Unpopular opinion turns into a shitshow when an OP says there is zero reason to let a 14 year old should be wearing shorts that shows their ass, or in shorter words in OP's own words, like a hoe. Comments descend into chaos over the fact that they used hoe, among other things.

airyys :
did that dad just say that sex ed leads to pedophilia and sexualizing youth? tf? i know 19 year old girls that never knew that they had a separate hole to pee out of or that a hymen isn't a wall of flesh. i don't see how knowing about that stuff leads to pedophilia and sexualizing youth?
Reminds me of my first girlfriend who thought she couldn't get pregnant if she was on top.
jfa1985 :
It seems like a number of people in that post are basing how prostitutes dress based on tropes from TV about a few decades out of date.
fairly certain most of the people with unpopular opinions are basing it on various tropes about society.
Tanador680 :
>I’m bisexual and I like booty, so if that booty belongs to a child I feel disgusting about myself. [huh?](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/724379220503167030/867734954648403998/IMG_20200807_181114.jpg)
I'm bisexual and never have I ever felt the need to preface a pedophilic statement with "I'm bisexual." Edit: Or you know. Make one.
SharMarali :
It's been a few decades now since I was a 14 year old girl, but I specifically remember having a terrible time finding shorts that covered more than a couple of inches. I'm pretty sure this is still a huge problem. For some reason, the fashion industry makes shorts for girls that are much too short for those who want coverage. I remember reading about a startup awhile back whose sole purpose was to create clothes for young girls that are comparable in style and cut to those offered for young boys.
I had to size up in shorts because I was having this problem (thanks freshman 15 😔😔) I went up 2 sizes, and somehow I still find myself pulling them down every two seconds.
bigmoneynuts :
unpopular opinion: i don't like pedos cmv
That's a pretty hot take on a lot of reddit
[deleted] :
Once again, unpopularopinion shows that they are a place for popular opinions
What had you wrought from this comment lol
absolute_boy :
People just don't realise there is a way of criticising the way revealing or sexually provocative clothing is foisted on girls as young as 10 without blaming the girls themselves, it seems.
I just learned the difference between blaming the person vs blaming their action last night actually via a close friend of mine. Did a huge fuck up and made it worst because I thought they were attacking myself instead of my actions. I knew I fuck up but I didn't realize they were criticizing my actions. Anyhoo, good news is it's the catalyst for me setting up therapy. I get my first session on wednesday.
joalr0 :
I'm so happy that my generation has joined in with every generation ever by saying "I'm more relaxed about this thing that my parents were, but kids THESE DAYS ARE GOING TOO FAR".
And naturally it’s always off the mark. Nancy Sinatra popularized incredibly short dresses in the 60s. Hot pants in the 70s and so on.
Marvelguy5 :
The last comment I linked was my favourite one by a long shot. An amazing plot twist if I say so myself
I think the person is being a wee bit too generous with their math for the users of /r/unpopularopinion to follow.
Jenn_There_Done_That :
Did the OP of that thread….kill someone in a drunk driving accident? She’s being very vague in her posts, but she definitely got a dui several years ago, and quit drinking and says she is still dealing with the repercussions and even has court today. The way she vaguely posts about it makes it sound very much like she was blacked out and crashed her car and killed a loved one or family member and is trying to move on with her life. I honestly feel terrible if that’s the case. I don’t know what I would do if that were me.
she did, i found an article about it ... she was driving alone, drunk, crossed the center line, and the head on accident killed a 25 yr old man, his 1 year old child also in the car survived. yeah it would be hard to live with that :/
Queso_Man32 :
Saw the post this is referring to directly under this one. What a treat lol

frumiouswinter :
the fact that op, who literally got pregnant as a teenager, is calling teens who wear short shorts hoes is priceless. obviously op’s mom’s overly strict clothing rules did not stop op from behaving sexually! it’s almost as though repressing your kids fashion choices doesn’t prevent unsafe sexually promiscuity the way actually educating your kids does.
Not to mention the only fans, the meth addiction, the probation and as someone else pointing out apparently killing someone when she was drink driving. No, it's little girls shorts she's choosing to focus on.
Airbus_A330-343 :
I saw this thread earlier and knew it would be featured on r/SubredditDrama
lol same. Unpopular opinion is such a shitshow at the moment.
HulklingWho :
This shit never changes. I was slut-shamed at twelve over the first (and last) tank top I wore in public by my mother, just as she was called a whore for wearing a miniskirt by HER mother, who in turn had been abused by her dad for ‘running around’ with older boys at thirteen. Shaming young women is generational.
The sad thing is they probably recognize this as a cultural trend while sincerely believing that this is different and it really *has* gone too far this time.
QuicunqueVult52 :
> chaos over the fact that they used hoe I don't get it why the fuss about gardening equipment
Related news article: https://www.theregister.com/2021/07/22/ny_gardeners_facebook_hoe_concerns/
Cramedberry :
Does that dad of two girls not realize that sex-ed isn't "we are going to teach you how to have sex" but "we are going to teach you about what happens in puberty, what it means, what you can expect, and how to take care of yourself, but most importantly, not to be ashamed of what is happening to your body and that it's normal. I'm not even gonna try unpacking the whole point of the thread because I doubt I can articulate myself well enough to express my opinion.

