Hey guys, meet Jet, I’m new here and a new cat owner, give me advice :)

SinatrasDame :
Get them used to you grooming (bushing their fur, trimming their nails) now while they're young so they know it's just part of life. If you want them to travel with you start leash training now. If you can afford it, get them pet insurance!!! Most importantly, give them treat and chin scritches from me. 😻
Definitely look up how to trim their claws. If not careful you can end up scarring them for life. I also advise to buy more quality food. You don't have to go out and buy the most lavish food but atleast somerthing more nutritious than 20ct grocery store packets.
gumgumdumhum :
Take him to the vet and get him fixed as soon as they will let you. Unfixed males will spray ball juice all over your house and it smells terrible.
And unfixed females keep you up at night, wailing in the hallway about how badly they wanna get fucked.
dissociationplaybook :
He WILL scratch so buy the stupid scratching posts and put them all over your house. It’s normal and natural like breathing for them to scratch. Don’t punish him, just put him near a scratcher and rub catnip on it. Clean litter daily. New fresh water and food daily. Lots of love, take to vet. Don’t play with him with your hands, use a toy. It’s cute when they’re young but gets old quickly if they never learn to play bite with your hand it’s good. Later toys are great
The scratching post thing is key, and make it appealing to them! When I first got my cats I absolutely doused the scratching post in catnip so it would be the most appealing thing for them to gravitate to. I still sprinkle a bit on there to top it up and sure enough my couches are scratch free. :) If you make the scratch tower appealing to them by adding catnip, praising then when they use the tower and giving treats, they won't start looking elsewhere.
BiggerBowls :
Your hair makes for great handle bars apparently! You are doing just fine so far. 😻
Thanks bowls ;)
spooktember :
Aww, you’ve got a quality shoulder cat there. Lots of advice already, so I’ll just say ‘patience’. Kitty will do kitty things like knock stuff over, wake you up at 3am, or toss cat litter everywhere. It’s just how they do. Be patient while you two get to know each other, and you’ll be best buddies for years. Oh, also, try the cheap toys first. They never play with the fancy ones, I swear. Congratulations! I hope you have a lot of fun together for a lot of years.
We all know cats sleep in boxes and play with string just to laugh at their owners spending a bunch of money on toys/beds.
Hambellini :
Get em chipped and neutered, it’ll save a lot of worry in the future
But not declawed.
innocenthousefish :
Have them learn their name! In case of an emergency, you can call their name for quicker recall. I did this by yelling "Mark" and giving him a treat everytime he came running. It helps if you play hide and seek. Go into different rooms and practice recalling them! If he has a favorite toy, buy two of them.
Also, I'm told the "s" sound in a name is the most responsive from cats (not sure how true). It does work for my cat.
clarrisssaaa :
Get wider bowls because of whisker fatigue! My cats used to only half eat their food after eating what was in the middle. Get them used to everything now too, like baths and water (you might need to wash them one day!), not biting, touching their feet, grooming, feeding. Maybe even tricks or habits like standing certain places when they want to go outside, opening doors. Good luck :)))
Somewhere else in your place you should leave a bowl of water. Cats don’t like to drink water right by where they eat food. So if you feed in the kitchen, leave a bowl of fresh water in the bedroom or bathroom.
ryanx9123 :
1) rechargeable laser pointer is clutch 2) Squeeze tubes by Tiki Cat or similar, our cats freak out over them 3) dried catnip and sprinkle it on a scratch pad once a week, we call it kitty crack 4) keep taking photos like this, you guys are killin’ it!
With laser pointers I like to make sure I give him a treat after he’s “caught” the dot. I feel like otherwise I’m driving my cat crazier by not being able to ever catch something.
Kflynn1337 :
Listen to your cat. They meow to communicate to humans, and they can copy human words [to the extent they are able to given the limits of their vocal cords] and will use them to tell you what they want. It helps if you talk normally to them, rather than 'baby talk'.

PanMyJam :
You're a natural! My advice is keep up with vaccinations and checkups. Easy peasy stuff to save headache and heartache later. ❤️

aliveinjoburg2 :
Touch his paws, ears, look in his mouth now. It’ll save you lots of stress later.

Bboytunero :
Okay thank I’ll do just that !

