CMV: I'm reluctant to get an electric car because it doesn't feel safe for a woman to stay at a rest stop for 40 minutes to recharge the battery

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iamintheforest :
You can only get gas at a gas station. You can charge you car at stores, restaurants and an airbnb with an outlet. You can also use your own home. hours spent at gas stations should go WAY down with an electric car. Even if you isolate to "longer-than-range" drives where you don't charge at home (no reason a near-home gas station is safer, but I can imagine it might feel that way) you have greater options to avoid gas stations with an electric car.
!delta - it's only partly changed my view because air bnbs are a nightmare for women too. but it's a good point.
nighttimecharlie :
As a petite woman myself who enjoys long road trips.... just literally park your car, let it charge and go about your life. Whether you want to sit inside the locked car or go inside a restaurant while you wait. I don't know where you live, but life isn't as dangerous as your anxiety is making you think. Be aware, take normal precautions, but you cannot live your life afraid of everything. Driving a car is inherently more dangerous than charging a car, or filling up gas.
Definitely depends on the country. In my country I can’t even imagine getting out of my car alone at night for 10 minutes, it’s terrifying
Priddee :
You charge it every time you're home. You will leave every time with a full charge. How often do you drive 400+ miles in one trip? If you do long trips like that it is advisable to rent a car anyway. Also for someone with a deep fear of being alone in the middle of nowhere for any amount of time longer than 30 minutes, why in the world do you like to drive across the country alone?
What EV gets 400+ miles range? Your wording suggests that is one full charge, which I do not think any EV gets to.
Ansuz07 :
It really depends on how _much_ cross country driving you do. For most of us, almost all of our driving is done around our cities/homes - you just charge your car at night, in you garage, and it is good to go for the next day. No increase in danger. While I don't know _what_ car you are looking at getting, Tesla did announce their [new V3 Supercharging]( standard in March. V3 charging will get your car to a 50% charge in about 15 minutes, which isn't _that_ much more time than a normal gas station stop. You might need to stop twice as often, but the stops themselves aren't that much longer. You would probably need to plan your route around these stations, but that doesn't have to to much with safety.

Llamamama9765 :
As a fellow petite woman who owns an electric car, here are some suggestions: 1) There are many electric car options that cost much less than $80k. I have a Nissan Leaf, which you can buy new for barely $30k (and the price goes down from there with various tax credits and incentives). I love my car, but it doesn't scream "I'm rich and have a luxury vehicle that you should try to steal!" 2) I can fully charge my car overnight with a standard cord and electric outlet. If you invest a little money, you can get a fast charging setup in your home and charge it much faster than that. In a standard day of driving (including a long commute), I almost never need to charge it during the day. 3) When I do road trips, I rent a gas powered car - you could do that, too. 4) If you wanted or needed to keep using your electric car, you can map out your trip ahead of time using a map like this (just one example): If you look carefully, you'll notice that most of these stations aren't at rest stops. I've charged my car at Walmarts, Whole Foods, and state parks - and often gone grocery shopping or on a short hike while I waited. With the kinds of worries you're describing, you might actually feel safer with this than with going to a gas station. 5) If you plan your route in advance you can probably avoid having to charge your car anywhere you'd feel unsafe. Otherwise, you could take an Uber or a Lyft to somewhere where you did feel ok to wait - maybe a restaurant or a store you'd enjoy browsing. Unlike with gas cars, you don't need to be in or even near your electric car while it's charging. Leaving it is no less secure than any other time you'd park your car and go do something.

twojsdad :
90% of the time you’ll charge at home. For long road trips, and in particular for Tesla, superchargers are co-located with gas stations, grocery stores, shopping centers, shopping malls, etc. no need to sit around at a rest stop. You can also use route planning software to decide where and when exactly to stop. Tesla will be opening up charging to other vehicles in the future as well.

On_The_Blindside :
You can just sit in the car with it locked whilst its charging. You're not at any increased risk. Its not like a petrol car were you have to stay outside to operate the fuel nozzel you literally plug it in, press play, and off it goes.
In the United States, you don't have to operate the nozzle, except at the beginning and end of fueling.
KingKarream :
The problem isn’t even a gender rooted issue, it’s your fear that’s the issue. And like others have said, there are plenty of other places to charge your car. You can either live your life running away and hiding from problems and situations that cause you fear or you can face them head on and learn that they aren’t problems at all and just something that you’ve created out of said fear.
I'm working on the fear. But I was traumatised after a man tried to rape me while I was walking back to my car as a teenager. Ever since then, it's been a problem for me.
vitalsigns1993 :
I won’t argue that there is a risk, and I won’t argue that as a man, I can’t understand how women feel in situations that can make them vulnerable. Although I will argue that the chances of anything bad happening are still incredibly small and that a bit of planning on your part can drastically reduce that. If you’re planning on charging in the most destitute neighbourhood around, then maybe you could rethink that. Most supermarkets, shopping centres etc have charging points. With a bit of forward planning, even on long trips.. you can ensure you avoid anywhere you don’t want to be. That being said I think electric cars are incredibly impractical and will save you no money purely based on the premium you pay for the vehicle.. you can get a solid petrol car for 15-20k. You aren’t making savings anytime soon when you buy a 40-80k car

