Pitbull attacks carriage horse at Cane Creek Park, NC. March 3rd, 2021

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JennJayBee :
The horse handled that situation a thousand times better than the dog's owners.
anonymouse3891 :
That last kick was brutal.
Yeah I saw last time this was posted… the dog didn’t make it
LynxAccomplished1489 :
Bruh the horse is like I know this fool ain’t serious right now
“Just stand right there dog” Kicks the dog “Fucken got em”
ripster65 :
"Get the horse outta here. Go!" Screw you! get a grip on your f'ing dog, asshole!

AvalonMeek :
According to a comment under the video: The dog had to be put down. The woman doing the carriage ride suffered a head injury, broken foot, and other injuries. The horse, named Queen Charlotte, received 15 bite marks, but recovered rather well. The pitbull owners failed to abide by park rules that all dogs must be on a leash. The owners claim that their dog bit off the leash. The carriage ride owner plans on sueing the dog's owners for injuries and for neglecting to follow park rules.
> The owners claim that their dog bit off the leash Fucking hell. Your dog biting through the leash to go on a rampage is a clear sign that its not ready to be out in public. And its certainly not something that started on that very day.
That dog was about to die right there …. Foolish
I've seen videos of putbills getting the shit kicked out of them by a mob but still attacking the other dog. they get tunnel vision i swear.
Spacytracy :
For those who aren’t familiar with horses, that is a GOOD horse to not flip out and take off in harness. That’s a horse that deserves all the carrots. He did his job and kept his handler and the public safe. Good carriage horses are very well trained but you can’t train them on how to handle that shit. He’s a good boy.
I was pretty stunned the horse kept its cool like it did. I can’t claim to know much about horses. But I was of the impression they can startle pretty easily. Even trained horses I thought tend to get jumpy if there is a commotion of some sort close to them — let alone actually being attacked. This horse reacted as though it believed it was in total control the whole time. And it turns out he/she was.
Camiljr :
I see so many owners say things like “my dog is never like this, they never needed a leash before!” it dosent fucking matter. keep all dogs on a leash in public.
dtb1987 :
Remember the leash is there to protect your dog as much as it is there to protect everyone else, leash your damn dog

smolBoiBigBrain :
Good horse
Info about her injuries: >Their horse, Queen Charlotte, was also badly wounded in the unprovoked attack, he said; she suffered at least 15 bite wounds, including to her throat were the dog had jumped up and latched on at one point. >"Its face was pretty mangled," he added. "As well as its lips were pretty well shredded by the dog." 😭
InureOfficial :
“Get the horse out of here and go” ?? Nah get the fucking dog out of here you troglodyte lmao
A year back my leashed dog was attacked by unleashed dog on a sidewalk. By the time I was able to pick her up(my leashed dog) in safety the unleashed dog owner yelled at me to do the same. I just stood there in shock.
whyismynameuncommon :
Owner of the dog shouldn't be allowed to have pets

UsedtabeaRocket :
Dumbass wants to pretend they care about their dog after it gets kicked to death, should have had it on a leash. I’m surprised this ended as well as it did, what a well trained horse to not completely flip out.
I’m a Letter Carrier for USPS and I am *strict* with not going near dogs that aren’t on some type of leash. If someone’s mailbox is by their door but they have dog(s) out in the yard, I just take their mail/packages back with me and try again the next day. There’s only a couple dogs on my route that I trust won’t bite me. My favorite thing to hear is “Oh old Sparky here wouldn’t hurt a fly!” That almost makes me not want to go near them *even more.* I’ve heard so many stories of Carriers being bit right after someone told them that. Also, while we’re on this topic, I do this not only to protect myself, but to protect you and your dog(s). If a Carrier is bit, the Post Office will sue you for wages lost and medical bills, even if the Carrier doesn’t want to. They can also come out and take your dog from you and quarantine it. So seriously people, keep control of your dogs and never assume they won’t be violent.
D0NW0N :
I’m so fucking tired of dog owners not putting their dogs on a leash Edit the owners should be arrested and fucking charged