HootCares :
Don't ever shave your head
Under appreciated comment.
insanitypeppers :
Don’t let the cat start biting too much early. You can’t “discipline” a cat, but what you can do is just ignore them when they start biting. Reward good behavior. If a cat is playing and playing nicely then make sure you give a treat.
Also when playing always use toys and not your hands. This way they will know that it's not okay to scratch and bite you.
haz_mat_ :
When your cat meows at you, meow back.
I question the humanity of anybody who doesn't meow back. Like .... Kitty just said hi to you, you don't say hi back, you monster?
nondienary :
if you use a laser pointer to play make sure you reward the kitty with a treat because it can frustrate them!!! they should feel like they "caught" the dot because playing like that invokes their hunting instincts :-) listen to their body language!! a lot of people try to make their cats love them by spending time with them, but cats will come spend time with you when they want to and it can strain your relationship with them if you try too hard

woman_thorned :
spay and neuter asap. consider getting a buddy for this one, they are social animals and it's best to expose them to other animals early. If there is not a dog in your house, have a friend bring a dog over (assuming the dog is good with cats obviously). Don't shield him from human life like the vacuum or music etc, get them used to everything they are likely to encounter in life.

FreakoFNature222 :
Don't declaw. Watch Jackson Galaxy videos on YouTube. He is a cat expert and gives great information and advice. Get two litter boxes. Two cats are better than one so consider getting a second. The Kitten Lady and The Purring Journal are also great YouTube channels

Eastern_Mark_7479 :
Save all your old socks. Every once in a while, get a sock, put a scoop or two of catnip in it, tie it off, and revel in the adorable chaos. Also, if you're going to feed the cat dry food, get a fountain water dish. Cats nowadays are essentially chronically dehydrated because they evolved in environments without still bodies of water, and thus they cannot see them very well. A fountain water dish will entice them to drink more often, and so will keep them happier and healthier.

[deleted] :
Take lots of pictures and cherish every day you get to spend with him. Tell him how much he means to you. Although it doesn’t seem like it, time passes quickly.❤️

UltraMegaMegaMan :
Looks like you were chosen! Welcome to the world of cat companions! Here's some things: * Only feed kittens *kitten* food. Not cat food. They're different, and kittens need kitten food. * You need to feed your cat wet food. If you don't they'll get dehydrated because they don't drink enough water to make up for it. You can give them dry food *in addition to* wet food, but they need wet food to be healthy. * Good cat food doesn't have to be expensive. I feed my cat Fancy Feast pate (3 cans = $2.00). The main ingredient of the chicken is chicken, the salmon is salmon, the turkey is turkey. And so on. Read the ingredients. Anything that's "with gravy" is garbage. Don't do it. * If you have to give your cat a bath, use cat shampoo. Not dish soap, not human shampoo, just cat (or kitten) shampoo. Other stuff is not made for it & is very bad for their skin. * If you're having trouble getting kitty started on using the litter box, spray some glass cleaner with ammonia in there (just one spray is fine). Kitty will get the idea. * If your cat is a boy cat, when they start to get older they will spray urine on things to make their territory. I think this starts at about 6 to 9 months. If you don't want your cat to spray, you need to get them fixed BEFORE they start spraying. Once they start spraying, they will keep doing it for life even if you get them fixed afterwards. * Get your kitty vaccinated. Your vet can tell you about this and when to do it. FIV (feline immunovirus) is contagious & other things. Protect kitty. * Familiarize yourself with things that are poisonous to cats. https://www.hillspet.com/cat-care/nutrition-feeding/toxic-foods-for-cats Don't ever let your cat around lilies (the type of flower). Very lethal to cats, even short term exposure. * Cats are obligate carnivores, they have to eat meat. It's cool if you're vegan or vegetarian. Your cat isn't. Nothing anyone ever says or does will ever change this. Making your cat "vegetarian" is abuse. Full stop. * If your cat gets a flea problem but is too young for flea medicine (ask the vet), you can get a "flea comb" that will let you comb the fleas out of their fur. Light a candle and drop fleas into the melted wax. Fleas gone. * Little kitties like to follow you around, be involved, be underfoot. Watch out for them. Let your friends know you have a cat & to be careful where they step, or when they close doors (I actually closed a door on one of my cats once. It was ok but scared us both & I felt terrible). Cat proof your house, look at it from a cat's perspective. You may not ever have looked at the underside of your kitchen cabinets from the floor, there might be a gap under there that looks like a fun adventure for kitty. Next thing you know kitty's trapped in the wall, or just gone. Look at your house from their eye-level, and find hazards to be fixed. They'll crawl inside washing machines, or car engines if they're warm. They'll get inside machines with moving parts. Keep an eye on kitty so you know where they are. Congratulations cat-dad! What a cute little kitty, I'm sure you are going to be very happy together, and you're in for a lot of happiness & good times.
All good advice but I think soapy water is safer to have around a cat than a lit candle. Never leave a cat and and a lit candle alone. I had a cat once who scorched her tail. They can also knock them over.
babywillow69 :
Different cats have different personalities, especially when it comes to what scratch post they use. Regular sand litter is bad, for you for the cat and for your home. That's shit gets stinky real quick. I use pellets, that's also pretty litter. Cats need moist food to be properly hydrated. Some cats like to be up high some like places they can climb in and hide. I suggest you get them use to you grooming them. I usually touch my kittens paws a lot to get them used to me handling them. Just because cats are able to land from high up doesn't mean you can let them go instead of putting them down gently. My cats require delicate handling. Any questions feel free to DM me! I could go on forever.
Looks like this kitty likes high places.
MoonjazzCat :
You two look great together! Please give Jet the following: Patience - Jet might pee or poo outside the litter box for the first few days or weeks, and he will definitely wake you up in the middle of the night, for food, scratches, sweet nothings, and just because.. Time- please be the kind of an owner who plays with his pet(s). You don’t need to buy expensive toys. A simple box and string will do. Please, also schedule a regular cleaning of their dish, litter box, and bed. Unconditional Love and care - stay together no matter what. You’re his family now. Keep safe, you two. Kindly give Jet a nose boop from me.

