One last wish 😀

ibiBgOR :
Well.. The requirements are still not 100% clear. He wants to be lowered into the grave with or without a coffin? Does he want to be lowered into grave the moment he dies or afterwards? What developers? All that he have worked with or just a subset? What about dead developers he had worked with? What about disabled ones? So. Many. Questions.
From the requirements, the MVP seems to be to kick his corpse into some hole in the ground.
corn_soup :
The dead can't complain. just throw the corpse into nearest recycle bin, close the jira ticket and move on to the next one.
The next ticket or the next corpse?
TheRealDrSarcasmo :
"Speaker and mentor". Well, I'm sure the first half is correct.
Empty vessels make the most noise.
PM_MeYourTacos :
As a product manager, the best piece of advice I have ever gotten is: “treat your devs well, because they’re a hell of a lot better at product management than you are at writing code.”
this makes me happy
RichCorinthian :
Sometimes, you can look at somebody's profile pic and just KNOW they'd be insufferable to work with.
That's exactly what I look for in someone titled "speaker and mentor", tweeting shit about people they've worked with
stakeneggs1 :
It'll change.
Crap, now he wants cremation.
Jamesdzn :
Does he have a spec for that or is it another 2 liner on slack?
Hey now, let's not forget about that paragraph in Google docs from last quarter
Columbus43219 :
How deep? How many of us? How long after? Where? How many test holes do I need to dig first? Will the testing casket be the same size and weight? Did you put in the request for the lowering ropes yet? When are you planning on dying? How soon after you die will we get access to the grave site? Have the tombstone folks been notified? You didn't say, but should we assume you want the grave filled back in with the dirt that was dug from the hole? Will there be additional caskets added to your grave at the last minute?
Thank you. Can you add some questions about scalability and marketing? And can we have a post mortem too? Apart from the one done by the hospital after they find the body.
notagoodboye :
Uh-huh. PM's sit in the middle between the customer and the devs, blaming all the problems on whoever they're not in the room with, and *magically*, it's never their fault in any way.
Perpetual_Doubt :
So, that's **great** guys. Very good, but before you start lowering the coffin would you mind just extending the coffin by maybe another 4... 5 inches? There's plenty of wood in the van.
What do you mean you need to make the hole wider? The hole is already deep enough!
IfUReadThisURLame :
Spoken like a true mentor.

Varun77777 :
That's rich coming from the biggest scam in India(Byjus and White Hat Jr.)
Came here just to say this. Fuck Byju's and their uslesss products
pancakemonster02 :
Tell me you’re a terrible product manager without telling me you’re a terrible product manager.

Zulakki :
what part of "make it work, but not like that way I don't like" don't you understand?

AdamAnderson320 :
I got a hunch the feeling is mutual, bub

Far0ss :
Made a response meme []( u/migrator16 give us the original post URL and I'll put this in the comments

pavolo :
What kind of monster writes a space before a comma?
Gay Luxury Space Commaists.
nwarriorch :
He posted that on LinkedIn? Wow. I bet he’d be a real treat to work with.

anmolasingh :
Don't forget to create a ticket

bricked_machine :
If this is real, it pisses me off too much to make a joke about this. As the dev lead, I put up with so much shit from Product, so they can still go back and keep promising features in a timeframe that is completely unrealistic. It happens time again and again. We bend over backwards to try to make it to production in their timeline, only to hear that it needs to happen faster. And oh by the way, the feature we said yesterday is top priority is suddenly less important than this new thing. Fuck this guy.
It's a joke post to rustle jimmies. Product Managers have been some of the best people I have worked with. Especially the truly technical ones. Project managers on the other hand, scourge of the earth.
rollingSleepyPanda :
Speaking as a PM, I can't possibly understand how a "Speaker & Mentor" would say something so cringeworthy as this. Your job as a PM is to give guidance to your team, help them deliver value and shield them from the nonsense. Not throw them under the bus if things go wrong. Jeez.