ellipses1 :
I’ve had a tesla for the past 5 years (model S from 2016 to 2020 and a model x, now). I’ve only used a super charger about 6 times during that period and all of them were on “vacations” where I’d stop along the route to charge. The super chargers were all at shopping plazas where I plugged the car in, went in to use the rest room, got a coffee or a sandwich, and took a break while the car charged. Only one of those stops was more than 20 minutes because I was “filling up” from half to 3/4 charge. If you aren’t uncomfortable going to a Starbucks by yourself, there’s no reason to be apprehensive about using super chargers. My high power wall charger cost around 750 dollars, installed. Every time we get in the car at home, we have a full charge. Every time we get home from being out, the car gets plugged in. It’s a total non-issue
Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
TheStabbyBrit :
I assure you that men do experience this kind of fear, it's just that nobody cares. Men are essentially forced to learn how to be courageous, because they are only punished otherwise. Ultimately, you should probably do what we men have to do - accept that your fear is almost certainly irrational. And I say this as someone who knows people who have been physically assaulted. Consider the following: gas stations have CCTV in case of robbery, be that fuel or convenience store items. They will typically have at least one member of staff there as well. They are also well lit as a rule. Finally, a gas station or equivalent is an obvious place for motor and foot traffic to congregate, increasing the odds of witnesses or potential aid should you find yourself in danger. All of this makes them a terrible place for an attack of opportunity, so despite how exposed they may appear, they are actually much safer than many surrounding areas.

I'm not sure who has been telling you that men don't have safety concerns when sat in a $80k vehicle in the middle of nowhere while it charges.

abqguardian :
If you're that worried at being at a rest stop/gas station, you're being a bit paranoid. Preemptively saying "you wouldn't understand" doesn't change that. Be smart (like everyone else) and you'll be fine with an electric car. I.e. don't go to a crappy part of town, don't charge your car in public late at night, etc.

Babou_FoxEarAHole :
First off… men do know what it’s like. Men are the primary victims of almost all crimes. You think rest stops are more dangerous than gas stations? I would venture to say more crime happens at gas stations than charging stations or rest stops… regardless of the amount of time you are there. On top of that… how many times do you drive cross county’s An alternative would be to get a hybrid, runs on cells and gas.
I'll go one step further. OP should look into a plug-in hybrid. That way you get the EV experience in town and have the ICE to fall back on for long trips.
stockywocket :
Placing the risk in context to the rest of the risks in your life might help. Yes--being a woman comes with increased danger in many circumstances. But everyone faces danger. Traveling in a car itself is one of the more dangerous things you can do--in fact I'd wager it is significantly more dangerous than the risk of someone harming or carjacking you while you charge--but you have become comfortable with that risk. It's not good to let fear rule your life too much.

Honestly usually I'm up to being a devil's advocate but don't do shit you don't feel safe doing, even if a bunch of redditors try to convince you otherwise. Don't let your boundaries get pushed. Maybe I'm biased because I follow a lot of true crime
Same. I know guys who have Teslas who keep a bat in the car.
Wubbawubbawub :
How likely is it that you need to do this often? Lots of people could get one of the electric charging poles at home. So you can charge over night. Then when you leave in the morning you should have most of the action radius available. So do you drive that much in a day that it would become a problem?

agent_sphalerite :
If it helps KIA/ Hyundai E-GMP platform offers some interesting numbers. The KIA EV-6 claims Choice of multiple zero-emissions powertrain configurations; over 510 kilometers from a single charge • 800V ultra-fast charging from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes; 100 kilometers in less than 4.5 minutes Source:
Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
snootsnootsnootsnoot :
> I know eventually I'll have to because they won't make gas cars anymore If people stop making gas cars, then everyone else will have to get an electric car too. All women will be in the same position as you. There will probably be much less sketchy places to charge your car than a gas station where so many people are coming and going. I see how it could feel unsafe for a woman to sit in an expensive car in the middle of nowhere. But if everyone's in the same boat in the future, you're not going to stand out when you do this, unless you're choosing an especially expensive car for some reason.