hot4you11 :
Give scratches under the chin, by the ears and by the tail. Many cats don’t like full body strokes

VelvetRaynet :
Don't ever let him around lilies. Those flowers are extremely poisonous to cats.

EnvironmentalLuck515 :
My advice would be to keep the little guy indoors only. Cats live MUCH longer if they are not allowed outside.
Yes! If they like outdoor time get a harness and a leash. I will always keep my cats indoors because I've seen too many outdoor cats get taken/run over/ attacked by dogs etc.
midce :
Please indoors only. Longer healthy life for the cat. Less hunting and killing wildlife. Toys and visual activities like bird feeders keep them engaged and active. Also if you can a buddy while it is still young.

shallowdolphin :
There is a dangerous bend ahead
I was seriously going to scroll through all of the comments and tell him this if nobody else did. Surprised how far I had to go.
no_name_20 :
One thing that is very important to understand about cats is that they're still basically wild. They have not been bred like dogs have to have all these qualities like protection and obedience etc so they're independent and they know it and do not usually respond to force. You have to earn that mutual respect with cats. If you try to hold one down and force it to cuddle with you it's only going to make him want to escape and avoid you. While it is necessary to have a spray bottle with water so you can correct unwanted behaviors it's also important to find treats your cat loves and provide positive reinforcement for good behaviors. One of my things is when I call my cat to come back inside the house at night so I can go to bed, she will always come now because I give her treats for voluntarily coming inside. Patience is a must when it comes to these guys. My cat did not learn like a dog, it took MANY tries to get her to associate the good behavior with the treats but in the end it's always worth it. She was a warehouse cat and now she is a proper little lady who doesn't scratch furniture, run away from me, go potty outside the litter box, or chew on things. You should always have a wide variety of cat toys. Like I said before, they are basically wild and they NEED to exercise their instincts. They always want to hunt and it's incredibly healthy for a cat to have an outlet. Your cat needs a scratching post and he needs a fishing pole toy, a laser pointer, and a bunch of other little things like balls that have bells or crunchy sounds to entice them. They always need to scratch, I'm not sure why but it's just something they need to do. If you don't get a scratching post or mat then they will use your carper and furniture. Again, reinforce good behavior by giving him treats for using the scratching post at first so he knows that's a good thing. I could go on forever so I'll just wrap this up and you can ask me anything you would like and I'll be more than happy to answer. Learn how to read their body language. The best way to a cat's heart is when they know they can communicate with you. If he wants to cuddle, cuddle. If he walks away from you, give him privacy (side note, always have a secluded place for your cat to hide when he wants to be alone. They love this. I have a box in my closet hidden behind a hoodie I have hanging up). If your cat is trying to lead you somewhere, often by walking in front of you trying to herd you, follow him. Cats just want to be understood and they are the best companions in the world when you reach that level of mutual respect.

TheOriginalSamBell :
Love him forever

calimynx :
One thing I did with my cat when she was young was get her used to me touching her paws. Made it so much easier now to be able to trim her nails!

