So I wore the "wrong" type of underwear in the pool

Mauskrazor3rd :
My favorite part is your roommate appreciated the compliance
I’m not so sure that he appreciated it as much as he couldn’t really say anything since no one said it has to be swim trunks You can bet he got an earful later
I-smell-snow :
When I read the title I thought it would go differently (as in ‘you don’t like what I’m wearing, then I just go without my underwear), but this was a better outcome! Nicely done!
I thought it meant somebody was wearing underwear under their swimsuit and I was really confused.
Unicorn187 :
I'm confused as to why briefs are worse than boxer briefs. They are just shorter in the legs. That's like the only difference. Unless they were like two sizes too small or something it wouldn't have made a difference.
Why is a guy in briefs worse than a woman in a bikini? Private parts are covered except maybe some asscheek. She needs to stop staring at her boyfriend's friend and mind her damn business.
JaschaE :
"...not like my underwear was white/see through or anything like that. " Hm... reminds me that my father could have one-upped the akwardness for her... he owned a white speedo that would turn see-through as soon as it touched water... Many family holidays I amanged to suppress the memory, only for them, and the speedo, to reappear at the next one...
I think we have the same father. His had tiny red pinstripes, though. Not that it helped.
bringfightintrousers :
[Undies Togs Ad from NZ]( seems appropriate for this MC (link goes to YouTube)
This is exactly what I was thinking about!
sydneyzeena :
Lmfaoo roommate couldn’t say nothing so he just “:)” and prob internally goes *that’s my boy*
This is exactly what happened :)
undernocircumstance :
Had images of a guy in a ladies swimsuit then until I saw *speedos*.
Definitely a men's suit. Not something I would normally wear unless crushing some laps!
Taco_Strong :
>Apparently his girlfriend was very uncomfortable with me wearing just briefs in the pool and she wanted me to go all the way back to the apartment and change into a swimsuit. As soon as I read this I thought, 'I would have gone and changed into my American flag speedo.' Glad to see we think similarly.

XediDC :
In college my wife's friend was arrested for being at the beach in a black bra that was plain and far less revealing than the swimsuits other's were wearing. (Texas in the late 90's...)
I’ve heard that some beaches have weirdly strict laws as to what you can and can’t wear depending on the city it belongs to and what laws it’s community has dreamed up to keep everything “appropriate”.
Actually_a_Patrick :
>towel wrapped around my waste Any port in a storm I guess, but I’d have used toilet paper.
Reminds me of the guy who was on The Bachelorette and all his former roommates started going to the press about how he never used the toilet and instead shat in a “nest” of TP he made on the floor
bilgediver :
I can understand requesting that certain fabrics not being used in the pool (if they are the ones in charge of maintaining the pool and paying for maintenance), but she clearly didn't single out the fabric, just the choice in attire. Hilariously, you chose an actual swimsuit that covered probably less of you.
harmospennifer :
Hey, hey, my eyes are up here lady, don’t be a perv

Myglobie1 :
As a female myself I don’t get what made her uncomfortable. Unless of course she was secretly attracted to OP and couldn’t help looking at him is his briefs. She got up and left when he put a Speedo on because that was just to much. Of course this is all opinion. Having 90% male friends and having seen most of them at one point in time in their undies only one or two made me uncomfortable and was 100% because I was attracted to them.
At least ladies don’t spring a visible hard-on when attracted to someone. If a guys interested, a sign springs forth. LoL.
Different_Chair_6470 :
Power Move - love it……budgie smugglers are appropriate pool attire for sure

damageinc86 :
Girl like that just wants to see if she can control a situation she has nothing to do with.

MinutesTilMidnight :
Am female, kinda confused. What’s the difference between briefs and boxer briefs? I googled it and the boxer briefs cover like 2 more inches of skin than briefs? Was she scared of your thighs?

freckledreddishbrown :
I (F42) had my five kids (M13, M12, F10, F8, F7) in the pool at a hotel once. We had the whole place to ourselves. Eventually the six of us were soaking in the hot tub. Some random dude comes in, towel around his waist. 40ish, clean cut, waves and says hello. Me and the kids wave awkwardly, but politely, as Canadians are supposed to. Next thing, he drops the towel and heads straight for the hot tub with us. Wearing nothing but a pair of Superman briefs, blue and yellow with a big S on the front. (I didn’t have to stare - the image burned directly into my brain.) Nobody waited to be told to move. My kids noped outta there like there was candy and video games waiting for them upstairs. _This_ is an example of wearing the wrong underwear into a pool. EDIT to add: His underwear were briefs, quite worn, and somewhat see thru - I guess he had showered on the way in. It just felt awkward at the time. And explaining to five kids exactly what the most polite and appropriate response would have been, in the moment, would have embarrassed somebody, I’m sure. Probably the man.
If I had to guess I’d say that he does this to get the hot tub to himself.
carlsaganblessyou :
>towel wrapped around my waste *waist

smurfasaur :
I don’t see how briefs are all that much different than boxer briefs. What’s it show 2 more inches of thigh? She sounds like a buzzkill.

bambamkablam :
I was really hoping you were going to say you happened to have a Borat style mankini left over from Halloween one year. Speedo definitely works though.

GhosTaoiseach :
Did you grow your beard out while you were changing so you didn’t cause your buddy to have impure thoughts?

B2Rocketfan77 :
Unless she was actively looking at op in water, how could she tell what he was wearing? Also, I think we need photographic proof. You know, for science and stuff. 😏
We were on the pool deck a bunch trying to one up each other with jumps and dives off the side of the pool and the diving board. But a lot of the time was playing basketball in the pool with the mini basketball hoops.
jabela :
When I was on my condo committee, I discovered one of the key reasons we want proper attire i.e. swimming clothes is that cotton messes up the filters and you have to spend more on cleaning the pool. Skinny dipping is preferable to normal underwear as far as your pool maintenance costs are concerned.

FIREtobe :
Plot twist. GF noticed her fella checking you out and got jealous. That's what his wry smile was all about upon your return

EtotheTT :
It made her uncomfortable because OPs briefs revealed that his package was bigger than her boyfriends.

karaipyhare2020 :
What a bitch... if she’s uncomfortable it’s because she’s staring. Where’s the motto “my body my rules I wear whatever I want” now?