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Megabyte7637 :
Mm, that's possible never thought about that as a guy. Just get a charger installed at your house & charge it full at night, you shouldn't have to go more than 200 miles in a day unless you're traveling out of state daily.
Thank you. Some guys I've spoken to about it just dismissed my concerns.
ChronoFish :
It's weird that so many commenters are trying to change your mind about how you feel about safety vs how you feel about the safety of electric cars during charging. The bottom line as has been mentioned multiple times: 1. You typically charge where you sleep (and during errands you'd already be doing regardless of the electric car). Level of danger is unchanged in those locations, and need to be waiting at a gas station or charging area at all will be less. 2. Charging stations will be continuously improved and today's 30 min charge will be tomorrows 15 minute charge, and soon this will be halved again. 3. You may want to consider other safety features such as a sentry guard that Tesla has as part of your decision making

The_Virus_Of_Life :
The amount of times I get chatted up when filling petrol I actually understand your point of view
Thank you! And even more so if you're driving a nice car. Guys will find any reason to initiate contact.
greenlady1 :
My husband and I have a Tesla and have road tripped from Atlanta to different places in Florida. None of the charging stations that we stopped at were at remote, desolate locations. They were at malls, shopping centers, one was at a really busy rest stop/gas station, etc. The nice thing with the Tesla is that you can see in advance where the charging stations are that you'll need to stop during your drive, so you can research what's there before you go. I can't say that this is the case for all charging stations, and as a woman I certainly understand where you're coming from, but I don't think it's as unsafe as you think it is.

That is very close to no longer being an issue:

Nonomomomo2 :
Charge at home?

[deleted] :
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Animedjinn :
Fyi 80k is way too expensive. My 3 year lease cost $7,000

nightman008 :
There’s a lot to unpack here. First off, $80k car? Where’d you get that idea? Most electric cars at this point are at least semi-affordable, between 30-50k, and few cost as much as 80k. Also, 40 minutes to recharge the battery? That is not necessary in almost any circumstance. At a Tesla supercharger, the widest available and most robust charging network at the moment, you’ll rarely ever need to charge for more than 15-25 minutes. Not sure where you heard 40 minutes but at *most* you’ll be there for something around ~20, and even then that’s almost exclusively for road trips. One of the best and most overlooked aspects of electric cars are their ability to charge at home and start every day with 90-100% battery. Could you say the same about your gas vehicle? With an ICE you’ll most likely have to drive around, looking for a gas station, park your car there, enter your info and sit there for 5-10 minutes. What most people do with their electric vehicle is park it at their house/apartment/parking spot and charge it as much as they want every night without ever needing to find a charger. Obviously this may not be true for everyone, but this is a huge benefit for electric cars that is often overlooked. If for some reason this isn’t possible for you, I might recommend looking into a hybrid vehicle. You did say that you like to road trip fairly often, and with that in mind the best and more robust charging network would be Tesla’s supercharger network. With a Tesla you have the option to charge at any EV charging station you wish, but the same cannot be said for non-Tesla vehicles. The supercharger network is limited to solely Tesla vehicles (at least for the time being). I’m not sure what your price range is, but you can get a Long Range Model 3 for ~50k, which might sound like a lot but you get up to 350 miles with 1 full charge and you’ll have insane gas savings after only a couple years and a couple road trips. Electric charging is generally 1/3-1/4 the price per mile that it would’ve cost in gas. If your *only* concern is staying at a charging station too long, then yes you may have to say an extra 5-10 minutes in the rare cases that you’re on a long road trip and need to go in excess of 400-500 miles in a single day, but in every other situation an EV will fulfill any need you might have. Not to mention how indescribably nice it is to have the free included autopilot doing most of your driving on road trips. I could probably describe this in detail a bit more, but most of your concerns are way overblown and it won’t be anywhere near as bad as you might think it is. Don’t let this one aspect deter your from a more eco-friendly vehicle.

