“What IS in my wallet?”

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Dopebox81 :
She remembered that time on Conan when she said “snuck” wasn’t a word
You know how sometimes we remember shit randomly walking down the street and go “what a fucking dumbass”.. that’s her moment, lol
Rolling_Beardo :
Never trust a fart!
She held it until the applause
WanderLeft :
“The Muppets were puppets this whole time??”
“Am I muppet or a woman ?” [source lol](https://youtu.be/cRTjksM3YAs)
ghostgnome :
She pregamed some edibles and they finally hit.
That's the one
mgd09292007 :
If it’s anything like my wife, she can’t remember if she left her hair straightener on back home and thinks the house is burning down
“I forgot to feed the cat!!! Or did I?!”
Bl_lRR1T0 :
Given the confused look on everyone else around her, seems to me they're disappointed someone won something they think they don't deserve, or think she deserves.
They all are surprised by something on stage, the two girls neck snap at the exact time as Jen reacts. Something is happening to the right of the stage.
RevolutionaryEmu4389 :
She married the wrong Good Will Hunting character
Ben never has a second cup of coffee at home....
DrMaxCoytus :
She got a communication from her home planet that the invasion begins in December.

deecro3000 :
“So snuck really *is* a word?”

420txtop :
She's thinking about Taco flavored kisses by JLo
Hhhhhhenefer Lopesss
L1Zs :
Does anyone actually know the context of this? Like what was said before?
Yeah I wonder who just accepted an award and for what, or what speech was given
Jaehryn :
'Wow Daredevil really was awful'.
“Why did I sign to do an Elektra sequel?”
beeph_supreme :
“That fart felt really moist…”
Are farts supposed to be lumpy
sarvasana :
Somebody just maxed-out the Lush 2.
Haha a person of culture I see
HiyaRay :
That’s the did my period just start face

mbob2021 :
Wondering did she leave the oven on?
Or maybe she put the chicken to sleep and baby in the oven.
ProbablyMaybe69 :
"Shit i forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer"

TunaCanz :
That Ben was drunk the whole time.

kidcud :
She forgot to change her capital one cash back category this month

StarStriker4101 :
"Wait, snuck is a word?!?"

ForgotMyPassword-1 :
She looks incredibly good here
she always looks good
TheNamesClove :
She left the kids on the stove

suckstobeyoo :
Is that….could it be…yep, started my period

FancyMittens1 :
Somebody activated her love egg.

sofyamarmeladov :
That video is like the feeling you get when your just about to fall asleep and then your brain is like: 🙋‍♀️: 💤 🛌 💤 🧠: remember years ago when you did that embarrassing or shameful thing. Yeah…you can’t do anything about it now but I thought I’d just replay it for you now and wake you up.

RebelliousSoup :
“I wonder if Danny DeVito is happy”

NeoC77 :
Wait is he banging the babysitter?