Digital Nas posts Mike Dean working on the album still.

GyroZeppelii :
Mike dean off every single drug conceived by man trying to finish the album
We on a ultra Mike Dean 🙌🏻
pakitoburger :
Donda gon be a Mike Dean posthumous album at this rate😭
nicolaj98 :
Mike Dean is the hardest working American atm
I hope kanye pays him enough to cover the cost of all the Percocets he is on
[deleted] :
Mike Dean is going to single-handedly stop Kanye from scrapping the album.
Mike Dean and Kanye shirtless fight in the rain DMC style
pooopoooeater69 :
Mike Dean has got to be sleep deprived and running on weed and 5 hour energy
Groupbuy weed for Mike Dean 👀
skungaa :
This whole day has made me feel bipolar
mike dean giving me hope tho
WePersevere :
The biggest difference between this community and the old days of KTT is the treatment of Mike Dean. KTT hated Mike dean and would say he only knows how to ruin kanye albums and Mike Dean would literally log on to KTT to tell everyone that Kanye hates them, such a different time lmfao.
Gotta love Mike Dean. Remember when he jumped on the Discord and destroyed that kid who was leaking/GB tracks? Lmao
cole416 :
Mfer deserves a gofundme the way kanye tortures him
Ye must be paying him fat checks to put up with this shit
Altruistic-Pace7450 :
Mike Dean gonna get a much deserved nap soon
Yeah, for good. Cuz he won't be able to finish till midnight people gonna come for him.
M4ximi11i0n :
Mike Dean got injected with the same shit as Willem Dafoe in Spiderman to finish this album
SupremeMamba :
Feel kinda bad for Mike lol
Mike doesn't deserve this, Kanye is better than this to make mike do this
[deleted] :
#**New tracklist:** Fruity Center Fruity Chorus Fruity Compressor Fruity Convolver Fruity Delay Fruity Delay 2 Fruity Delay 3 Fruity Delay Bank Fruity Fast Dist Fruity Filter Fruity Flanger Fruity Flangus Fruity Formula Controller
Mike Dean is gonna put 3 Soundgoodizers on the master channels of all the songs and then plug his cash app on twitter
OttomaticFS :

kao24429774 :
Ye really out here slavin' Mike Dean,He better get pay by percentage at this point 💀
Dw we cash appin’ him makin sure he get paid
epicforrest :
Mike Dean on a ball and chain producing this shit

mothman26 :
Dudes like “Why is it always last minute with this fucking guy”
True they sending him there 2 days before the album is supposed to drop I don’t understand
georgesenpaii :
the amount of times i’ve refreshed this sub since this was posted is disgusting.
We fucked in the head but this comment too real
[deleted] :
only once every couple years lol
deely1 :
Alright so they’re clearly aiming for an imminent drop still if he’s still working on it.

15August08 :
This is a really good sign right? They are still trying to put it out asap
Yeah it means they’re trying to finish it.
Nathanax :
Mike dean is god
56 year old mike dean putting in hours
Mac-Jones-the-goat :
Donda @ 4
Every Hour was just a song about WSE users checkin for the album
TheUltimateCF :

BoysenberryJunior294 :
I wish Kanye would lock in with Mike dean for months in advance not the fucking week of the album’s release date. Tf.
kanye prob ain’t even there lmaoo
GenZRodman :
Bet he’s puffing the fattest blunt right now

jayhay17 :
Wait those are the same black curtains from the IKGBOT snippet😭 Are they still in the Arena????
mike dean hasnt left this spot for 15+ hours believe it or not
H2PoonSlayer :
Kanye in the corner: 👁👄👁

vaultjet :
Assuming this photo is actually from a few minutes ago, this is obviously big. Gotta think if significant delays (2+ days & beyond) were conceded that there’d be no need to be hitting it this 24/7 right after the big event that no doubt left everyone involved completely exhausted. Far from a guarantee that we get a streamable (mostly finished) album in the next 24 hours, but gotta respect these dudes trying, despite running on E. Just praying this isn’t a generic Mike Dean tribute pic that he pulled from his library from months ago. Plz.
same man i hope it’s recent 😭
Avixst :
y’all never seen a mike dean stream. this nigga smokes blunt after blunt playing synths for 36 hours, he’s fine i promise u