TomSwirly :
> it doesn't seem sensible for a petite woman to be sat in a $80k vehicle in the middle of nowhere while it charges. (If the price is an issue, why not buy a much cheaper car? Why does the price of the car really enter into it at all? But that's an aside.) You've organized your life entirely around having a car and being a car driver and being able to do this one specific activity of "driving across the country" over and over again, and almost immediately ("waiting a few years for a better charging network" is clearly not on the cards from your other answers). So you have set your conditions so tightly that no other solution is possible. To change your view, you must give up some of this almost unlimited freedom and flexibility. Whether you will do that or not depends on whether you value your freedom to consume over the future of our biosphere. ---- This is a big picture decision that people make every day. People theoretically sorta kinda don't want the climate to be devastated, a million species extinguished, most of the tropics uninhabitable by humans, wide-spread decade-long droughts and devastating storms and wildfires and heat waves that scour the land, and all this dreary, boring stuff. No one wants that!, but avoiding these awkwardnesses is a very distinct secondary goal compared being allowed to _consume as much as one has the money to do so._ Everyone's willing to pay a few cents more for a product with a green sticker on the label, but to avoid necrotizing the world's ecosystem would require people in developed countries to give up the majority of our consumption, to live more modestly and frugally to at least mitigate the incredible debt we have rung up for our children and their children all the way down the generations by devastating the world's environment and its climate. Clearly our institutions are not stepping up to the plate. Waiting for those "100 corporations" to act will see us all dead of old age. Individuals must lead by example. And if that example leads to nothing, well, we at least mitigated _our own_ guilt in this clusterfuck of unbelievable proportions. (Since everyone asks at this point, my wife and I have no kids, a plant-based diet, haven't flown in years, haven't ordered from Amazon in years! I have never owned an internal combustion engine of any type and go everywhere by bike or if it's too far, public transportation. And I have a rich and to me luxurious life - I'm looking out at birds flying over a canal as I write this. None of this should make a difference to my argument.)

rocketjump65 :
Typically these 40 minute car chargers are like at restaurants or Whole Foods where you leave it charging while you do a little shopping or eating to pass the time. Unless you're equally scared of doing errands for the few minutes you egress and then re enter your car, I don't exactly see what the concern is. As another guy said, it's safer simply by not having to refuel at gas stations as often. Gas stations are pretty sketchy places.

Pookieb13 :
I find when on long road trips and having to stop in the middle of the night that casinos are typically the safest and cleanest rest stops. I don’t gamble, but I would grab a bit to eat, hit the bathroom, and by then I’m guessing your car would be charged. There’s security everywhere and typically free decent coffee or caffeine beverage too! Edit: spelling
!delta that's a good suggestion. thank you.
Thatoneguy13130 :
This isn't going to be a thing, this is a temporary problem, there will be a fix. You can't design a new car and then make people wait for an hour at gas stations. Science and engineering will solve this problem, it's temporary.

Justryan95 :
The whole point of electric is that you never need to go to supercharger or a charge station. You're supposed to charge the vehicle overnight and it would have 300-400 miles on it. Even if you forgot it for a few days it's very unlikely you would drain all 300+ miles off the vehicle. If you don't have the infrastructure like a charge station at your resident then electric cars aren't really being targeted to you to buy. The only reason you would have to charge your vehicle out of your residence is for long road trips which you most likely will not be a single woman doing alone. Even so charging stations are near public areas like malls that you can go to while you wait for your car to charge in an hour or so. Also you don't need to charge it all the way since it actually slows down the charge rate at higher charges so it's more time efficient to charge it to 80% which could be quicker than 40 mins.
I'm a single woman and I do long road trips alone.
bearvert222 :
You generally are not going to have that kind of charging for the kind of driving you want to do. You'll recharge at a hotel over night or maybe a restaurant or something. It's not going to be feasible to drive the kind of distances you want with only a 40 min charge if EVs ever become the majority. It simply isn't possible for battery cars to operate like gas cars at scale; gas stations serve hundreds of cars per day with a stopover of ten minutes or less. If we get to that point, more likely than not driving like you do will be changed to be a lot less common, and people will just drive less distances over all. The cost of most cars is getting prohibitive as it is. Also I second some of the commenters here. You sound like you have a lot of anxiety in general. If it's due to past trauma you may want to seek counseling.

Redribbet :
I’m pretty hearty and don’t get creeped out often but even I’ve been with a friend at a couple of gas stations in the middle of nowhere or very early / late that have made me feel creeped out. I wouldn’t ever stop at those places with a battery that needed to be recharged. I’m sure things would have been fine but that isn’t a fun feeling. I’ve never thought of this before, as a woman who also drives a lot and goes a lot of places, even international places alone. It’s a good point though. I guess the lesson would be to not recharge on a dead battery if you have an electric car?