“GET THE HORSE OUT OF HERE” uh what the fuck about cujo?? That hellhound and it’s summoner need to get away if anything
Get your dog. If you can't get your dog you should not have a dog that big. Maybe there needs to be a pet license test where part of it is controlling and removing your dog from an area.
saxerphoner :
That guy with a spatula though! lol
I thought it was a fly swatter! 😆😆😆
TheeCarlWinslow :
This video has everything. A dog fighting a horse. A guy running around swinging a spatula. A lady falling out of the carriage (?). A guy walking around in a life jacket?? EDIT: Thank you for the awards kind strangers!
I read this like Stefon.
friendnt :
That horse is so goddamn well trained, not joking it could've killed that dog whenever it wanted to
More than training. Just a really good horse.
Horrorandgorehumans :
“It’s okay my dogs friendly” They say as the dog runs at you full speed with eyes like it wants to play tug of war with your arm
i hate it when people say that. I always respond, "well, my dogs are fucking mean."... two jack russells
Greenwallaballa :
Anyone else notice how long it took the owner to get to the damn dog and scream and cry “Tucker?” You mean to tell me all that time went by after your dog “supposedly” bit off his leash that you didn’t frantically get him back and all this happened??? I call bullshit. That woman is a lousy piece of shit and to sit there and cry on top of your dog for everyone to see instead of rushing him to a vet- YOU are everything wrong with the stigma against pit bulls or any dangerous dog for that matter. Fuck that lady.
From the article. It's because this is towards the end of the attack and "Tucker" had, at one point, **been latched onto the horse's neck**. Who the fuck knows exactly how hard the owners were trying to wrangle the dog before that point. "My sister is the blonde in the red shirt. This video only captures the end of what happened. **The attack lasted a distance of 200 yards.** My sister was driving the carriage when the pit attacked and latched onto the horse's neck. She handed the reins to her assistant and jumped down and threw the dog off. This repeated many times. My sister fought with the dog under the horse and in the process was trampled by the horse 4 different times. She went to the hospital and has 4 hematomas on her head from being kicked by the horse. Had to have the back of her head staples, a broken foot, horse shoe shaped bruises all over, swollen knee that will need an MRI and is so sore she cant get out of bed. With all that, you see her still standing by the horse at the end of the attack like the bad ass she is. If not for her actions things would have turned out much worse for everyone involved. As for the horse, it has 15 bite wounds on its neck and legs, multiple bites to its face and its lips were shredded, but it's doing ok. The dog was put down by the vet due to its injuries."
droptopwizop4 :
damn dude i would sue the fuck out of the pitbull owners
Apparently they're planning to. However, something tells me the owner probably doesn't have much money
OnlyTheoden :
That was so hard to watch
JangoFettsEvilTwin :
Is that woman seriously trying to stop the horse from kicking the dog rather than trying to get the dog under control?
the lady in the red shirt with the blonde hair is the person who runs the carriage (so likely the most familiar with the horse) and the one still up in the driver's seat is her assistant; according to an article from another comment above she was trying to get the dog away from the horse; she suffered several hoof kicks to the head and a broken foot in the process. meanwhile the dog's owner? nowhere to be found in that fiasco.
CalbertCorpse :
I fucking hate these dog owners. Trample them and this won’t happen again. Because I can 100% guarantee they will be getting another dog to selfishly make up for “their loss.” They will also let it off the leash too because “he’s a good boy.” Pieces of crap owners.
They should be held criminally liable for anything their dogs do.
Nick_11711 :
Why is the dog not on a leash? My dog would run off even off a leash and in public but we still put a leash on him. # use a leash

SJTroop :
I hope that lady takes the owners for everything they have. I LOVE DOGS, like, with a passion. Keep your fucking dog on a leash. If you cannot control your dog on a leash, don't bring them in public.

Harlem74 :
How hard is it to KEEP YOUR DOG ON A FUCKIN LEASH!! Doesn’t matter what breed it is, you’re walking out in a public space your dog needs to be leashed! That dog likely has life threatening injuries and who knows how badly the horse may be hurt, all because of some jackass owner. I wish both animals well but hope they prosecute the shit outta the dogs owners, they should never be allowed to own dogs again.

Periasis :
Why would Mr. Worldwide attack an innocent horse like this
"Me not attacking horses? Yeah right, picture that with a Kodak Or better yet, go to Cane Creek Take a picture of ME with a Kodak!"
igotalottadogs :
Leash your dogs, folks.

ppppie_ :
why would you bring your aggressive dog to a park, and if it bit off its own leash you should know that it’s a bad idea, i blame the owners for sure.
And the lie detector determined... that was a lie. It did not bite off it's own leash. Can't wait to see the evidence. Pretty amazing there wasn't any leash hanging off the dog, which would be there if he had bitten it off.
LightningScar80 :
We had a pit that regularly attacked the dogs in our park. One day, the pit went after a six month old retriever and it was a last straw for the retriever's owner who grabbed the pit by the throat and chucked the mutt into the river. We never saw the pit or its owner again. Zero regrets.
Was the retriever ok?
VonD0OM :
What a bunch of fucking idiots, their dog died because of their stupidity and complete lack of control. I hate irresponsible dog owners. Hopefully the law suit prohibits them from ever owning a dog again and gives them a large enough financial shock to never do this again.

quitry :
This is so sad, now they have to put down the owner

doyalikedags1 :
Someone needs to put down the dog's owner.