Water bending irl

Just-Buy-A-Home :
Wow that kid just walked away Edit: What?
dimprinby :
Bernoulli principle
SoloxFly :
Hydrodynamic levitation for anyone interested in researching
Joxer-Daly :
Subtitles ‘Wut….Wut….Wut…’
Put it in my butt.. butt... butt...
Dobler97 :
This is called [hydrodynamic levitation](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNHp8iyyIjo&t=1s)
jetfire1115 :
This kid fucks
What a weird comment
DManFromNoWhere :
Ahh, fluid dynamics at its finest. Anyone in engineering that has ever taken this subject as a class knows it's a love hate relationship. They love how cool it is but hate how hard it is.
Ah. You mom said the same thing about my dick lmao
cannonfodderrec :
Impressing the girls with SCIENCE.
Hey baby, want to see some hydrodynamics?
5269636b417374 :
This stupid ass soundtrack can fuck off any time now.
The guy saying what as if he's never seen anything like it before is even worse. C'mon dude, you've been under a rock your whole life?
Leon_Thomas :
It’s sad to me how many people here are being dismissive and condescending because “clearly you haven’t completed high school physics”… you could have a PhD in physics and still appreciate that this is a spontaneous application of physics that looks otherworldly and unintuitive. Talking about how stupid the people who enjoy this are only proves your own arrogance and lack of imagination.
Nah fuck all that
fuze-the-hostage- :
Pretty sure you can do this with an air compressor too
Yeah, I have seen this done with a ping-pong ball and a hairdryer. I’m guessing it’s the same principle?
BamsMovingScreens :
Coanda effect
I had to scroll a long way for the right answer.
IvanBgd011 :
note by OP: if you want to comment like: "this idiot didn't finish highschool physics." What the fuck did you think would be on r/Blackmagicfuckery, flying dicks??
The point of the sub is to look at something and not instantly understand how it happened. Now I know that's not the state of the sub but people are always gonna complain
nthatrees :
The video is cool, all the bs in the comments is WHAT!?

RedBeard246 :
How neat is that

latteboy50 :
Why do two different videos right next to each other in my feed have the same background music playing? Is this song super popular now or something?
yes, its old and free to use.
xpawntakesqueenx :
Dude has a long sleeve shirt on in the pool??? The fuck???
Only white midwestern people will understand
dumbfuckmagee :
How the fuck is that even physically possible? Like if the stream was going straight up and down I could see it but afaik that ball should be falling in a forward and down direction and I don't see how tf the water is counteracting that Physics is some bullshit

IBrokeMyCloset :
Bernoulli's Principal!

DamnBlaze09 :
That kid’s chakra is honed in

Galaxynacho01 :
And he just leaves it there hahaha

ljcozad :
Here's a fun thing to try: comb your hair and turn on the water faucet so that it's a light but constant stream. Then, slowly move the comb to the side. The water will bend a bit. It's pretty freakin cool.
Instructions unclear. Water hasn't bent, but after several attempts, I can say that my side part has never looked more on point.
Limp_Distribution :
Physics, making people say what for centuries.

Madman61 :
If my 28 year old ass did that I would do a little jump of joy.

thecoocooman :
Stone Cold ass comment section

DizzyDeezler :

SnakeFB :

AdevilSboyU :
This kid understands physics. Neato.

KindAwareness3073 :
The Bernoulli Effect. Same phenomenon that creates lift for airplanes. Take a ping pong ball. Tape a 2 foot piece of string. Hold the string in one hand ball in the other. Put the ball in the stream of water from a faucet. Slowly let go of the ball. Tilt the syring. The ball stays in the water stream.

TiagoTiagoT :

fujigrid :
Is this the Mylar effect?

Visit_Oktoberfest :
called the Carlo Colucci paradox

W0BLong :
Same reason why a plane is able to fly.

bomboclawt75 :
Issac Newton- ARREST HIM!

Chillaxel :
It's obviously the Conservation of Angular Momentum. Nothing black magic about it. /s

ZetusKong :
works with any stream of fluid including air. Try it with a regular old leaf blower and a light ball.

comfortlad :
Future engineer right there

SoFuckingRelatable :
Why is it always one of three fucking songs!?

truefent :
This is...requiem

Lebossatron01 :
I’m going to guess that the ball is being pushed back and is rolling on top of the water which keep it in its position

bean_plant67 :
I mean i understand this one

Skull-BT :
i think this is the same effect as if you put a ping pong ball in a hair dryer, turned it on and started tilting it and even if the ball isn't directly above you will still see the ball floating in the air. but with a stream of water and a heavier ball.... you see the current starts making the ball spin, since the current is strong enough it can lift it up, since there is a current evenly distributed in the ball the ball doesn't fall and can be put at an angle while being lifted. science

miki_-_ :

NebulosQ :

district_mate :

curiosity44 :
he just did the thing that i spent my entire childhood trying to do what a lad