The box said 3000 pieces. A week of quarantine tells me it's 2999.

scubamari :
I’ll show up on the floor when you vacuum… it always does Édit: it will show up. Not me.
I hope so! I have looked everywhere. Maybe the cat hid it somewhere
A_Cat_Typingg :
No, you're wrong. The final piece of the puzzle is YOU
The final piece was actually your lovely comment. Thank you
ActionHousevh :
Now you'll never know if you could have finished it.
Is this what torture feels like?
scissorfella :
That sucks but also, is that insanely fast for a puzzle that big or am I just lacking ambition?
You do need a fiery passion and also a lot of talent. Jk you need a good podcast and a supportive girlfriend
whyamisoawesome9 :
Can you contact the company that made the puzzle?
Most puzzle companies will send you replacements for free. You just have to tell them the row and column that you need.
BigShoots :
If it's really bothering you, go to /r/PhotoshopRequest with a pic of the missing spot, someone can make a jpeg of the missing piece and you can print it out and gluestick it to some cardboard.
That's a really nice idea! I think for now though I'll carry that missing piece as a badge of honour
CharmingTuber :
You're lucky you have a table that will fit a 3000p. I have a large coffee table that is perfect for puzzles, but I can only get a 2000p at most on there. I'm very jealous. I have a 5000p that I've been trying to find a place on the floor to do, but can't figure out how to keep the dogs away.
Yeah the table slides out a bit too, so there space to organise your pieces! But I would no know where to put a 5000 piece puzzle! Maybe the floor? Hope you'll find the perfect spot for it someday!
Osboner :
What puzzle is this OP? It looks super cool!!
It's called 'gallery of curiosities' by Jan van Haasteren. He makes the most wonderful puzzles! Would highly recommend!
Kingkunta87 :
Op channeling his inner Falling Down right about now
Underrated movie.
Readingwithwonder :
When looking for a puzzle piece don’t expect it to be flat and obvious, sometimes they are up-ended and harder to see. They get everywhere, inside shoes, under the lips of furniture, under and behind doors, caught under box lids and other unexpected places. I find it amazing how long after a puzzle is put away that you can find a stray piece, when you aren’t looking for it. If you leave the small area of puzzle around the missing piece out, you might still get the satisfaction of fitting that all important final piece. Looks like you had a perfect spot to do the puzzle. Was that planned or just luck that it was the right size? Looks like a fun puzzle. I like the cloak of invisibility.
It was very lucky that the table was just the right size! I did look inside the radiator next to the table. Maybe I'll find it someday
StretchSmiley :
And a constipated cat

Dimensionalanxiety :
Now you must go on a very long journey to find that piece. Eventually some Japanese guy will write for 25 years straight about your journey to find that one piece.
Will they turn that book into a movie? I hope so
SoloxFly :
Don't you know OP? The final piece... Is you.

MrsMiyagiStew :
Do you have a cat or children? Not that the answer will bring your puzzle piece back because it definitely won't.
I already questioned the cat, she says he has nothing to do with it and to give her more kibble
braden87 :
Where’s in quarantine atm ?

wholsomeshy :
Maybe the final piece was the friends we made along the way.
It probably is!
No-Loquat7063 :
Does anyone know who's the artist name who made the puzzle? My parent's have a similar style puzzle and I'd love to know!
It's Jan van Haasteren!
HappyCow293 :
Dude, I love the artist of the picture, he makes so many funny small details
Yeah! I love his puzzles!
Djet3k :
3000 doesn't fit on my puzzle table but i have bought about 70 of those Van Haasteren puzzles since i started them beginning lockdown.

marques33 :
I believe you can call or email the company and they'll mail you that missing piece. You'll have to take a picture and email it to them.

hiplobonoxa :
fun fact: many puzzles actually do not have exactly the advertised number of pieces. your puzzle appears to be cut in alignment with a grid. count the number pieces wide and the number of pieces long, multiple, and prepare to be surprised!

