This just hurts

MyNameIsUrMom :
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toolate4u :
This just makes me sad
You need a happy meal
Stealthy_444 :
Good response
Chad pfp
swansong19 :
That's what a desperate need for attention and validation looks like, folks.
That dude working clearly has seen enough shit and just wants his day to end without encountering any more dumbasses so he can go home and nit want to drink a fifth before passing out on the couch
TheHex_ :
Why do people think this is funny?!
Who said it's funny? It's entertaining because it's cringe.
CaseFace5 :
Honestly as soon as it started I would have just closed to window and walked away lol

Grouchy_Moist_8863 :
Holy shit,that guy deserved to be in employee of the month.
That's a manager lol
MrCreamHands :
I love his look of disgust

That_Nihilist :
Don't think even 3-year-olds would do this.
You obviously underestimate 3 years olds and ice cream cones
InsideFakeAds :
The worker is spitting facts

Juseio :
He probably has to deal with idiots like that every single shift and has been wanting to ask all that’s on his mind.

doltlord :
Awesome response from the guy at the window
If you watch the full video this is the third time that moron did this. He continued to drive out of the drive thru, wipe his face off and go do it again.
d1nnertonight :
Yo dude in the window really came with a reality check ngl
He acted like the fatherly figure the "prankster" never had.
Shez2650 :
To this day, I've never understood people who do stuff like this.

IsaRat8989 :
I remember a few years ago two guys who sang their taco order. That was impressive, clever, well thought out and a great performance. This is just sad
[classic internet](
MeLlamoDave :
The virgin customer vs the Chad manager.

Galleax :
The man still looked pissed even before giving the ice cream
This is the 2nd or 3rd time that day that he got an ice cream cone lol, the guy knew it was coming
Mybigfingnuts :
I love the pushback against this public tiktok shit. Stop involving unwitting strangers in your desperate ploys for attention
This is a years old video on youtube. Back when "pranks" were the hot thing
dmckidd :
Dude in the car looks like the kid that always tried to be funny in high school.

theycallmeick :
Is that rosscreations lmfao
I’m pretty sure this is his first video. Or one of them atleast. His humour has definitely changed for the better in the last few years and he is becoming a better creator every day.
Mortgage_Specific :
touch me midas, I beg you

[deleted] :
As someone who works a drive-through, at least he didn't throw a drink in there, but dear God man. These people work their asses off in fast food and you're just there to bully them or act retarded.

Oldspice_DentalFloss :
Camera didn’t flinch once, this dude was by himself when he did this.

SeaAbbreviations422 :
I'm disturbed that people like this are allowed to drive

GasStop69420 :
You know it's bad when even the fast food worker speaks up

darkwrath05 :
Old Ross creations is so bad. It's weird because I literally just watched this for the first time last week's these are actually hard to watch. His current content is some of the best I've seen though.

mansonmarty :
He looks like he knows whats gonna happen

Some-Ad-3189 :
Why tf

Galeaf_13 :
Is it Ross?
ITS ROSS? Nooooo! Ross on cringetopia? This makes me sad. At first I didn’t notice. But just the way he held his hands I can now confirm it’s him lol
demthiccthighs :
The cringe is strong with this one.

Kakitamojada :
Cringe af, it was funny on vine like the first time, but nah bro it's just straight cringe

Breakfastboy87 :
John Favreu spittin'facts

Snoo36988 :
Always feels good to tell people to get a job.

Diccolas :
The manager is a fucking chad
The manager is a fucking normal person.
The_MCRuler :
i like this

Amyes61 :
That employees response was amazing!

MesciVonPlushie :
The look on the workers face before he even hands him the cone leads me to believe this has happened before.

I_am_dean :
Before he handed the guy the cone he looked like he already had enough of their shit. I wonder what happened before the video.

0rangeAliens :
Best McDonald’s Employee ever

mantistoboggan69md :
I love that the ice cream guy would still have been the one to post this

ElPapaGrande98 :
The worker is definitely a chad

Molly_Muncher :
His disgusted face cracks me up

foxphotography :
The guy at the window knew something was up with that spastic see the suspicious handover

PlsGiveMeFood- :
The worker saying everything we thinking

[deleted] :

ruibullseye :
you can see for the reaction of the guy in the car, he was not expecting getting served some reality as a topping

Indigoh :
Is this take 2 or something? Worker started off already pissed.

N00bsoup :
“Go get a job or something” damn hits the nail on the head lmao

[deleted] :
Guy in car is cringe worker is ch4d