StarSpangldBastard :
First of all you can charge in a lot of places including your home. You don't need to go to a gas station. Second you can have more than one battery charged up in case one runs out and you need to replace it but how often do you drive far enough for that to be necessary anyway? And three, you really seem to have an irrational fear of the world. Some gas stations are kind of sketchy at night I guess, but dangerous at all times? Absolutely not. There's a difference between necessary caution and flat out danger

Z7-852 :
Quick charge can only take 20 minutes (half what you claim) and you can do this in many populated locations. You don't have to be "in middle of nowhere". It requires little bit more planning but you can find some nice venues with EV quick chargers like restaurants, museums or malls.

sometimeswriter32 :
It's not like muscles or height would protect a man from a gun. Since women live longer than men on average, I have to question whether your premise that you shouldn't be sitting in vehicle because you are female makes much sense.

caffeineculprit :
I can absolutely relate. I once had to sit for 2 hours at a charging station in an industrial park at night. Yes it shouldn't take that long but idk, I was only borrowing the car thank god

xmuskorx :
Charge at home. How often do you drive cross country? For those occasions rent a gas car.
Why on Earth would OP buy a car that would require them to rent a different car? We're not talking about borrowing a buddy's truck to move, you're talking about adding on a fairly significant amount of money to any trip in order to rent a car.
[deleted] :

throwawayformydog420 :
Easy solution. Concealed carry if you are that scared

drbudro :
In my gas car, when I drive 300+ miles in a day without going home, I rarely feel like sitting in my car for another 20 minutes when I take a break. With a gas car I have to stand outside to actually fuel the vehicle...I can't wait in the car (due to spark risks) and I can't go inside the convenience store/rest stop and leave the fueling car unattended. If I'm just commuting back and forth under 400 miles a day, I still have to leave my house and go to a gas station to fill up my vehicle. An electric car would mean I never have to "fuel up" if I'm doing under 400miles a would just be ready to go every morning. On road trips I could plan my route to stop at safe areas with something to do (like malls, tourist areas, restaurants) to charge up while taking a relaxing break from the road instead of asking for the keys to a gas station bathroom. As a fit man driving a $10k car, I always have my head on a swivel, keep my phone and keys on me, and lock my car when I'm on the passenger side fueling my vehicle because of the high rates of concentrated property and violent crime at gas stations. I'm pretty anxiety prone and understand your concerns, but honestly an electric car should be easing those concerns. I would love to be able to recharge my vehicle at home every night like I do with my phone, laptop, smartwatch, literally everything else in my life. I can't imagine having to leave the house for heating gas or fetch water from the well, but that is how "going to the gas station" will feel in 20 years.

Roboculon :
Not a petite woman, but I also feel uncomfortable at gas stations. I hate when panhandlers approach me getting gas. I can tell you that is not an issue at Tesla chargers, for one simple reason. They cater exclusively to the upper middle class. Yes that is a classist statement, and yes rich people can do rape too, but nonetheless, everyone you run into there will absolutely be clean-cut and driving their own $50,000 car. All that to say, I DO feel uncomfortable getting gas in certain neighborhoods, and I’ve never felt a single twinge of fear at a Tesla charger.

lzc2000 :
Usually super chargers at are newer, nicer places with better lighting. And you have other well off people who are usually also charging their Tesla’s. So it’s overall much safer. You can also always rent a car if you are going for long drives out of town. This makes you save way more money and also not having to ever go to a gas station while you are driving locally. It’s a win win win.

jmadluck :
Most people from most socioeconomic classes own a gas car, including poor people who commit most violent crimes. Owning an electric car is definitely something of a luxury as of now, so you'll be much less likely to encounter people from the same groups at a Tesla supercharger than at the local gas station

randomly-generated87 :
Fun fact that I only recently learned: with a Tesla supercharger, the car can get 200 miles of range in something like 15 minutes, so only slightly longer than pumping gas. If you ever felt particularly uncomfortable, it would be easy to unplug and drive away having put on at least 50 miles of range

[deleted] :
SnackDingle :
It's weird how women always assume that background buzz of constant fear just doesn't exist for men. It certainly does for me, when alone and even with others I'm constantly doing the math on whoever or whatever, perhaps even seemingly innocuous presence is there. It's basic common sense.

Pghlaxdad :
It’s a valid concern. Have you considered a plug-in hybrid? They’re electric cars that switch to gas when the charge runs out. I have a plug-in hybrid Pacifica, and it goes roughly 30 miles before switching togas.

For longer trips I understand your concern, but for just commuting, you may never have to go to a gas station again if you charge your car at home every day

coconutsaresatan :
You have to stay outside your car when you are pumping gas. This is not the case when you are charging your car. This gives you a degree of security.

[deleted] :
Get yourself a gun! I was nearly mugged at a 76 while traveling for work and knowing how to responsibly concealed carry may have saved my life.

alanamil :
I agree, the lack of places to charge is a concern and the time it takes. I am also female so I understand the fear.

TrenchPenetrator :
With all the gas money you save you can buy and gun! Problem solved.