Onlykitten :
You have sooo much good advice here! I would only add a nice water fountain (bc cats don’t drink a lot of water)- there is one online with a flower in the center that I find works great, is quiet and doesn’t cost a lot. Depending on your cats love of treats (I personally like feline greenies) you can easily clicker train your boy to come, sit, give a high five, etc..all you need are some treats, a clicker and a chopstick or a pen or pencil to start. Comes in handy if he were to ever get out and is food motivated, you can click and he should come right back. I have one cat who loves the clicker and rewards and now comes when called just by the clicker if he accidentally gets outside (he was rescued as well and still has wanderlust for the outdoors). Jet is a cutie and you both are adorable! Edit: typo

Neat-yeeter :
Teach him early that your hands aren’t toys. Handle him *a lot.* Clip his front claws - actually clip only one every day, so you can handle his feet daily. Do not be alarmed when you find claws on the floor - many non-cat-owners don’t know that cats shed their claws. Feed him at least *some* wet food. If he ever needs medication, it’s much easier to mix it into wet food than force it down his throat as is. You want him accustomed to the wet stuff when he is young so he won’t refuse it later on. Still no guarantee but worth trying. When traveling in a vehicle, use a proper pet carrier and attach it to the seat with a seatbelt. A cat that rides freely is a cat that can either be crushed to death by an airbag or thrown through the windshield. Do not let him outside unattended. This is how cats go missing forever. Other than barn cats and ferals in monitored communities, I 100% oppose the idea of the “indoor/outdoor” cat. I was once walking my dog when a jeep sped by and struck a cat near the side of the road. I will never forget the sounds that poor animal made as it died. Domesticated cats *do not* ”need” to go outdoors. If you want them to have that experience, get a harness and leash (if you think you might do that, start training him to accept it now!) Find a reputable pet-sitter or boarding place now, before you have an emergency and have to go with whoever you can find. Preferably you want a place that’s cats only. Keep his vaccinations up to date because if you do have such an emergency, no pet boarder will accept an unvaxxed cat. Depending on your finances, consider a CareCredit card. Can be used for emergency vet situations. Can also be used for your own health/dental/vision care. Of course it’s better to have money saved for emergencies but having a card is better than nothing and could make the difference between life and death if your cat needs treatment. Use it periodically at Walgreens (pay it off each month) so it doesn’t get cancelled.

dannylopuz :
Man you look cool

CptZylerM :
No advice from me, just wanted to say that those are some dope ass pics

jackdavies :
Looks like you've got it sorted to me.

totally_k :
Find a treat he likes and use it to train him to come when you call a certain way. Works quite well with my cat. They aren’t dogs but they are more trainable than you think. Coming for a treat is really useful if he has free roam. I’m sure there are more tips for “adventure cats”. Look it up. Good luck!

Spare_Honey5488 :
Word! Cats are fun! Any expensive things you have that can easily break when they fall... Make sure they are secure 🤷... My cat likes to grab wires / strings with her mouth and just run with them... My Nintendo switch took a nice dump onto the floor with the dock and all 🤦

da_rose :
Jet is adorable! If he's going to be an outdoor cat, invest in a gps collar. Will save you lots of worry if he's been out too long and you can't find him. And as everyone else has said. Chip and neuter!! One of the most important things.

SyNiKaLiTy :
My Kitty loves to 'attack' my hair when I'm fresh out of the shower. She somehow thinks I need to clean it more. xD

engywook12 :

Dr_Legacy :
pls keep him inside your house

ZaptAurora :
Visit a rescue group for their care info and a vet.

MossyProductions :
Don’t let the cat flood an entire innocent village

cj3458 :
and quite the model I see lol

DeliriousMac :
r/thisismylifenow r/shouldercats
there it is, scrolled too long to find /r/should rcats
CountFapula102 :
Start by meowing at him/her a certain way when you feed them, another when your begin play, another when you pet them along with slow blinks. It'll make communicating much easier when you know their sounds. Regular play times a few hours before bed so they don't keep you up at night. The advice before about young leash training and nail clipping is great advice and so was the pet insurance. Cats learn by watching so show them how to do stuff and let them smell stuff while you're using it. They love being part of whatever you're doing so it'll bring you closer. Always remember to blink very slowly at them when they're staring at you, it's a reaffirmation of friendship and shows trust. Try not to overstimulate when you pet them it's easy to do.

