WCGW driving across an unstable wooden bridge

Revolutionary_Clerk8 :
Popsicle bridge!! I built a few of those in elementary school! Never had someone try driving a car over it tho
Were they on this scale
JockBbcBoy :
This looks like the type of bridge to that the protagonists in an action movie cross to prove they're more worthy than the bad guys.
Honestly, my childhood lead me to believe I'd encounter more rope bridges in life than I have.
Fluffyscooterpie :
I wouldn't even WALK over that thing.
That's why he decided to use a vehicle, it's faster. But he needed more speeeed and powah in order to beat the bridge
Alternative_Volume91 :
It’s like that scene from Dante’s Peak
With the grandma and the lava....
ShambolicShogun :
That's no bridge. That's termites holding hands.
Where the hell is Rosebud?!
_ThatSynGirl_ :
Everybody that keeps saying "he lived", where are you getting this information? I tried looking it up and am finding nothing about it.
everyone lives until they die.
AlienInUnderpants :
Any info on the outcome? Looked deadly to me.
Driver is alive
[deleted] :
If the water is low, wooden bridge is good to go
yomomasfatass :
well that went exactly how I expected it

Doctordankness :
Next up on Top Gear. Jeremy takes his truck for swim.

deathonacracker :
Dealer: I finally got your weed.

biscuit-000 :
Was the cameraman just waiting for this on a flood day?
This probably wasnt the only car still crossing the bridge, so he was probably waiting for it to happen..
thehoederiks :
1 hour playing Poly Bridge and I knew it wouldn't work.
This is basically the outcome of 90% of my bridges. No game has ever made me feel stupider.
Cranky_Yankee :
All I can hear in my head is an outraged Jeremy Clarkson bellowing “HAMMOND” at the top of his lungs as the current sweeps him downstream…

gabwinone :
I wonder how many lives, of people that regularlywalk that bridge, he just RUINED!

WritingTheRongs :
The next step is the bridge is rebuilt with the verified load limit. source: Calvin and Hobbes

WDEBarefooter :
Looks like the bridge was actually pretty stable, but the weight of a vehicle caused enough dip to put it below the water level leading to a failure.
...and at the angle the driver came at it, he couldn't even see the bridge was dipped down that close to the water until it was too late.
nickk1988 :
Holy Shit, is there a news article about this? Anyone injured??

dixon-bawles :
The top gear/grand tour boys are back at it

Copoli :
Top Gear, is that you???

unalow :
his gaming music wasnt loud enough

LuisNazarioF9 :
This sub is making me lose my faith in human intelligence.

MuffCrusher69 :

houseman1131 :
You died fording the river.

Keltic_Stingray :
High risk low reward. It's the confidence that gets me.

transmaniacon-MC :
Drive? LoL I wouldn’t even contemplate walking!

Lar5502 :
My guess is that they died.

CeaseNY :
People are really anywhere at anytime to record something huh. Thats some scary shit right there

The child in me knows they jumped away at the nick of time. The adult in me knows better.