buddieroo :
How much you wanna bet the majority of these people would be clutching their pearls if you suggested that American women should start emulating conservative Muslim dress in the name of modesty. “Girls need to be modest by only in my specific definition of modesty”
Yep. Many hypocrites on here. Reddit: How dare you sexualise children. Also Reddit: Countdown until so-and-so turns 18.
daphnedelirious :
yo this is so embarrassing, op definitely has some problems. children aren’t preyed on by paedos because of daisy dukes, it’s because adults in their life have paedophiles in their friend group or family around the child the vast majority of times.
Children were preyed on in the dark ages… trust me, pedos will be pedos regardless of clothing. They aren’t pedos because children are attractive, they are pedos because children are a vulnerable demographic that they can easily control.
BabePigInTheCity2 :
> as a child, i can confirm children dress like hoes. > As a teenage boy… I agree. It’s trashy There’s something so wholesome about the way that so many segments of society (adults, teenaged boys, adults pretending to be teenaged boys) can come together and unify over the celebrated tradition of shitting on teenaged girls and young women
this teenage boy has a lot of nerve pretending he doesn't go home and ravage his dick to the girls in his class
[deleted] :
>Source: I'm 😬 >not a fucking idiot. Phew, thought that was going to end in a different way😅
Jackski :
Someone posting pictures from the fifth element and a woman in one of the skimpiest bikinis I've ever seen arguing that girls are going to wear that shit to school. How do these people actually live day to day?

weedysexdragon :
Shorts are the same length thru were when I was a freshman In High school in 1983. Every hot girls gym shorts showed some cheek. This is the same moral panic that gets the thoughtless every time. For some reason people can’t differentiate between wanting to be trendy or cute or sexy and signaling your wanting to be used as a fuck toy. The same moral panic over belly shirts and short shorts in 1995. The same moral panic over rock music in 1958. Or books in 1640. Or Venus of Willendorf in 6850 BC
Nothing screams "salacious skank" like Venus of Willendorf. Shield your eyes, everyone!
irrelevant_potatoes :
>Totally would never say shit to anyone’s face just FYI. I think things, but I don’t speak them to peoples faces. Ahaha wow much better

elya_elya_ :
I got down voted for calling her out about talking about a minors pubic hair at her job and slut shaming a 14 yo.
ofsed_lobstrosity :
This really makes me sad. I loved mini skirts, striped tights and fun slightly revealing clothes starting at age 12, dressed up all the time in different fun outfits because I felt like the dolls I played with growing up. I was a virgin until age 20 (not that it fucking matters). Meanwhile this person was pregnant as a teen and is butting in due to people's *clothing* choices?!

redditnoap :
This is peak SubredditDrama

SinfullySinless :
I’m a high school teacher and I literally can just look past teenager butts of all gender. I’ve seen it all. It’s really not hard.

StrangelyEverAfter :
Dude, people thinking wearing short shorts is going to turn a pedo into ultra mode or something and that's when they become dangerous is silly. The first time I was assaulted as a minor I was wearing my older brothers overalls and a long sleeve teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt. Guess it was hoe attire all along 🤔

munchidk :
This convo is a rough one. Mainly because of how its always said. We gotta ditch the hoe and bitch terms. Especially when it comes to issues like this. The only way ill accept this arguement is taking 5 seconds to think about what the actual issue you see is. Which in this case seems like mild fear of the sexualization of children and pedos, which both are modern topics with importance. Now I how i feel you can word this and how people will understand and be more willing to hear you say it is "parents should be concerned on how their children dress due to the sexual violence and sexualization of children" then go on to talk about while at that age you feel much more grown and mature than you actually are, parents need to be aware of the fact that there are plenty of sick fucks who will take advantage or attack of them. Its not the kids fault. And safety is something no one should HAVE to worry about, but sadly we do. If i came home from vacation and my front door was open, I wouldnt have my son walk inside until I checked out the house was empty. So i get the concern of the children becoming victims. But the way it was worded was very victim blaming. Honestly dont know if this is how they feel but as a parent I can at least understand the concern from a fear of the world view.

nbmnbm1 :
Okay but like why is "she" staring at kids asses?
She literally admits it’s because her mother forced her to dress “modestly” So suppressed envy at freedom?
Apprehensive-Ad5190 :
the one about keeping the same standards for boys made me laugh, because you know this chick wouldn't have an issue with a man walking around in public with his shirt off.

minahkyu :
“Men like young women! They would marry 16 year olds if they still could.” Nah, man. I think that’s just you and other peeps who want to date 16 year olds. I don’t think ALL men are pedos who only date older women because it’s illegal so date minors.

Dogbeater9000 :
I fucking hate it so much when someone calls a child a whore then says that “im not sexuallizing them” in the same exact sentence, there is a reason there is a body dysmorphia epidemic going on

Emergency_Anteater :
>Your 14 year old daughter does not need to walk into the dentist with 3 inches of her ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts This seems super exaggerated. I don't think 14-year-olds are walking around with their buts hanging out. They're probably wearing regular shorts and OP is just projecting her own morality. Instead of staring at kids wherever she goes, how about attacking the actual people who prey on these kids. Like Jesus fucking christ, what are kids supposed to do? Wear a burkha everywhere because they might be sexualized for wearing normal clothing?
It's not like burkhas save children. Child rape *is* a thing in countries where burkhas are mandatory.
heyNOTathrowawy :
Unpopular opinion **IS** a shitshow. It's just a breeding ground for racist, sexist, homophobic incels to spew their toxic world views. Fuck that sub.
Yeah, you're right. The majority of posts are just an excuse to trash on a group of people one way or another. You never get popular posts like "I think California should leave the Union", it's always "Fat people are objectively ugly and should feel bad" or the like. It's just an excuse to be toxic.
CryptoRyanfukRarely :
It’s weird how people try and say “the same should apply for boys” . Yes it should! If a 14 year old boy is walking around with his ass out it’s a problem!