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LEPFPartyPresident :
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tdogg1967 :
I read somewhere this person eventually died. There was actually a whole series of tweets from this guy That started with him saying god is going to protect him from the virus so no need for the vax. It ends with a tweet from a relative announcing his death. The tweet here is near the end of that series, obviously.
Man, that should be a slideshow.
Heireaper :
Here’s an article for proof of his passing: I checked out his Twitter and I’m glad he’d being lambasted. Can’t say I’m too sympathetic this time around. Sucks he died but at that point it’s on him.
>Since everything is a social construct these days & folks out here identifying as different races than they’re born as (Rachel Dolezal now Nkechi Amare Diallo) I’ve decided that I, now, identify as a 6’3 D1 collegiate athlete. And, if you prefer, I’ll identify as vaccinated, too. When your /r/OneJoke becomes your famous last words.
furry_hamburger_porn :
As a libtard, I feel so owned.
Own me harder, daddy.
Douglebreddit25 :
The vaccine is free.
Not to costs their freedom... supposedly...
Aggravating_Goal_441 :
>I risk significant brain damage. How could they tell?
The Glaslow Coma Scale is a handy, noninvasive technique used to assess for brain damage by noting how much someone can do. Can you localize pain, follow something with your eyes, or tell when a fascist demagogue is exploiting your xenophobic tendencies.
Earnastus :
Call Donald Trump for help.
To them, miracles come from Trump since he’s God’s chosen president
RedditAdminsAreScum- :
"Kindness is free" from the "fuck your feelings" crowd.

Samurai_gaijin :
>I sent you two boats and a helicopter. -jebus.

DarkZogga :
FYI, he died about 24 hours later.
Some of the prayers worked, then.
adam_lorenz927 :
I've been running into this lately. I'm calling the unvaccinated person who is sick/died a dumbass and people get on my case for calling out the moronic decision to not get vaccinated. "Where's your sympathy?" It's saved for the people who can't get vaccinated for whatever reason that are put into danger by assholes like this one. Where was this jackhole's empathy for his fellow man when he decided not to get vaccinated?
I have no sympathy for them in the same way that I would have to sympathy for a person who pointed a loaded gun at their own face because they thought bullets were a Chinese hoax to make Hillary Clinton's pizza chef into the White House daycare manager.
Biovyn :
I am so over that shit. They might as well all die for all I care! These fucking idiots are the reason this thing never ends and we might go back to a statewide mask mandate again soon. They are holding us back. No more compassion. The science is there, we have been telling you for months to get the vaccine. The vaccine IS the miracle you dumbfuck!

OkAcanthocephala9723 :
I'm usually not a fan of piling on a bad situation, but the dangerous hypocrisy and stubbornness to sacrifice one's own health, and possibly life, to stay loyal to a political party that really doesn't care about you needs to be called out when it's posted so publicly like this. I guarantee you that if Trump and a few others encouraged people to get the vaccine at the beginning of this that we'd have at least 70% vaccinated, which is the percentage we need to reach herd immunity. Such an incredibly selfish thing republican politicians did to politicize the vaccine to polarize people in order to drive another stake between Americans. Depravity has no ceiling when it comes to polticians' actions.
I mean most republican politicians got the vaccine. The problem is republicans are so brainwashed by their own nonsense they convinced themselves that the politicians got it "ironically' for some reason or another. I've heard everything from them trying to get more votes, or it was fake, or anything else so that they could believe it wasn't for the sole purpose of limiting the spread of the "fake" virus.
bald_fury :
I'd you're angry now, wait a few years until they start with the "God gave us the vaccine" shit
toscomo :
You know what's miraculous? Vaccines.

enmokusei :
those were impeccable comebacks
That second one …. *chef’s kiss*
BenceBoys :
Christians only say things like “kindness is free” when you’ve called them out on their nonsense
It's basically just a phrase used to be an enabler of abusers
baltosteve :
I’m not a very spiritual man, but a 95% effective vaccine against a highly transmissible respiratory virus in a year is pretty fuckin miraculous.Morons.