Even_Pomegranate_407 :
Get a gun. Problem solved. Better yet, get a taser.

[deleted] :
You could bring a gun with you for protection

reeeeelolahhhhh :
Get a gun. Other people are hell

mx1701 :
You stay locked inside your car

drabdoors :
Get a gun?

AustinPTMC :
You ask specifically about long trips. And you worry about long wait at charging stations. Here are some points to consider. Take an EV with a larger battery and highly efficient. It’s kinda obvious, but makes for less charging stops. Then chose one with a very well built, managed and extensive charging network. I mean a charging network both for travel but also for destination charging. And reliable, with all the info at hand in the car. Make yourself comfortable and chose a car that provide Information like availability (how many stalls, how many occupied, how may failed) but also amenities around it (restrooms, restaurants, hotels, malls…). And a browser with a big screen that you can you consult the site’s proposed facilities directly. And because you might now and then want to do this while driving, make it safe by choosing a car that can pay attention to the road and in fact drive safely for you, while you check those information. Also chose a car that will not make it hard to charge: just plug and charge. No time lost trying to figure out how to initiate a charge, which app to use, which payment method accepted. And then all the stress when that does not work and you need to call the operator and they start arguing that maybe it is your car that has a problem so call you dealer. I’d indeed recommend a Tesla, that will provide all of the above for a safe and uneventful charging experience. As you are concerned with safety, know that all Tesla have Sentry mode: cameras all around the car are recording. This is indeed often used after an incident happened, as proof, but I think now people now more about this and thus, maybe wishful thinking, but would be discouraged to act offensively around a Tesla. Good for you to think about going electric. Probably you know it already, but these cars are really great to drive. And if you’re concerned about the environment, that’s the way to go. Sorry about the long post, but I hope it helps change your mind. The more electric on the road, the better by my book. Wishing you already safe trips. Disclaimer: I indeed have been driving a Tesla for the last 6 years. Last tip: you can also use to plan EV road trips, to explore and plan ahead, with any EV

SanityInAnarchy :
Charging at home is probably the best part, and as these get more common, they'll get less expensive. $80 is already more than twice what a base Model 3 costs. *Most* of the Tesla superchargers are reasonably nice places to stop -- like people are saying, they tend to be actual shopping plazas and such, places you could go inside. Most of the ones I stopped at had multiple cars plugged in, too. And those cars likely have Sentry Mode enabled -- I don't know how widely known this is, but if someone was going to try to do something violent, probably not a good idea to do it next to that many cameras! There's also a surprising number of stops that are just hotel parking lots. And even when the hotel is kind of out of the way, it tends to be a decent hotel with a decent lobby that I'd definitely feel safe in. Unfortunately, I have seen stops that are closer to what you're afraid of: In the middle of nowhere in a gas station parking lot somewhere along I-80 in Nevada, for example. And I was stuck there maybe 30m. I didn't feel unsafe, because it was the middle of the day and there were plenty of people around, but it was basically just a gas station and a McDonald's and not much else. And because there are so few of these stations in the first place, you usually arrive with a pretty low battery. Charges faster that way, but it also means fewer options to just nope out of there and get to the next charger the way you might if a gas station looked sketchy enough. Hopefully that'll be less of an issue if gas really does get entirely replaced... So my advice would be to plan your route ahead of time, plan to do most of it during the day, and any night driving you have to do, plan to do it in relatively heavily-populated areas (or at least, see if your charging stops can be in relatively heavily-populated areas). Other than that, there's stuff you can do to make things safer, and you're *probably* fine, but for now the thing you're afraid of does exist.

[deleted] :
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Mare1000 :
This is not a problem of electric cars, but more a problem of skewed perceptions. The rate of crime today is more than 75% lower than it was in 90s. It's just a fact that in the last 25 years, crime rates have been dropping and the US is a safer place than it was. Yet at the same time, people seem to believe that the crime is actually going up. The reasons could be complex, from sensational media to the social upbringing with stranger danger and amber alerts. Whatever it is, it makes people believe that there is a lot of crime and danger when in fact the situation has been continuously improving for the past 3 decades. The solution is not to avoid electric cars, but to recognize that you might have a fear which is not consistent with reality and try to work to get rid of this perception of danger, so that it does not dictate your life decisions.

ThisGuyHasABigChode :
These threads always kind of irk me because they seem to completely ignore the possibility of male victimhood. Does it ever occur to women that men might also be afraid to be alone in unfamiliar places? I know I am. The root of the problem here, is fear, not electric vehicles. If you actually live somewhere unsafe, then the fears may be totally warranted. You can charge the car at home if you don't feel safe in public. But, most electric charging stations I've seen have been in open, public, safe places. The fear here doesn't seem totally justified. My advice is to make yourself feel safe. I don't live in fear, but when I leave my house, I bring my flashlight, pepper spray, and pocket knife with me. The knife and flashlight are extremely useful outside of self defense as well, but all those items bring me peace of mind. They bring me peace of mind, as a man, who doesn't want to be a victim.