Killerboootsmann :
Can the sub please be unlocked Jesus Christ Edit: yeezus Christ
For real. Or give us a “waiting for the album” thread or something lol
JohnyTheJoke :
Lol Mike is goated for this but we need CyHi in there just as much lmao
he is there
Teague_020 :
Abussell23 :
Mike Dean also liked a tweet saying "Mike Dean and Rick Rubin really the greatest if we get a finished album within like, the next month"

rodudero :
You guys think it’s still dropping today then?
Who in the fuck knows, Kanye doesnt even know
joshua_mccarthy :
Its in Mike Deans hands now Kanye probably asleep lmao

gnarmilk :
All the people saying they feel bad for him. 1. He loves thus shit . 2. He's getting paid more money than I've made in my whole life just to mix this album
Exactly, mans pulled 1 all nighter for god knows how much money and people act like hes dying lmao
majesticalpha09 :
This is gonna be the biggest L in recorded history if Kanye doesn't drop 😩😩

mothman26 :
Mike Dean just needs to release this on his Spotify it’s basically his album now fuck Kanye

SirBrothers :
At this point I’m questioning if I’m actually a Kanye fan or a Mike Dean fan.

investorhylle :
Im getting my news from r/Kanye now, hahaha.. Can’t believe they locked this sub in the middle of its purpose. Thanks Kim-Jung Ghost

internetkidofficial :
We can’t keep going on like this, we need to stop this dictatorship and give the community back their Kanye server without it being locked 90% and containing selfish mods #WESTWRLD 🌎 A server for the people by the people. More Info coming soon

Supersaiyansub :
Kanye: The people didn’t feel that Pop Smoke verse. Start it over. Mike: .... what? Kanye tosses a Ouija onto the desk and leaves the room
Ouija board: “OK IM TURNT”
GameGroompsFTW :
Def Jam rep just tweeted "Chicago 👀" Wonder if there's gonna be another listening party tonight?
ANOTHER LISTENING PARTY? Mike dean is currently on an IV drip
bongrip4president :
hey everyone, there are 7,853 people online in this subreddit right now, but for some reason my comments here aren't getting 7,853 upvotes? im keeping a list of everyone who hasn't been giving me my upvotes, check gmail if you "forget" to leave an upvote here. you'll be hearing from me

lilvoynich :
i can’t take this anymore

Johnny_Sins_69 :
smoke a blunt if they are keeping you hostage mike

epicgamer6967 :
The devil works hard but mike dean works harder

outoftimebut- :
Digital Nas is only there to make sure Mike don’t kill himself

mooseman42O :
Mike dean is like the parent who stays up overnight finishing their kid’s school project 😭

manwirhshsh :
7,000+ currently refreshing this page rn

reubenfinlay :

LookatSven :
if mike wasn't in donda production i would be 200% sure that this album had been cancelled.

LookingForYandhi :
This makes me think they are just finishing it up. The day isn’t over. Thank god for Mike Dean and thank god for aderall.
Thank God for drugs
[deleted] :
All is good imo. If this album were truly delayed right now - even by a day - this man would be asleep.
That's a good point.they wouldn't be rushing if they weren't trying to get it out ASAP
djOH1 :
Utopia gon be delayed after Mike dean slips into a coma

Supersaiyansub :
Man, praying for Mike Dean when he finally gets to leave and a giant Cacti truck comes out of nowhere and blocks him in the parking lot

noirlucky :
Album is now called Deanda to honor Mike who worked himself to death trying to finish this album

foolishnhungry :
This album is currently on a “fruity delay”

nmnnmmnnnmmmnnnnmmmm :
He’s mixing remote in this picture, you can see it in the top left

KiddKRoolenstein :
Everytime Kanye drops, Mike Dean loses a few years of his lifespan

hogs94 :
This Mike Dean posthumous album finna go hard

Nickiswickedd :
why tf would u lock the sub it makes zero sense. we were all waiting for this time just let people post small news and shit like damn

