Stole from r/starwarsmemes

FarLocation3 :
man i miss christopher lee
I also miss Saruman
Tachyonyx :
signature look of superiority
Do control your ~~protégés insolence~~ jet pack so I can concentrate.
Ihavethe_highground :
Dooku relished in the high ground in this scene.
CMV: Dooku was so focused on the high ground against Anakin, that he lost sight of his hands. Little did he know Anakin did not believe in the high ground, which is why Obi Wan was able to give Anakin a tri-sectomy.
Reyedeku :
signature look of unimpressity

Chad-Bane :

lazycasual_9 :
Great potential, this meme has.
Not new at it is sadly, been memed already it has
AnAttackCorgi :
"When your gf sees a sale at Victoria's Secret" "When your dog sees a squirrel"

thechaimel :
Original one [here](

Oraxy51 :
Can’t tell if it’s unimpressed or if it’s that same side lean of that “DAAAAAAMMMMNN” meme

soldofpol13 :
Your format is very impressive, you must be very proud.
youre strong and have a good format im very proud of you
Razorray21 :
Dooku be like " I gotta get me one of those"

xvbyyxn :
If you know anything about actual christopher lee..very little would have impressed him (probably including flying killer robots)

Liesmith424 :
"Oh, he flies now?"

RadicalLad25 :
Basically “Watch the cape, it’s expensive.”

moderately_nerdifyin :
“I gotta get me one of those” ~Dooku

Space_Cowboy81 :
Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.

Phoner-B :
Its more like “oh youre jumping in there... go for it” gets dusted moments later

Lord_Strudel :
I’ve never understood why he chose that moment to 1v1 Mace Windu. The guy will do anything to avoid completing the Padme contract it seems.

Snickles55 :
Stolen post - nvm I’m pretty dumb
Yup it’s written in the title
WaferOther3437 :
They fly now?
They fly now!
Otono_Wolff :
Super b2: I want a jetpack

EpitomyHD :
**B2 in the background** **Do You Ever Look at Someone and Wonder, "What Is Going On Inside Their Head?"** **Techno Union intensifies**

Slashtallica :
Jango: Me. Dooku: My dad after seeing my exams results.

TooHigh2Die420 :
You must join us... old friend.

JManAboutTown :
Real recognize real.
More like “skill recognize dunce” given what happens mere moments later to Jenga Fett
AverageTitanfallGuy :
*beep boop im a droid, or something like that*

Cartonk :
An empty format you have not provided. dissapointed I am, commit arsony I will.

LesboLexi :
Seems a bit more like a piqued interest look with the lean

Daft_Prince :
Fett be like “gotta blast”

Jango Fett: \*warps into another dimension\*

LegoAquaman69 :
I’d like to see what r/photoshopbattles would do with this.

Radakos :
This is where the fun begins

H-N-O-3 :
Your altitude has doubled since the last time we met

Inhalts_angabe :
I require the template my lord

SushiThief :
"I gotta get one of those."

dumbyoyo :
Why does the motion on the left look reversed, like he's flying down instead of up...

Uberhomme :
"Twice the jetpack reactors, double the jump"

The3rdPotato :
Actually, I think he looks like he wants one

TheDeadlySpaceman :
“Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power”

CharlieBrown20XD6 :
Lol what an asshole that guy was Was there ANYTHING redeemable about him?

abrasivestepfather :
It looks like the super battle droid is giving the finger as well!

Nova_Hunter :
I see it more as jango crop dusting, and Dooku just realizing the act thus, with an unimpressed look.

schwarzeseerose :
He looks like another actor, Sky Du Mont

DarkLordLiam :
When the car next to you tries to guess when the light will turn green

osami2002 :
Nice, it's stolen

megapizzadragon :
Im in love with this

Soujf :
The character on the left looks like a doom character from the 90s

tyrantnitar :

Sowa7774 :
Prequelmemes evolved from taking quotes from the movies to now just taking single frames from them lmao

Lollex56 :
I need to get one of those

Sample text: Jango: me getting straight A's this semester Dooku: are you a doctor yet?

d0pp3lgang3r :
It's more like he's bored as fuck acting in front of a green screen.

seyaat :
Isn't that just Dooku's natural state of being?

Tony_Stank_EDITH :
the signature look of superiority strikes back

lionbryce :
Mildy impressed Dooku

Beautiful_Back2615 :
Gold…how memes are made

Hamilton_C :
Does he actaully say "Fancy fucking jetpack" ?

Wild_Fire9 :
The teacher when I use a the wrong formula

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The_Toymaster_ :
When your friend about to do something dumb but u low key wanna see what happens

LustixX77 :
The Super Battle Droid looks impressed tho

Dirtiestyoda :
I read this in Steve martins voice

TaurusX3 :
Reminds me of Ygret in GoT. She was always giving John shit for the stupidest things. "Oh is this how you get around, south of the wall, John Snow? With yer fancy roads?" Fuck off. So glad when that character was killed.

Ok_Expert252 :

Chunk-Duecerman :
“Just do your thing. No no it’s cool.”

Sleepdeth :
Reminds me of the not impressed bugs bunny

terriblehuman :
He’s thinking “I’m 80 years old and I don’t need a jet pack to do that”.

Woody_Harryishson :
This is good and all, but can someone give us a better quality version of the image to make this a more proper meme.

JacksonG98 :
That’s it. That’s the signature look

Bugcatcherphil :
Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power.

heyIfoundaname :
That droid is flipping him off!

ChrisDen462 :
They’ll steal it back no doubt

StandardTechnology72 :

Cantlna_Band :
Where’s the general reposti

Admirable_Otter :
You didn't steal it. You acquired a fine addition for the collection.

maroonedpariah :
Don't be too proud of this technological terror you're using. The ability to fly now is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Reed202 :
Looks like the CG artists went a bit overboard on the motion blur

Hypen8d :
That's a quality freeze frame

ApexRevanNL716 :
Me seeing the meme then scrolling down and see this. The odds of that is are 5

Dinklebop :
There's that signiture look of superiority 😍

Crice-17 :
I love it so much more dooku memes

PotatoIsRawVodka :
Sounds like a Samuel L Jackson line

generalthunder :
[Not Impressed](

B_Da_May :
It’s the “Welp, that guy’s fucked. Oh well.” Look.

brojackhorseman13 :