Veni_Vidi_Legi :
Avoid Lillies, they can be poisonous. Also Tylenol (acetaminophen) is poisonous.
Yes. There are lists online about what people things are not good for cats. They can chew on houseplants too and a lot of them are poisonous to them.
Spell6421 :
did you take a photoshoot with your cat lol, I love it. Once you do all the technical stuff (get him fixed, get equipment) I would say I have a few pieces of advice 1. Touch him often and regularly all over. Since he's young and not threatened by you if you get him used to touching everywhere you will open the path to belly rubs later in his life! 2. touch his paws regularly and start clipping his nails young, same reason as earlier. If you wait until they're older they won't let you cut their nails easily and eventually they're claws will get so long they get stuck in random things 3. Brush him regularly same reason again, brushing makes them infinitely softer and look so much nicer, but if you let them get older before doing it they won't like it. 4. be ready to play C O N S T A N T L Y. They never run out of energy. They can play for hours and hours on end. Interactive toys can help but in the end the best thing you can do for them is play. A string on a stick was one of the most effective toys for me. 5. As they get older \~6 month range they start eating like crazy and you might be concerned. In fact it might look like they're putting on weight, but don't worry about that. Obviously down overfeed, you can research their proper amount of food online, but don't underfeed because they need to grow. hope that helps!

[deleted] :
The single best thing I did for my cats' health was to measure feed them wet food. The shittiest wet food is better than the best dry food

eastbaybruja :
Give that cat love, followed by play time, followed by snack, nap, and then more love. And then another nap…

yotsukitty :
The first step of properly devoting yourself to your new feline deity is to provide cat treats (in moderation, my cats love bonito flakes) and gentle scritches, with the addition of comfortable cat furniture for them to ignore and toys to enrich their environment. Jokes aside, get the lil baby fixed and enjoy your new buddy :)

3veryonepasses :
You can teach them tricks if you reward them, and if they’re aggressive, just say “ouch!” To indicate that they’re hurting you, they know when to stop once you’ve done that

Cakelurker :
As others have said. Play with feet and tummy while they are on its back. Get used to your touching them so you can cut nails and stuff with less hassle. Quality food, don't be cheap like we do for ourselves sometimes. Good food makes for a good coat of fur and good poop and good in general. Just really don't feed them poorly. Food and litter away from one another. If possible a companion is huge!!

MightyMinster20 :
Good food, scratching posts, change litter often, take to Vet to get fixed and checkups, toys, lots of rubs and a lot of love.

CrudelyAnimated :
Be careful of dangerous bends ahead.

songlian9 :
Only thought I would add... Keep the food and water in separate spots. We have ours about 5-6 feet away from each other. You don't want them to be intertwined in their brains. That way, if they aren't feeling well and don't want to eat food, at least they will still drink water. If they associate water with food, then they won't drink either and that's serious.

Azerafael :
Don't declaw him/her. Just get/use one of those kitty nail clippers from a pet store. If kitty litter is too expensive, try using paper from the office shredder. Offices usually just throw them away anyway. Bathe him/her regularly and use anti tick/lice shampoo every now and then. I found out the hard way how painful a tick infestation is. As for toys, I burned $100s on toys and in the end, my cats just loved a cheap piece of string more 😂

bringmethehoraisen :
Don’t ever spend money on actual toys, they’re dicks and don’t appreciate it. Boxes, plastic and bottle caps always do the trick

bye_Nillu :
Play with him every day, when you do that he releases his built up energy on the toy instead of your feet/hands/ankles etc etc. Get a scratching post and a cat tree, cats like to have a place high up where they can go if they need peace and quiet, not to mention that they like to watch over "their kingdom." Never use a spray bottle to punish him, a firm no and removing him from whatever he's doing wrong is the right way to do it. Also, watch out for toys with small parts or feathers! Cats can easily remove them if not supervised and swallow the loose parts. Keep an eye on him so that you'll learn from a very early age his behaviour, that way you know if something's wrong and go to the vet with him.

relizsam :
well you already got the initiation complete (place kitten on head) so you're doing great. a natural!

adampsyreal :
Keep doing what you are doing. It seems to like you.

perksofhalesx :
Both you and your cat are adorable

Just4webkinzzz :
You guys are both so cute!

SnorfOfWallStreet :
Tale care of him/her forever. I lost my best kitty pal some years ago and had to re-home him. Biggest regret of my life. Still cry about it weekly. Remember they pick you not the other way around. This is a 20 year commitment. I miss my buddy every day.

gentlevision :
Oh hi Jet! I became a kitty companion the first time last year after being around big dogs my whole life so here’s me few bits of advice/wisdom: -they will only love you when they want to -they will most of the time not listen to you and there are few ways to train cats, if any, rather you need to work around them. -make sure they always have water and drink a lot, dehydration is something that comes with a whole lot of future health issues -dental treats for sure -automatic feeders are LIFE and they love the stability and predictability of food (we have the iseebiz model) plus you can stay out after work, or just not really worry if they’re being fed really -some cats are meant for outdoor time, others aren’t. (Also not sure where you live but we deal with coyotes near me) -buckle up for some scratches on your arms/legs for a little until they learn (if they learn lol, my cat still swats at me but no scratches thankfully)