lcapaz :
This could be the second shrubbery so they get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle…
A path! A path!
xtopher84 :
Yes but did you cut it down with a herring?
They do have the whole two level effect.
RedRedditor84 :
My name is Roger the Shrubber. I design and sell shrubberies.
Ni! Ni!
RugBurnDogDick :
Subaru Forester?
SteelHip :
Did they say Ni ?
Did they demand it?
Ok-Conversation3098 :
Well, good camouflage. I bet the police wont find him.
This is a ghillie suit for his car
fuzzywuzzytrucker :
If the police can hide behind shrubs to target speeders, I can hide behind shrubs to avoid them!
3D chess
[deleted] :
No photoshop of a herring? Am disappoint.

VariousPreference0 :
A nice one.
And not too expensive
schmidie14 :
18 Monty Python references, and 1 Led Zeppelin reference, nice.
Must be one of the Knights who say Neeh…
Redacted_Cryptonym :
2022 Nissan Leaf
Ford Ficus
bret_234 :
We found Roger the Shrubber!

MUSinfonian :
He is a shrubber.
Is his name Roger?
JustSomeWeirdGuy2000 :
Oh what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say 'Ni' at will to old ladies.
Who are you then?
MarvinParanoAndroid :
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
Yejus :
Is there a bustle in your hedgerow?
Don't be alarmed, now.
UnicornSlayer5000 :
Ghillie suit for cars.

HelicopterJesus :
War Thunder ground forces in a nutshell

phunkyunkle :
Which Top Gear/Grand Tour challenge was this?

Secretly_Solanine :
Mr. Nesbitt has learnt the value of not being seen.
Now that’s a funny fucking skit!
madsqueaker :
GrendelNightmares :

inflatableje5us :

Sir_Mild_Peril :
Ni !
Twebbie :
Theft and shrubbery
We do beg your pardon, we are in your garden
thatHadron :

onkaginger :
What da Bush doin
iamgillespie :

khrak :

LymeFlavoredKeto :

SaltMineSpelunker :
Got that two level effect.

ACno9 :
Every Shermans in War Thunder be like

lNalRlKoTiX :
Who is this so wise in the ways of science?

snowsnoot :
Are you saying 'Ni' to that old lady?

TheRealFlexSealGuy :
You will build us a shrubbery
you must place it here beside this other shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle.
BearsBeetsBttlstarrG :
Run Away!!!

mythoryk :
We are now the knights who say…. Icky icky icky pikine zoopoing!

BigWhit75 :

Minimum_Package3474 :
Damn that the new Chevy Shruburban??? 🔥

[deleted] :
Damn that new realtree pattern is pretty good.

firestorm310 :
I think they're trying to go for a tiger look but something is missing

SuboptimalButHopeful :
Cops are getting obvious with their speed traps.

Weliveingodsballs :
He’s just attacking the D point!
prof-spaulding :
After diesel-gate, Volkswagen is going green in a big way.

mnavneethkrishna :
Now cut a tree with a herring!

treetyoselfcarol :
*How do you do fellow cars?*

havereddit :
That was their getaway car after committing shrobbery

AncientCourier6 :
Camouflage level 9000+

Lizhot66 :
New meta for escaping

CharlieBrown20XD6 :
Good to see Bobby Bowfinger is still making movies

bawynnoJ :
From now on, we are the Knights who say.... Eky eky eky eky paTAAAAANG zooooooooopop! *Indistinguishable murmuring* eep!

chowi_69 :

magneticFrenchFry :
Now you must chip down a tree... with a Herring!

iRequal :
Only thing I could see hauling a shrubbery like that is a Ni-ssan

wivywivy :

eggsmasher2point0 :
I dont see any car

Shock_a_Maul :
How not to be seen.

Pettway96 :
I’ve never seen a car in a ghillie suit 💀

EastWind9mm :
well no its not is. can't get very far in life without saying is

75GreenJeans- :
Pay no attention to that bush, moving around over there by that tree, its just a bush.

thirdtimeisNOTacharm :
You mean… Shrubaru

MTB3211 :
nee nee nee nee nee nee nee

Hubinator :
These War Thunder premium skins are getting out of hand.

Schnitzel725 :
Stealth +10

George-Sharrin :
Jumbo Sherman’s in War Thunder

BigAl_79 :
A Shruburban

F14Tomcat58 :
We are the Knights how say Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing

EnderSpriggan :
No-one knew who my car was before it put on the ghillie suit.

scurvydog-uldum :
best. ghillie suit. ever.

BentonX :
Carmouflage yeah yeah I‘m leaving

Knersus_ZA :
Ni! Ni! Ni! Ni!

Baphometix :
Some call him an idiot, others... a moron. But there are some who call him... Tim.

YogBlogsoth1066 :
The Chevrolet Shrub-urban, if you will.

IzzyMandelbaumJr :
Looks like me in a man thong.

Kvist199 :
One that’s nice, not too expensive…

Rovert881 :

angry_centipede :

jackbologna :