[deleted] :

pvry :
At this rate ye gonna mike end up in hospital or something ☠️

psymphoire :
can they bring cyhi in there too so we get some good verses
FAX CyHi won't let some phrases be repeated for 20 times and call it a verse
BoysenberryJunior294 :
I’ll get mike dean tatted on me if he saves this album.
tryipi :
if i get off work and it still hasn’t dropped remind me to intervene.

ethexplorer :
“Mike Dean needs some rest” at this rate bro he won’t be waking up

will9630 :
Mike Dean not allowed to leave the kitchen table until the album is finished 💀💀💀

nblastoise :
Check his story again, they still at the stadium

nysraved :
Everyone complaining about the sub being locked so I ventured over to r/Kanye on New and lo and behold we have an incredibly newsworthy post … asking people if they would rather eat a baseball, shit a basketball, or fuck a football. We NEED this content on WSE!

dawosnhh :
I think that water bottle is in the exact same position as it was in the snippet video for IKGBOT, please don’t be from yesterday 😭

InstantHeadache :
So digital nas is locked up in kanyes basement studio too

Due_Result9117 :
if we don’t have it by Rolling Loud my guess is we’re looking at September-October

haza9191 :
Does that mean the report by the independent claiming it's been handed in is cap?
As an English lad,assume everything the independent says is 🧢
Stupiddumbfuk :
Why does Ye do this to people lol

[deleted] :
lets not treat mike dean like sakurai hes probably making a shit ton of money and is used to doing this

lvcashko :
im starting to think that every ablbum with hurricane in it is cursed. maybe its a good idea to forget that song and see what happens.

YeMysterio :
Mans locked in the studio 💀

barceva :
Fuck it it’s Mike deans album now. Kanye is just a guest

blonded6joey :
i wish they would give us a tracklist or something to hold on to

I just wanna point out that Digital Nas has the Gainstation plugin up on the screen, which is designed by Mike Dean, so it could be that he is thanking him for getting a plugin copy, I don't really think that's the case though, the coincidence would be insane

FalcoVIII :
This is extremely far fetched, because there are a lot of variables, but stay with me. In this pic they are mixing “Remote”. The album was supposed to drop 12AM. It’s now 4PM. 16 hours late. If we’re going off last nights tracklist, remote is the 4th track. That means (prob not) each track has taken 4 hours to get mastered since the end of the show. There were 15 tracks last night, and there are rumoured to be many more, so let’s just say… 18. There are ~14 tracks left to be mixed, =56 hours to completion. 2 1/2 days.

sickpanda42 :
Just like when mike dean was still mixing Yandhi on SNL night

SpennyUdigg :
Mike is a godsend bless that man. I hope they dont just mix what they have and kanye doesnt even record finished vocals. Not tryna hear crisp sunn wunna funnas

Yoshewaa :
I may get poop, but I think it’s fair to say Kanye wouldn’t be who he is as a musical artist without Mike Dean

aarwon :
every single one of these comments are the exact same thing

Supersaiyansub :
I say take half of what Kanye’s got left after the divorce and give it to Mike Dean

Theothanos :
Ye doesn't deserve Mike Dean.... We don't deserve Mike Dean.

agent7300 :
bro is fighting for his life

Props05 :
I’m getting “thank you mike dean” tatted across my chest if Donda drops

JTM58 :
can we just appreciate mike dean for a minute? putting the team on his back to finish this shit. hats off to him

CabbageandBeans :
I've been listening to the stream rip and I think I like it. It's clearly very unfinished but with some work this could be amazing minus the pop smoke track Edit: just to add I’m a grown man who does Stan Kanye but can admit ye and JIK weren’t great. This feels very much like an album the community has GB’d but that doesn’t make Yandhi bad.

TheUltimateCF :
Second Digital Nas IG story was posted 55 minutes ago, showing his feet in the studio. Wasn’t sure if this warranted a second post.
Depends. How cute the feet?
piolintheboss :
The mods have abandoned us.

[deleted] :
Mike deserves so much money from Ye for doing this shit

Supersaiyansub :
Mike Dean is doing all this while being fed under-seat fries and half eaten franks left at the Mercedes Legend

gvnii :
I’m actually kinda sad and disappointed. Really looked forward to this album being out when I woke up. I even had a fucking dream where I woke up and the album was out. This sucks