Charles Payne Dark Pools Interview With Stefanie Kammerman Full Interview HD

sccerwz :
“There is a short squeeze happening, as many of you know” Many more know now. Let’s. Go. 🚀can’t.stop.won’t.stop🚀
We're in the middle of what? Honey, get my check book.
[deleted] :
How has this gone on this long is my question. Edit: my first awards, thank you fellow apes! I feel the love.
cousineddie42 :
“As many of you know there’s this short squeeze going on”... diamond boner
I got wood when I heard Gamestop, but then again I always do.
hamann4242 :
Wow, he mentioned Gamestop. Did not expect that.
Insert butters meme “bitch dont you wanna start makin some real fuckin money?”
GoodPeopleAreFodder :
Yeah. Greatest wealth creation machine FOR SOME!
So far…..
thet-shirtguy :
I like how she calls on the SEC to do something.... fucking joke.
“Dear SEC officials, please do something about your former frat brothers.”
Connect-Researcher-9 :
This is big Come on Gary do something
Give him a break its only his *checks notes* ...97th day on the job
Swissycheesy :
The guy lives out of MSM, so I always take his interviews with a pinch of salt, but I have to say, he is probably the only one taking about what we have been DDing for month. the more he exposes the issue, the more the SEC and co will stop watching youporn and start doing their job. Kudos Charles, keep up exposing the fundamental problem in the market.
Forgot to say. They did not talk about a) how dark pools suppress price discovery and b) how they are buying in dark pool and selling in the market (manipulating the price downwards)
skullz611 :
Le_90s_Kid_XD :
Just be wary if Charles payne suggests you sell for anything less than phone number prices. I dont trust any of these people. Only DFV and RC.
This is the way!
Time_Mage_Prime :
FED is complicit
VanderTy07 :
I'm kind of surprised cvpayne is still on the air to be honest. Not saying he's a friend of the apes but he and his guests have continued to expose HFs, MMs and Wall St banks, how has his show not been pulled?
I don’t know if this is true, but I read somewhere a couple months ago that Fox was being shorted and the hedgies are not their friends, as they are CNBC.
Jolly-Program-6996 :
I agree atleast it's being talked about names are being said.

BoatImaginary1511 :
Maybe it’s interesting to know what u/dlauer thinks of this interview?
I couldn't make it past the first minute of her having no idea what she's talking about.
Moon2Pluto :
Why do these Trillion dollar folks need any advantage anyway? Because they make extremely risky shorting companies that they think are going under. And those extremely risky bets have two faces....massive rewards....or insane loses...and tiny fines. It has been a pleasure to ride this storm with you all.

URevrybdy :
Again the fines are nothing, but I still wonder where this “fine” money goes? Because it ain’t in my pocket, and I (an investor) am the one being screwed. Also, it’s fucking illegal and criminal, fuck fines, liquidate and close down. Leaders of these criminal funds need to be stripped of whatever licenses they have and personally liquidated themselves.
I was wondering about this. If they are doing anything illegal to suppress price and it gets exposed then I think call options contract holders should file a class action lawsuit. A multi-billion dollar settlement might do something to prevent it in the future.
Educational-Word8604 :
Thanks for posting and I agree quite disgusting 🤮

ProfessionalDriver87 :
That was awesome! By the end she even acknowledges that the short squeeze is "ongoing".
I feel a next FOMO wave is coming but hedgies have a internet off switch 😬
Justind123 :
hmmm this sounds a bit contrary to how dlauer describes dark pools. Guess I’ll wait to pass judgment.
Seems like it's very contrary haha
mthurman85 :
I generally dislike all MSM, especially Fox, but…. Charles fucks!! Change my mind 🤷🏾‍♂️
Kenny G’s ex-wife is on the board at Fox. She lets them loose with whatever content and then sits back and watches Kenneth squirm.
Wild-Statistician-83 :
Insane... Murdoch throwing his billionaire buddies under the bus. Although I am beyond sceptical of MSM and FN

WavyThePirate :
Apeeeee gaaaaaaaang The lady spoke the truth! Fuck the dark pools

vergielsa :
Well butter my biscuits brown and take me down to Chinatown. I think I felt my wiener move during this interview.
I think I felt yours move also..
mylescool :
Thanks Ape

Guiseppie :
Great segment. Good on Charles for at least touching on the bigger picture. I keep having flashbacks of WKRP though and the fact that somewhere there is a Volkswagen missing it's seat-covers.

SomethingMum :
This is all well and good, but explaining what's happening in Dark Pools means very little unless they tell everyone WHY its bad. Oooh Goldman doesn't have to report trades for 24hrs... and? What kind of effect does that have? How does this DP trading have a negative affect on retail trading? Giving DP trading some exposure is good for sure, but I'm feeling like Charles is skirting around the proper questions. I'm getting more and more convinced he's using market manipulation stories to look relevant and nothing more.

pentakiller19 :
As long as Charles continues to tell the truth and not spin the usual MSM propaganda bs. I will support.
Don't forget that he's being paid by someone to say what he's saying. Be careful trusting any MSM.
ComplexMycologist818 :

Dr_Lambo :
Thank you sir. Exactly what I was hoping would be here already. 🙏

Poshturnip :
Not mincing words or dancing around it. Brilliant.

rspl :
I like Charles and Stefanie sounds benevolent, but what's with those 5 minute talks??? This is something people here have been waiting for and that has been announced on twitter... It barely contains information and a suspicion. What was so important that they couldn't talk 15 minutes longer about it?
I think there's a time limit. Hes done a lot of interviews including with some notable movie apes they've all been 5 min.
ForumsGhost :
Give em hell Chuck

pxatrick :
damn, it's good to see an actual truthful interview. we need these every single day Charles !!

URevrybdy :
I mean seriously, the law chokes out and kills a dude selling cigarettes in front of a convenient store and these less than human blood suckers are robbing the whole fucking world.
#🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯!!!!! If Citadel was minority owned, the SEC would've set the whole building on fire by now!!
BoatImaginary1511 :
If this guy is a shill like some like to claim he is really bad at it.

MethLabIntel :
The SEC prly looking for a nice big rock to hide under right now

lynxstarish :
Is it just me or that was not an "exposed" moment at all. Idk maybe it's just because we already know about all of this but like I can't imagine a "pro" trader or anyone with a great interest watching this show not already knowing the concept of darkpools and what they do. Idk. I'm just not that impressed. It's all crime.

sinocarD44 :
That interview was basically worthless. No real explanation of the effect of of dark pools on price or how the effect the market in general.

Ipickatyou :
I know many of you don’t trust Charles. But I have to say I love what he is doing. And he looks cool as fuck
The plaid suit is a bold ass move but he's pulling it off
AltoniusAmakiir :
Now I don't see any blatant misinformation in this, but her mannerism of speaking, and the fact she's making specific claims against hedgies doesn't sit well with me. Like we know what happens when you make specific claims, so why is she making them, is it a set up for something? I don't know the answers, all I can say is it *feels* sus to me personally.

Lisahasbraces :
How do i change the new reddit half screen video and half comments? I preferred the old way
Yeah I’m with you on this. Not all videos do this either.
teapot_in_orbit :
Frankly there's all this scary talk about 'dark pools' despite dlauer repeatedly dismissing it as a major cause of price suppression while the real issue... a fucking enormous pile of FTDs on synthetic shares... is ignored. Stop fussing about dark pools... FTDs are the problem!!!

shaq_week :
Don cherry vibes