JimboBillyBobJustis :
Check on the floor around the table

devildocjames :
Puzzle pieces make excellent rubber band hanger slingshot ammo.

islandRaised :
Do you have a spouse or sibling? If so, I guarantee the piece is not missing.
Haha I do but they live 30 minutes away, so it's not them! 15 years ago ot could have been though!
Flashman6000 :
Ask your cat
I did, she said "feed me"
Twunts :
I know a tradesman that was working for a rude client. On the last day he nicked a piece of his 5000 piece puzzle. He still has it to this day

palmtree2509 :
Not saying this isn't real or anything, but couldn't he just of took the piece out and lie, not everything you see on the internet is true just saying
Of course he could have, but does it really matter?
MJMaggio14 :
At that point I'd just cut a chunk of cardboard and use it as a piece
I think I need to feel the pain of the missing piece a bit longer before I do that
RandomValue134 :
Just draw the missing piece and if you find the missing piece, replace it. Then auction the drawn piece as nft.
Is this how I'll get rich?
IamMedusaGorgon :

wowwjijina :
Did you check under the whole puzzle

Jdoodle7 :
Awesome puzzle! Are you going to glue it & frame it for a wall? (Make your own piece of puzzle out of cardboard/map pencils/clear fingernail polish if the missing piece doesn’t show up.)

[deleted] :
Omg is that a Wasgij? Ive got a few
Close! It's a Jan van Haasteren
dave70a :
the missing piece is you <3

Wutanghang :
Idk how much this kind of thing costs but maybe get a duplicate set and just use that piece
Haha I mean you have to chase that satisfaction somehow
thisisinput :
I've been there before. Brand new wrapped set too. Mine was only 1000 (999) pieces though.

extidedetergentfan :
I LOVE these puzzles, I was absolutely obsessed last year. I bet it was fun as hell until the end!!
It really was! I love doing puzzles and listening to a podcast at the same time
No_Ingenuity_7694 :
I hope they send a whole new puzzle and say “good luck. Hopefully it’s in this one”

XanVer22 :
Is this a Jan van Haasteren by any change?

MrMojoRising360 :
Ah, it's a Jan van Haasteren!

real_life_ironman :
I always wonder how would one proceed to solve huge puzzles like this. So, you have 3000 pieces, where do you start? Do you group them by shade assuming similar shades combine to form a patch? Do you get final pic printed and try finding some unique parts in pic and try to find in puzzle pieces? Try to find edge pieces and complete them first? Or somehow?
I do the edges first. I know it's not the most efficient, apparently it's sorting by colour from the start. I then start finding one big thing in the picture that stands out and I start finding that colour and I sort other colours along the way. It will slowly come together like that :)
Unscathedrabbit :
Now I'm worried, just bought a 3k piece to do for a friend's birthday.

Nick_Fukqu :
I wanna see the entire picture and what is the name of that puzzle? I wanna put it together
It's called Gallery of Curiosities by Jan van Haasteren. It's a really fun puzzle!
Feenfurn :
I just got a puzzle off Amazon and it was missing a piece

Pancake559 :
Tough luck
Sure is!
salt_sultan :
I had this happen to a friend. They messaged the manufacturer who sent them a new one, and when it arrived they found the missing piece

babyspacehead :
Pls pluck that plants yellow leaf n not water him for a bit 🥺
Will do! Thanks for the tip!
svensonvengally :
Could it be underneath the puzzle at all? Good luck OP!

rayer123 :
The final piece is the friend you’ve made all along the way.

SechDriez :
I had that happen to me with a 2000 piece puzzle. I'm missing four pieces and have one duplicate piece. Strange

fledder200 :
Jan Van Haasteren puzzles are best! Just contact Jumbo games and they will help you! But it probably will be on the ground, windowsill or maybe you forgot one in the plastic bag it came in (had that once)

seamsay :
> Look sir, there's nothing I can do. The box says it's a 3000-piece puzzle, but we make no guarantees about how many of those pieces will actually be in the box.

RapeMeToo :
Or you lost one
Been looking all afternoon! I still have hope it's somewhere
No-Cress1737 :
That lighting makes me depressed

Matthewmurphy17 :
So depending on the puzzle maker you can send them an email of the piece you're missing and they'll send you a new one

spyderpig90 :
2021 in a nutshell, one piece away from the end!

DaveyJonas :
Get some corrugated cardboard, nice acrylic paint, am exacto knife and a steady hand. You'll finish this!