Humanity Still Exists

suspendisse- :
Poor little guy. He was so scared. I love how many people worked together to help him then that one guy just said *I’m going in!* I love seeing real people helping others in real life. Thank you for posting this
the way the crowd reached down and just absorbed him when they were close to the top of the ladder really god me 😩
Sirgolfs :
Someone buy that rock a beer
Geology still exists!
Mynunubears :
That man is a fucking hero
Real heros wear children capes
medlilove :
I didn't realise he was so little until they reached him 😭
Yes. The perspective made him appear larger until the camera zoomed out. I said "oh shit, that's a little kid!"
[deleted] :
There is still some bit of hope and love in this world. Heroes don't wear capes , the above video was a true example for that
manlikegraham :
Great rescue but how the fuck did that kid end up there? I need answers.
I'm also wondering why they didn't tie that rope to the guy that went down the ladder...if he had slipped in the rushing water, he potentially could have been washed away. But regardless, he's a badass risking his life for that kid.
Nihil_esque :
Video ends too soon. I need to see the guy who rescued the kid get up on solid ground as well.
Agreed. It bothers me basically no one is securing the ladder by the end once the kid is off or helping hero up to solid ground after carrying a kid through slippery mud. Video also starts too late. Need to see how he ended up there and what else had been tried.
surfdad67 :
Now do it in reverse to see some real assholes
I know there's a reverse animal rescue sub, I wonder if there's a human one too
GrimdarkGarage :
This was captivating. Humanity most certainly exists. It just finds it a little harder working its way to the front nowadays. But it inevitably always does.

BusterSox :
He must have been so scared. Poor kid! I'm so glad these folks noticed him and found a way to save him.

kevin117s5 :
“Humanity still exist”. Lol it never went away
Video is great. Title is trash.
adam_sky :
It’s always existed. It’s just not in the news because it doesn’t sell.
Yeh I mean I'm not exactly surprised by people saving children. Its nice to see everyone come out ok, but is there anywhere in the world where someone would see a child in danger like that and just say "hah, shit luck, kid".
Past_Badger :
Yay!!! 👏👏👏👏😊

AlexWheeldon :
Holy shit. I thought that was a man not a boy. Then the guy got next to him and carried him. What a hero. Poor little lad. Just want to give him a hug.

Treereme :
Poor kid was literally scared stiff.

StankFlamingo :
Here I am again, crying on my couch

NeverackWinteright :
Bystander effect is a hella of a drug, this is what people can do when we overcome the bystander effect.
Are we bystanders? That’s how I felt watching that video. Reminds me of the moral conundrum about ruining a pair of new shoes to save a drowning child in front of you. Peter Singer [said it best]( if you don’t know what I’m referring to
Nickyx13 :
Amazing. But remember, this sort of event is coming to your country too (unless you live in the desert). The repercussions of climate change are hitting us all.

Leks4f :
Good outcome, but truly low expectations from humanity you guys have..

shompk :

Ropo3000 :
Still exists? I don’t think it has ever ceased to exist. We would never have come so far as we have if humanity didn’t. Civilization is safer and more caring than ever before in human history. Don’t ever let bad news make you think humans are bad. The vast majority are good.

Dogtor-Watson :
Humanity still exists? Thank fuck, I thought everyone disappeared in the last 10 minutes.

BluehibiscusEmpire :
He was so shit scared. Would have been able to get out ordinarily, heck even go to the ladder but I guess the flooding had scared him terribly. Don’t know how he got there, but glad he made it out ok

RivetAmber :
We come on Reddit to laugh at messed up stuff, but what a team of heroes.

AsianAmerica :
I loved seeing a wonderful outcome when we all work together.. better together folks.. let’s show the love ❤️

RandomArtistBlock :
Didn't realize I was barely breathing until he started climbing back up the ladder with the kid

Bibblesplat :
Beautiful, truly amazing

aLauraElaine :
I live that moment when he shifts the baby from his front to his back, a classic move in baby wearing still applicable in to the child years

Shquash :
We live in a society

dontakelife4granted :
It is incredible to see how many came together to help this little. He was so afraid. When you look for the best in humanity you see it more and more often. Unfortunately, the sh!itty people in the world just get more press. :/

SoManySwags :
That was fucking sick.