[deleted] :
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wandering_godzilla :
If I am not doing road trips, I exclusively charge at home or sometimes at work. I haven't had to go to a charging station in months. On long road trips, I usually charge during the day at Tesla Superchargers, which are in relatively public locations (hotels, restaurants, etc.). I have done road trips through secluded national parks, etc. I think it's not as easy at going to the gas station at any hour of the day or night, but with a little bit of awareness, it's not that hard either. I love my Tesla. It's an awesome car. Every time I get into even a luxury gas powered car, it feels like a downgrade now.

ScroogieMcduckie :
You think men are perfectly fine pumping gas at 12 am in the middle of nowhere? Everyone is a bit aware, nobody is bullet proof. Doesn't help that men are the primary victim of almost every violent crime. Get a gun and go see a therapist. An electric care is the least of your problems. Also 80k is a bit nuts. Those are only for high end Teslas. Get a 50k Model 3 and you'll be fine. You can charge at home or very public spaces like a restaurant or mall.

fluffagus :
Most people charge at home so this is a completely baseless fear but that's okay because it's important that women do consider their own safety. I've owned an EV for 3 years and charged at a charging station around 10 times. Every other time I just charge from home. They're actually SAFER than an ICE vehicle because normally you have to go to a gas station every week or every few weeks. I've used charging stations around 3 times a YEAR. If you're still worried then just sit in your car with the doors locked and read a book.

fourleafclover13 :
You will be mostly charging at home. When sitting charging to get mind off things we just turn on Netflix and wait. Though I can say even filling up from less than half charge it only took 15 to 20 minutes which isn't bad. It is possible to find place to charge near shopping centers so she can go window shopping while waiting. I also want to say everyone has those fears. Some just ignore them better or pretend they don't.

a3roflow :
Tesla owner here, unless you're driving literally all the time, the only time you'll ever charge at the station is on long road trips, you can plug into any external outlet like you would for a phone, and can still charge your car. Buying a Tesla was the best thing I've ever done. It's saved me tons of money in many ways, and it's fast and slick as hell.

flowers4u :
Most people I know who have them just go about their daily lives. So if they need to go to target they will plug it in while they shop, go shop, and by the time they come out it’s done. Also you can get a plug installed at your house. Never going to a gas station again would be way safer for a woman

[deleted] :

[deleted] :
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ThePinkPepper :
Wait inside the car and lock your doors? also i saw this article but its probably still not implemented..

[deleted] :
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teksmex :
American gas stations are uniquely dangerous. The consequence of stupidly allowing an uneducated populace to own guns.

CoachErwinRommel :
It's truly saddening that women in third world countries have to have these kinds of fears.

theguccinator :
I don’t want to get an electric because I just found out it takes 40 minutes to recharge

[deleted] :
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[deleted] :

[deleted] :

-verm- :
Get an electric car and a pistol. Problem solved.

Boonaki :
You get get a gun, training, and a CCW.

PhatboiSlim419 :
Stash a gun in the glove box.

RagingWillyz :
Get a concealed carry permit

Juggernaught122 :
Nut up and get a gun.

Lumpy_Emotion_2579 :
You could buy a gun.

[deleted] :
Buy a gun idk

Qrow__ :
Carry a gun.

Sir_Drinks_Alot22 :
Carry a gun.

[deleted] :
get a gun.

DanTheMan75228 :
Get a gun.

Capt-Rowdy901 :
Get a gun?

Joeybear696969 :
Buy a gun

lincoln_did_it :

