Flower girl couldn’t make it to the wedding so they came up with a brilliant replacement.

chill_i_am_kidding :
tall guy is tower of flower
spreading the flower of power
GrumpFunkle :
The way he moves. It’s like he’s floating.
His grace is what made the video for me.
bruteski226 :
Come to find out he sabotaged the flower girls big wheel so she wouldn’t make it and he could be the flower girl as he had planned all along
Poor kid is sitting on the side of the road in her little flower girl dress waiting for a tow truck.
mel-bee1993 :
I’m getting married in august and my 35 year old brother is our “flower boy” 💀
Sounds like it’s gonna be a fun day haha, hope ya’ll have a great wedding.
hmoeslund :
He looks like a giant
Floro, the gentle Giant.
Barelytrying__ :
Thats not a flower girl thats a flower homie

Phuckdaname :
The blow was priceless
Its a helluva drug.
Different_Gear8836 :
That's how you know who your real friends are. Most bros would stand for their buddy at a wedding but it takes a special kind of Bro to be your flower girl.
This is a dude who was not even planning on being part of the wedding party. He's in jeans. He's just the guy who can make everyone say something like "thank God we invited Jason from PR"
SeasonedTimeTraveler :
What a good sport and obviously a GOOD FRIEND of the fam!

ssgonzalez11 :
Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone so comfortable with themselves and doing things that are maybe out of the ordinary. Good on him.
I was just telling my husband today that I really appreciate that he is comfortable enough with himself to do non manly stuff with confidence and a laugh. There's something so endearing about someone who can just be happy being themselves and having a good time.
stsilvia :
I'm afraid to see what will happen if the bride wouldn't show 😆

tidalwave222 :
If this dude isn’t the flower girl at my wedding, I don’t want to get married
That might stop *you* from getting married.. I on the other hand have more road blocks than that alone 😅
YannislittlePEEPEE :
all of the men are wearing jeans? must be a southern wedding
The groom looks like he has a dip in
oldsoul03 :
That's what you call fun wedding day
Right? The couple will be able to giggle over this forever. What an awesome and fun friend. Bet the reception was a fucking blast.
qyrion :
No longer a female dominated occupation! What it lacks in grace it overcompensates in effort.
Hey that turn was pretty graceful!
earthgarden :
The flowers in the pockets was what made me laugh…then he twirled LOL
The fact they kept coming from different pockets. I would have laughed until I couldn’t breathe if I had been there.
izaaksb3 :
Jeans to a wedding, fuck yeah
looks like even the groom is wearing jeans.
CatpurrnicusSpeaks :
Can I get him to just come to my house and throw flowers around? Fun!

HGGoals :
If he's single and wants to change that this clip will help. That's a good friend right there. That's also a guy who can have fun and is confident.
Oh yeah. It’s been a long time since I was single at a wedding, but that performance would have had me hitting on him at the reception.
D2Dragons :
I love how the dude was really getting into the spirit of it. Sounds like a fun guy to hang out with!

emalyne88 :
Really love his showmanship
I know, right? Excellent performance!
spookyspirelli :
They had a boy on the inside, that's right HERCULES MULLIGAN
Glad I'm not the only one who thought this, he's the best flower man
TheRootofSomeEvil :
Such a big guy and still so dainty. :-)

StarkSpider24 :
Some men, just don’t care how insane something looks. Why? Because they love to make people laugh and smile. It’s *fun!* so they go out there and OWN IT.
ShantyLady :
Anyone can be a flower girl.

Kryds :
Dude is a real champ.

hogunyi :
Flower girl can’t make it! . . . Call in the flower giant.

lillithfair4 :
The laughter is just contagious I love this

GullibleInevitable14 :
The ultimate opening act. Crowd is nice and warm for the “Do you? Yes! Do you? Yes!!!!” Part. Genius.

ShotFish7 :
Great and creative job by Flower Man

MagDalen27 :
Good sport!!!!!

colemon1991 :
I was waiting for John Cena. Would totally expect him to do that.

Daily-Chaos :
How did they get Andrew Luck?