GTMoraes :
Jesus. I was more worried about that brick wall holding all this people leaning on it, and the bridge pipes holding that many people over it, than the kid on the rock.

germanbini :
Even reading the title and presuming a happy outcome, I was still stressed and worried watching that video. Wonderful they were able to save the child.

ChampionshipOk4313 :
How did he end up there in the first place.

DemetriusII :
I pretty sure they would do the same for an animal, let alone a kid. Still, heartwarming to see people come together in times of trouble

LuffyIsBlack :
I count like 3 ropes... Why didn't he go into the water......... With a rope!

Revolutionary_Dodo :
This might be a racist question but: why do Africans have little to no hair on their head?

Smeared_Smegma :
And then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on..

Vhyle32 :
That man is extremely brave to risk his life for that kid. Very smart to get three and four points of contact too in that. Man, that kid was paralyzed in fear. Good on him, and those trying to help.

AghastTheEmperor :
Remember guys, ankle high and you could die. It's like banana peels in cartoons, your footing can just be swept and you get knocked out and drown.

Yogami_asura :
At what point did we start thinking that people would just let a helpless kid die?

fendermonkey :
Watching this video kind of makes me feel like a spectator watching from above while these people are *all* living on that rock surrounded by raging currents. Makes me wonder how far humanity reaches. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the world is moving in a more positive direction, I’m just wondering if I’m exhibiting the same humanity and bravery as the people in the video are

rascellian99 :
I love how the dude stops to pull up his pants when he steps into the water. He's got nerves of steel.

jarekkam81 :
"Humanity still exists" - what the hell else would you expect? For people not to help?

LRJ104 :
what an absolute chad this guy is. He goes on +1 and litteraly carries the kid up the ladder like the absolute alpha he is. I would had placed the kid on the ladder and have him climb up, when I saw him go for the alpha move I was stunned lmao

[deleted] :
........ what? do you walk around thinking every living second of your lifetime about the U.S. Upper class, blaming them for everything and everyone? Even when something happens in another continent?
Harmacc :
Good thing, because half the world is going to flood, and the other half is going to dry out. We are gonna need some humanity in the next few decades. The Syrian war was only the first major war brought about because of climate change. There will be millions of climate refugees. Billions eventually.
Genuinely interested in how the Syrian was brought about because of climate change?
Huge_Tension6808 :
So he could have just walked to the ladder?
Yeah. But he was frightened, probably.
Savvy_Canadian :
Not for long. *turns into a hallow*
Don’t you dare go hollow, skeleton!
[deleted] :
This should be on Unexpected for how shallow that water was. Not that it's not still dangerous, but i was like 'wut' when he stepped off the ladder.

JPW062 :
That is a stream of liquid shit. Get that man a cocktail. .. of antibiotics.

4TH4RV- :
Yeah ofc they would help him lmao what did you think they'll just let him be stuck there

Random-Mutant :
Not to detract from the rescue, but you can see that the flood was slackening over the course of the video. The rock which was awash at the start was clearly uncovered by the end.

YorWong :
Til Africa doesn't have rope.
they were trying to use a rope to help the boy up before
nmegabyte :
My question is, what the heck was the little shit doing there?

Goose_Detective :
No it does not I just saw someone flame a dog alive and I am traumatized

Roanoketrees :
Not in the US it's been a very long time since I met a non selfish person

[deleted] :
Maybe you can post your negativity elsewhere.
earnestartichoke :
At first I didn't realize it, but then saw it was just a child. Thank goodness they were able to help him :)

GullibleInevitable14 :
Genuinely thought this wasn’t going to end with cheering and hi 5’s

the_darkishknight :
“Show him who you are!!!”

sanjeaustin :

Rawrmo :
Wow the flooding in Germany has gotten so bad

Sweetdeerie :
How did he get there in a first place?

SpaceShipRat :
I wish it had lasted longer, I wanted to see if they would rescue the ladder.

Hoghead49 :
Not often the internet makes me happy smile but this did it.

TKTheJew :
Is this zimbabwe? Sounds like they are speaking Shona

earthgarden :
Oh my heart! All the tears. I feel bad the little one went through such a scary experience but so happy people saved him

rbarnes182 :
That made me bloody cry whilst listening to Queen - Love of my life, humans man :)

StriKyleder :
Yes, humanity exists. Don't let those in power divide as they enrich themselves off our labor.