The Hustle (1975)

JosefTura :
I'm old enough to have danced to The Hustle, and I don't remember doing any of those moves! Gah!
I am also old enough to have danced it, & I certainly don't remember JAZZ HANDS, nor PATTY CAKE
Rtg327gej :
75 I was in 4th grade, most of my teachers were mid twenties females, they all wore platform shoes and they would teach us the current dances on Fridays. EDT: Wow, thanks for the upvotes! I also should have mentioned that this was a Catholic school too.
Wait. Me too, exactly. Freaky.
Mekoehouve :
I took a ballroom dancing class in high school because a cute girl in my class needed a partner and our instructor played this song almost every class.
I somehow read this as “I took a balloon dancing class” and I thought “wow that sounds like the most awesome kind of dancing ever.”
fryamtheeggguy :
It says here that this part of the Hustle was a plea to the gods for a favor, usually a Trans-Am.
Fry you can't keep boogie-ing like this, you'll come down with a fever of some sort
Wuss999 :
Pans people. I had a crush on Cherry Gillespie 💖
I don't know which one that is, but I still agree.
forza_125 :
For context, the dancers are "Pans People" who were the "house" dancers on the BBCs Top of the Pops in the 70s. Pop videos were rare, getting overseas acts to perform on a weekly show in the UK was rare, so they would choreograph a dance routine instead. Yes I'm sure you can look at it with 2021 eyes and think it was bad but actually it was very popular, the dancers were celebrities in their own right and obviously the source of many a crush. They were hardly going to bump and grind on a family show in '75. Various dance troupes were on Top of the Pops until the 80s when video took over.
Okay, but that’s not the Hustle. Source: I am old
ilovelucygal :
In order of appearance, these ladies are: Louise Clarke (1949-2012) Babs Lord (1945-) Patricia (Dee Dee) Wilde (1946-) Cherry Gillespie (1955-) Ruth Pearson (1946-2017) They were dancers on the UK show Top of the Pops, I've seen this video on YouTube a few times, almost at 15 million views. I love watching the Pan's People dances on YouTube.

IveBangedYoreMom :
A dance I could actually pull off.
I doubt it. Nobody would like to see a guy name IveBangedYoreMom in a dress shaking his ass.
BadM00 :
Did anyone else expect Austin Powers to dance in from the side?
My first thought was FEMBOTS!
Haywe :
Ah, my people's native dance

residentialnemesis :
Tuna Muscle.
SaltMineSpelunker :
My hustle don’t look nothing like this.

SurprisinglyMellow :
This looks weird as hell with the sound on mute

NotDaveBut :
This looks absolutely nothing like the Hustle I rember from the Disco Era. What gives?
Because it's not the hustle, it's an original dance routine
Tobias---Funke :
I wonder where these ladies are now.
a quick google shows in 2016, 3 of them had passed away, and the rest if still around would be in their mid 70's.
N-Wie-A :
This looks like I fever dream.

cumfreq :
i want that dress !!!

[deleted] :
I bet their hair smells good, like Prell, or Alberto VO5 balsam & protein.

redhairedmenace :
Some people have commented the dancing "isn't good" but I'm pretty sure this is meant to be fun and light-hearted. Their movements are obviously choreographed to highlight how the teddy (the dress) moves, swaying and bouncing with the dancer. Also, look at those women. They all look like they are having a blast and know that this is silly and fun! I love it.
I don't care about the quality of the dancing. I was just confused as to why no one was doing The Hustle.
gakun :
I found this adorably cute for some reason.
Yeh. Probably because they look like they're having a blast and the dresses are all fluffy and bouncing with their lighthearted movements.
Lilobunni :
Serious hair envy

Drfilthymcnasty :
Some say they’re still hustling to this day.

thereia :
They are not actually doing the dance that goes with this song. This is probably one of those euro music shows with insane dance choreo.

I-eat-ducks :
45 years ago and the quality is still better than security cameras

stalinmalone68 :
Oh…the cheese.

Itchn4Itchn :
TIL I could’ve been a successful dancer in the 70’s

1mikeg :
Ah yeah, the Hustle Theorem. The idea that having five ridiculously attractive women do something in rhythm while scantily clad, will make that thing immediately sexy. No matter how ridiculous that thing is. And it's still true today.

Alalapupulala :
Always wondered why my dad used to watch Top of the Pops with me when I was young back then.

UnusualAmbassador :
I did the hustle at the Mata Hari disco in Deer Park NY back in the 70s!

bygtopp :
I watched it on mute. And sound on twice.

contempt1 :
70s British porn was so weird. I was expecting Benny Hill to run through.

momsagainstgod :
They need to register that dance with the Ministry of Silly Walks

hamsolo19 :
False. Not nearly enough cocaine.

nabuhabu :
Not an expert, but this doesn’t look like the Hustle.

Johnyysmith :
Pan's People - part reason so many watched the UK charts each week on Top of the Pops (the dancing was way better earlier)

Tig0lBittiesss :
What is this? Tiktok for boomers?

HerbaceousOasis :
Compared to music videos of every decade since, This is absolutely modest and fun. >Gidget's sleepover with Sandra Dee

xenochrist420 :
vanessa youre a fembot?!

loose-leaf-paper :
Bravo to whoever got a camera into heaven

NowFreeToMaim :
This was twerking for our dads

Lassa999 :
These are the dancers from Top of the Pops. Every week we would rush to the Tele to watch who was number one in the charts.

ImBaaaaaaaaaaack :
I'll bet all that full, beautiful hair smells like Clairol herbal essence and Virginia Slims. I would love to bury my face in that hair while we sat on a couch together, watching *Happy Days* and making out. In 1975.

FabulousFabius :
I swear women real hotter back then

PoglesWood :
I was heavily influenced by pans people as a teenager and unfortunately still dance like this.

escrowbanker :
My Dad used to jack it to this
Hi son.
limeyNinja :
You could rescore the sound track to something that doesn't quite fit with the image. I'm thinking Prodigy's Firestarter or some kind of heavy metal, though the tempo would have to be matched.

Highspeed350 :
Ok, I get it now

[deleted] :
Dafuq? I mean, I was a elementary kid in 1975, I sure as shit don’t remember lingerie as clothes. I do remember swimming in polyester until about 1982.

wydellasaurus :
Ah yes the one handed clap.

androgynyjoe :
Someone out there who was born in 1963 has had a lifelong fetish for patty cake.

natephant :

Jaksmack :
This has got some Benny Hill vibes

Traiz3r :
Harsh reality. All the women here in this vid are in their 60s now.
Some of them (see other post) are deceased, even.