Inevitable_Thing_270 :
I love seeing people embrace doing these thing and just going for it. Good man

Atherutistgeekzombie :
Straight up thought he was going to pull flower petals out of one of his shoes

PilotKnob :
My best man bailed out on our wedding in Hawaii after we paid for a round trip airline ticket and lodgings for him. He's no longer my friend, as we've forever lost the good man he once was to drugs and mental illness, and he isn't willing to get help for either. Damn shame, that.

SalmanFarisi :
Them moves tho

dreamz0f :
Loved his commitment.

Argyleskin :
I love this so much. Hahaha!

artisnotdefined :
He came really equipped with flower pedals.

Searaph72 :
Anyone getting reminded of Grog?

itzpiiz :
The mans built like Luther from Umbrella Academy

glix1 :
Way to own that.

xxdamnboixx :
He's doing it like a pro!

WinonaRideme :
I'm sorry but ... jeans to a wedding?!

vaskeklut8 :
Cut the guys laughing, and cue som scary movie music (e.g. Jaws) - and you a way scary scene from the movie Flowergirl Eater....... I do declare!

Orpheus6102 :
Are grown men standing in for flower girls actually actually becoming a thing? Seems like the 10th video of this phenomena I’ve seen in the past couple of months. Put him in a dress and maybe I’ll laugh.

Volnas :
Oh, I know what I wanna do on my sister's wedding

jofloberyl :
Now its definetly an unforgettable day

Drjd98 :
I thought he was a wrestler for a sec 😂

VYshouldhavewon :
Dudes gotta be 7’ tall.

EvulRabbit :
Great moment to release a little bit of the emotional pressure.

Meadiocracy :
That's a true bro right there.

QuentinTarantulatino :
When a friend of mine from college got married, three of her best girlfriends agreed to be her “flower ladies.” They each came up with a bit — one did something like this. One very daintily dropped one petal at a time all the way down the aisle. One walked all the way to the front and dumped her basket at the end. Definitely memorable, and a good way to include friends in the wedding party if you have a big family and your sisters / groom’s relatives take up all the available bridesmaids spots.

surfdad67 :
He fucking owned it

mk44214 :
The flower(u)ish with which he performed hia duty is commendable..

ObamasGayNephew :
Damn he really took ownership of that and I fucking like it

RachelWWV :
This is adorable and hilarious

SnookiWookieeCookie :
Isn’t this the guy sitting under the waterfall thing?

WaterCooledRaccoon :
Couldn’t have picked a better guy

scrambles57 :
We had a flower dude at my wedding. A lot more fun

themadas5hatter :

Horror-Education5994 :
Like a BOSS!

Dislexeeya :
At a wedding I went to a while ago all the flower girls were grandparents, so on the itinerary card thing they were listed as flower grandmas.

mr_lab_rat :
That’s just fucking majestic

Pan0pticonartist :
My Giant 2 is pretty funny despite not having Billy Crystal in it

Mortum1 :
Me and my mates did that for a friend once, but it was intentional. Good times.

Glampkoo :
Ngl I'd love to be this dude. Spreading flowers and shit all theatrically hell yeah

iamnotaroboot :
Genuinely thought by the way he was moving that this might have been two people on top of each other in a very large suit

RickC137b :
someone fell in love with that man that day lmao

apikoras :
I almost want to get married just to make my big, burly, truck driver uncle flower girl. Maybe I can get my tiny niece as best man to even things out…

Tarsha8nz :
That is a top-tier friend or family member!

AdLazy7313 :
Lol my favorite part is his giant size. Like they really picked the best flower girl ever! And thats on period

Due_Bother8147 :
He’s kidnapped the flower girl so he could live out his dream

MrCereuceta :
Aaaw, they got a flower caveman!!!

RealFlyForARyGuy :
That dude is an absolute unit!... *of love* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

PandoraKin564 :
I don't like the comedy here is "man doing girls/womans job". Lovely flower man I'd love to have him at my wedding, does it with determination and glee.

averos14 :
I’ve seen this before and it ALWAYS makes me laugh. I didn’t get to have a wedding I got married at the courthouse with no one there but one day I hope to have a fun wedding like this full of laughs and smiles :)

kittymoma918 :
That is one healthy strapping flower grrul.

leyla00 :
UHM I think the flower girl absolutely DID make it to the wedding!

koshgeo :
The best weddings I've been to have been ones that 1) don't take the event too seriously (i.e. fun over formality), and 2) do something different. This is perfect.