn't get a pair of shots.
Dutch skateboarder Candy Jacobs gave up her job, gave up her house and moved in with her parents at age 30 to totally focus on training for the gold medal. She went to Tokio to prepare and got Covid. Now she must quarantaine and is missing the skateboarding event...
hybridfrost :
Hey let me put my lifetime aspirations for the Olympics at greater risk by not getting a safe, free vaccine. Fucking brilliant move guys! As a side note, I know there is some cases where someone can't be vaccinated but I doubt this is the case for most of these.

SuperK123 :
Brilliant! So busy training for the biggest event of their lives and they forgot to watch the news. “ This is what the Japanese people were worried about. Idiots!

WoundedKnee82 :
I literally don't understand how they can fly out of the country unvaccinated. This is the most irresponsible thing you can do to a country that is already having a hard time with the virus. And Pfizer gave doses to the IOC and they are still unvaccinated? That's a damn shame.

akcufhumyzarc :
Isnt Japan one of the least vaccinated out of the '1st world' coubtries?
I believe that would be Australia, with the joke of a government they currently have
Nikiaf :
Why were these people allowed to participate? This is complete madness, it's guaranteed that they're going to cause a superspreader event; one that could have been easily avoided too.
It's going to be really sad for the athletes who are fully vaccinated and who get infected by another athlete who isnt and their positive test results render them unable to compete. I know we are all frustrated by having to deal with restrictions even though we are vaccinated because of others who are choosing not to. An athlete who makes it this far, does everything right and still loses their chance at a medal because of someone else's poor incredibly frustrating.
Buffaloslim :
It’s insane that proof of vaccination isn’t required to compete in international competitions.
It's insane that humanity has decided to _help_ the pandemic.
kinsarc :
Vaccines should have been mandatory to participate in the Olympics. Full stop. The potential to spread and take back to your country of origin is so great that it's so asinine that it wasn't a mandate.

SuperShinyTamatoa :
Considering that Pfizer was offering free vaccinations to every athlete and their entourage regardless of country, Japan should have made everyone show proof of vaccination. If someone tries to enter unvaccinated, just put them immediately on a flight back to their home country. If it means not being able to compete, it's their own fault for not being vaccinated. I don't care how special someone is in their own mind, they're not being a good representative of my country at the Olympics if they're going into other countries and spreading COVID about internationally.

whitehypeman :
Why let them go if they're unvaccinated? Shouldve been a prerequisite if you're representing your country
For athletes in countries where the vaccine has only been recently available, they should have been given a shot the moment they landed in Japan.
Echoeversky :
How were they allowed into the country?
Japanese officials agreed to risk their citizens health to save face It sounds like it has NOT been a popular decision there.
moogleslam :
Idiots. You’re welcome.

Reno83 :
Of all places, in Tokyo, one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Despite Japan's 23% vaccination rate, I think the only reason they've been able to avoid being devastated by Covid is because they have good public hygiene and because they're an island. Now they have a shitload of unvaccinated athletes and spectators coming over from every corner of the earth.

Fangs_0ut :
Full vaccination should have been required to attend the games. Period.

FreeThumbprint :
These must have been the same guys grinning maskless during the opening ceremonies while almost every athlete from other countries the camera panned to were wearing their masks correctly. Made me embarrassed for the USA.

RickC-42069 :
You can't smoke weed at night to help anxiety and be on our team but you're allowed on our team with no covid vax. Awesome Into a country that is very at risk for covid as well.

zoodee89 :
Shouldn’t be allowed to go IMO.

itsohsodemi :
I read that a lot of them didn’t want it to mess up their performance if they got the shot… where are they getting this misinformation though?

Badfickle :
Imagine spending your entire life training for the olympics just to lose your chance to compete because you get sick when a vaccine is available.
Imagine doing all that AND getting the vaccine only to test positive and miss your event because another athlete chose not to get vaccinated. Ugh.
nanokiwii :
What possibly can go wrong? 😂

syler345 :
This will most definitely culminate into an Olympic variant that will ravage this planet.

g78776 :
But you know we can’t send over that one girl who smoked some weed. Don’t watch this joke. Make them cancel the games due to viewership so we can get them to admit this is only about making money.

_Yeah_Well_Im_Drunk_ :