Ballistic_86 :
Several factors go into this argument, I’ll try to address them in the same way I had them myself. Range- All EVs have enough range to cover a typical day of driving. The average is 30 miles per day, most EVs tout hundreds of miles. As long as an EV can regain the amount of miles you drive each day, there is no need to use a public charging station. Charging Locations- Thinking of EVs as traditional cars is the mistake we make right now. It’s hard to change the way we think about cars. But if you thought of an EV more along the lines of your cellphone, it makes more sense. You charge your phone overnight, use it throughout the day, and plug it back it for use the next day. Your EV is the exact same. You will charge you car in your garage/parking spot, use it for your daily driving needs and plug it back in when you get home. Charging is getting faster and faster as well. DC charging will become standard on more and more EVs. In the unlikely scenario where you need more than 300 miles of travel in a day, most chargers will be quick. I imagine a lot of women have the same concerns, making safe/clean charging stations along the Highway system will be a thing. Long Distance- For long distance trips, you can charge your car in any location that offers an outlet. These plug-in chargers are slow and will take a long time to charge. But if you are staying at a hotel/motel, an overnight sleep should top your right up. While the scenario OP describes might be scary, it isn’t very likely. Several years ago, locating a convenient charging station for a road trip was a bit inconvenient. But it’s 2021, there are more and more charging locations at more at more accessible stops. When will I switch to EV- By the time anyone HAS to get an EV, the infrastructure will be in a much more accessible state. That 20 minute charging stop would be an emergency situation and not the normal. Everyone would have a charger in their home, there will be EV charging stations at every public location. There will be so many places to plug in your EV while you are doing something else you already do with your gas car, you just won’t think about it. Your car will have a charging account, login into the charger with some handshake technology and you could charge your vehicle anywhere on a single bill. There are many YouTube videos to check out going over these exact issues. Make sure you check out one from the last 2 years or so, an evolving technology rapidly changes. Something from 2018 or later might have outdated information and only scare you further.

MuaddibMcFly :
Quick question for you, to put things into perspective. How many miles do you drive in a day? Before the pandemic, before I started busing to work, I was averaging a way-larger-than-average 50 miles a day, and spending about 10-13 hours a day at home (including sleeping time). Assuming I didn't have anywhere to charge while I was at work, assuming I never had anywhere to charge while out on errands (the local mall has charging stations, as do many larger stores or pharmacies), I could still *easily* have kept my car topped up at home, even with a standard wall outlet. A standard 120v15a wall outlet puts out 1.8kW of power per hour. At 10 hours a day plugged in, that's 18kWh. Basically all modern EVs use about 300Wh of electricity per mile, give or take. That's 6 miles of range per hour. At 10 hours of charging (e.g., 9pm to 7am) that translates to 60 miles of range per day. 60 miles of range *per day* just from a standard outlet, *every day,* between when I was winding down for bed and when I left for work. If you get home around 7 pm and leave for work around 7 am, that's *12* hours, which gives you *72* hours of range per day *minimum.* Even in winter driving conditions, that's *no less than* 30 miles of range *every day.* If you have access to a good Level 2 Charger (240v40a), you can get on the order of 30 miles of charging *per hour.* In other words, it's *quite possible* that outside of roadtrips, you will *never* need to charge anywhere but the comfort of your own home. How's that for safety?

TommyTuttle :
I generally don’t charge away from home except at planned stops. Lunch, shopping, and so on. The fact is, owning an electric car means you charge it at home. That’s it. I get home and I plug my car in and it’s full when I leave. Do you really lay down 200+ miles in a day? No. No, you don’t. If you’ve got a shit ton of errands all over town you might go 85 miles and still have half a battery left if you bought a long range car. You never need to fill up away from home. Practically never. Measure how many miles you go in a long day of running all over the place. Buy an electric car with at least double that range. If you really do go 300 miles a day, fine, get a plug in hybrid. I still have an old 2012 Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid. It goes 30 miles on its battery, then switches to a gasoline engine and runs the same way a Prius does. I often don’t start the engine at all in a day but I could drive it from here to Kansas on a whim with zero planning and no worrying about charging it. Plug-ins are now available in all sizes, in SUVs and Minivans and what have you. If you absolutely must have internal combustion you can still get your first thirty miles free. All told I’m averaging 60mpg in my volt but that varies wildly with trip length. Interstate trip will be more like 40 but short trips in town will be over 100 if I use any gas at all. Charging nowhere but home.

duane11583 :
I own an ev and a gas car I would never suggest an ev for you an EV is good for 2nd car not only provided other is gas and EV is not for long distance (Tesla maybe I do not have $80k) Ev is great for groceries kids golf store movies mall etc bad for any long trip A) fast charge is very slow if battery is hot and it will be after a long drive B) fast charge locations are hit and miss blink chargers are always broken then what? often you wait hours for a level2 to finish where do you go pee while you wait? Look at the apps why do you think the app lists last time station was used there is a reason for that detail C) often dead car stuck in parking spot or if you go walk while you wait for a spot some body jumps in front of you or the machine is broken or asshole Karen or ken is parked in charge spot Cops will not tow nor will charging company what are you going to do wait 3hrs for tow truck to arrive?you have things to do D) if we go distance we go by gas if we go around town (1 to 1.5 hr round trip or 100 to 125 miles) we are good in the EV any thing more we use gas But I would never ever recommend EV for you