RedditAtWorkIsBad :
Hey, if God created AIDS to kill the gays, maybe he created Covid to kill republitards.
gay_robots :
This sort of reminds me of a story my grandpa told me. A man is stuck inside his house during a Hurricane in an area that is most certainly going to flood. A group of people drive up to his house in a truck and say “hop on in, we’re going to get out of here before it floods!” The man declines and says “no thanks, god is going to save me.” A few hours pass and the storm worsens. The water begins to rise and the man has no choice but to take cover on the second story of his house. A family on a boat steers in front of the windows and offers him a ride to dry land. The man declines again. “I don’t need a ride, god will save me.” The storm doesn’t stop. As the flood continues to rise, the man is forced to climb onto his roof so that he doesn’t drown. A helicopter flies over his roof and drops down a ladder for him to climb. The man looks up and shouts at the helicopter, “No thanks! God will save me!” When the hurricane doesn’t stop, this time the man has nowhere to go. He is engulfed by the waters and he drowns. When the man wakes up in heaven, he marches up to god and asks, “Why didn’t you save me?” God shakes his head and says, “I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter. This one’s on you!” It’s really too bad that if I told him that story now, he’d likely get upset with me

un0m :
Why should I be kind to someone who has no intention of passing it on and being kind to others?

RevEZLuv :
“All lives matter” only applies when they’re trying to shut you up. In no other instance does the lie “all lives matter” apply.

bopperbopper :
A man is living during COVID times. Dr. Fauci says to stay home and socially distance. The man says “ God will protect me.” The Governor says to wear a mask. The man says “God will protect me.” The President says to get a vaccine . The man says “God will protect me.” The man gets COVID and dies. He gets to heaven and says to God “ Why didn’t you protect me?” God says “ I sent you info about staying home, masks and vaccines, what else do you want!”

practicalpuppy :
These religious types crack me up. It’s like they expect an angel to come down from the sky and fix everything. Reminds me of this joke: A guy prays super hard every night before bed time to win the lottery. Years go by and he never does. Eventually one time after he prays for the same thing again God can’t take it anymore snd shouts back: “Buy a goddamn ticket!”

Raccoon_Full_of_Cum :
And just like that, the collective IQ of the country ticked up a few notches.

[deleted] :

bsylent :
I'm copy/pasting below a reply I made to another comment, but I wanted to put it in the main thread as well, as I think it is a serious discussion to be had. These people are still our fellow man, and I just wish there was a way to bridge the gap, to reach them, to bring us all together (and don't misunderstand me, it's their fault, part of me can't help but enjoy the irony, can't help but laugh when they try to own the libs in this way. It's just frustrating): My bigger question is, why can't they see God in the things that man creates? If God is all things, God is the disease, but God is also the cure through man's hands. It's like that story of the man who rejects all the help that comes to him during a flood while he sits on a roof, and when he dies he asks God why he didn't come and save him, and God replies, I sent you a fucking boat and I helicopter l, etc, etc They really are trapped in a prison of their own making. Their religion could totally embrace technology, vaccines, socialism, love for your fellow man, but they decide that they're going to create a separate paradigm, their own definition of God, that doesn't accept these things. And it's all to their own detriment, and to the decay of their own communities. It really sucks

Aeroy :
Brain damage? Another one?

mrkp38in :
3 days before dieing he tweeted that "they" (I assume medical staff trying to keep him alive) wanted to intubate him but he wouldn't let them. The willful stupidity was strong in that one.

[deleted] :

FitMongoose9 :
“So was the vaccine” belongs on r/murderedbywords

Etherius :
"Kindness is free" As if these people are ever kind.

Azar002 :
"The susceptible should just stay home."

MaxxWarp :
The Highest doesn’t hand out miracles like a lot of evangelicals seem to think. Being a Christian doesn’t give you magic.

TrustIsAWeakness :
Come on, who didn't pray?