flerchin :
Put a program manager in an infinite series of status meetings and shit in the other hand to see which "Agile methodology" writes software faster.

xRuneRocker :
Says the guy who does literally nothing else aside from misinterpreting client requests.
That's not true. Occasionally they also drag around Asana bubbles and sometimes leave useless GitHub comments.
Reasonable-Note700 :
PM getting an award and a promotion for successful delivery of the product Story of the product delivery . Developers: coding 2000 hours And struggling to get the logic right with minimum sleep PM : working on his phone while sipping beer and writing emails 😂 This is the harsh reality !
Idk how it is at other companies but I was recently promoted to product management and it has been the most stressful and time consuming thing I've ever done. On multiple occasions I have questioned if it was even worth it. Came from a sales engineering role. Graduating top of electrical engineering was probably the 2nd most time consuming thing I've done... Idk which was 2nd most stressful. This product manager in OP sounds like an insufferable prick, but all the product managers I work with highly respect everyone in our company. Anyways... As with all things, there's no black and white. I have SW friends who work a minimal amount because management has no idea what it takes to get something done, and I'm super glad that they can do that lol. I would be lying if I said I wasn't longing for the day when work is sipping beer and replying to emails, who knows if it ever comes. I tend to open my mouth and accidentally volunteer for things too often. But we used to have some shitty product managers at my company too. I remember them from when I wasn't in product... COVID layoffs were handled well, mostly. They cut the fat.
AttackOfTheThumbs :
Fucking dumbass product managers that don't realize they are the problem.
There are dumbass product managers for sure. But all them that I've worked with have been pretty good.
TigreDemon :
Define lowered ...
I threw him in a trash pit and pissed in it is how I took it
p0m :
why would you post that on linkedin? why would you advertise an attitude like that on a job board website?
LinkedIn's a toilet now. It's the new Facebook.
that_70_show_fan :
Not really surprising that this prick works at BYJU. Search them on r/india and you'll see why

SillySpray :
Fun fact: Byju is a shit company

UntestedMethod :
hell ya, we'd even be granted our wish to piss on the fool's grave too!!

the_geth :
That bitch looks as obnoxious in his profile pic as he is with his obnoxious tweet. Screw him!

ForlornedLastDino :
I have been a Product Manager and can say this guy sucks if his developers aren’t delivering.

Banamagrammer :
TIL that project managers aren't undead monsters, but rather the regular kind of monsters.

eDave :
As a PM, I blame the PM. If the requirements are not clear, then the PM did not include the devs in the requirements.

megablast :
Product manager who does fuck all but create problems -> It is the developers fault.
The problem is most product developers don't know anything about coding so they promise the clients impossible features that won't be delivered and pass the blame to the devs
OJTang :
No lie, this joke is just too old to be funny in any context anymore.

MJE20 :
*Image Transcription: Facebook Post & Comments* --- **Shravan Tickoo** As a Product Manager , when I die I want the developers I have worked with , to lower me into my grave so that they can LET ME DOWN one last time > **Chinmay Joshi** > > Devs : "Atleast this requirement is clear" --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](

ZenEngineer :
I wouldn't do it. He might keep coming back every day asking for changes. Or brains, who knows what he'll want this time.

yaknerd :
There would be multiple meetings and several design documents and SOPs drafted and debated about how to lower him down and what was actually meant.

curiously_clueless :
The lion, the witch, the audacity of this b*tch...

Xstream3 :
Uh huh soooo... What would you say you do here?

handyandy727 :
Define "lowered". Are we talking slow and graceful, or can we just drop you? The result would be the same, but I need to get a handle on the user experience.

moriero :
If you have to hashtag your joke It's not a good joke

Xaxxus :
Create a ticket for it and I’ll give you an estimate.

oddmanout :
Any manager who talks about his devs like that is the problem. Not the devs.