Cursed Split up

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Kaze_Senshi :
Fred: Scooby, you go with Daphne while I buy some cigarettes. Scooby-Doo: I don't wanna... Fred: here are Some Scooby-snacks! Scooby-Dad: Thanks, Fred!
Sooo you saying Scooby is now a Setp-dad huh? *That'll be INTERESTING* to say the least
TronGaming24 :
If you think about it Fred and Daphne always go to the bedrooms and the rest of the gang explores the other rooms.
They clearly know it's just some other asshat in a mask and not a real ghost...they're just enjoying their time until Velma figures it out.
Accurate_Strain8748 :
Fred: Daphine and I will search the bedroom
Fred: Oh no! Daphne fell down the stairs 4 times!
PeteyEssdy :
Fred: "but I'm using the back door"
Shaggy: I can explain
PotatoPheelz :
This time, forever.

SSJSempai :
Man rising got the best shit today

I_dont_like_sand__ :
Pls tell me this edited, pls tell me this is edited
They did *a little* edit, here's the original clip....
CrowbarOnCrow :
MMMMM scooby snacks

Tudopodemelhorar :
Shaggy, Velma and the Dog: holy shit
The dog, lmao
QuarantineSucksALot :
Shut up and take my money

Rupertii :
No one noticed the typo?
I’m gonna spilt
CnowFlake :

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Fred just casually leaves the dungeon to buy some milk.
Physical-East-7881 :
And they would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for . . .

152069 :
*rips fetus out and leaves daphne alone*
Let’s see who’s really inside that womb *yoinks umbilical cord*
far_right_sun :
The newest mystery for the gang “where’s Fred”

nerdyathlete69 :
Velma: i lost my goggles Fred: I am coming step sis

Srg_X :
“Uh oh raggy” -Scooby

AnyNamesLeftAnymore :
Oh yeah that episode where Fred & Daphne converted to Islam.

DTC247 :
Fred: Daphine and I will search my paynis

chrisbarry3 :
Roh Ro Reddy.

rawkandiroel :
Fred: Oh no gang, the ghost pushed her down some stairs!

Creepmaster69 :
Getting the real monster inside him out.

De-Animator27 :
The real mystery is how they got pregnant with both their clothes still on.

Taykoh :
Is she really pergenate ?
She could be pregánte.
Unstoppablegames :
sussy among imposgter amogn us

AlexJamesCook :
We all know Fred is the better looking one, but Shaggy has a bigger dong. Moreover, with all the drugs he's done/on, he lasts longer. Also, when he goes down on her, he subs in Scooby to lick the cooter. Which further adds to Shaggy's reputation as a lady pleaser.
Yes Officer this is the guy. Right here ^ . He talks in maths and buzzes like a fridge
duckfucker42049 :
Hey so i mist 420 karma can you guys please downvote 3 times

Snoo_12787 :
That's what happens when you play with his scooby-goo

Jelly-Filled-Donut :
Fred: lets build a trap

Relevant_Muscle_9408 :
Magic carpet indeed

Isaac_Atham :
Me and daphne takes the upstairs bedroom shaggy and welma takes the other one

Quirky_m8 :

ofnkrtffl :

scotchtape500 :
I hope this trick works. Allay go-oop

greenprimape :
I doesn't say split up...

akhan8385 :
Scooby:It wasn't me

Ok_Expert252 :
Don't think it's in yet Fred Scooby-Doo does it better

VelvetThunder11789 :
It's even better when you realize Freddie Prinze Jr(Fred) and Sarah Michelle Gellar(Daphne) are married.

TheAtomak :

ScottyfromNetworking :
Ah Classic Fred. Spotting a classic trap.

CeJota_ :
Tell me there's no rule 34 of that shit.
There is. There always has been.
Roaring_ThunderYt :
Tf is the name of this video

MemerTheRichie :
Fred likes it doggystyle. That's why Scooby's a member of the gang after all

DirtyJohnJonesReddit :
Typos take me out the joke...

redhotbos :
Velma: Daphne, I told you. You can’t get pregnant from anal.

Ebayunikitty :
Why split the gang just split her Pussy

LargeSackOfNuts :
Like zoinks we need to get the gang together to find some birth control next time

Galeonir :
É Br ? hmmmmmmmmm

happylittletrees06 :

RarBlack :
Clearly fake Fred prefers happy tapiocas 😐

HipDipShipTrip :

jack2336 :
Go into that drag tunnel *goes down Fred: rolls a massive bolder into the tunnel exit

Forward_Concert4354 :
Ruh roh

Keywork-Studios :
He split everyone up to find the father. (Hint; it’s Velma)

bruhfin_ :
Then they spend the entire episode trying to find out who got her pregnant and then it's revealed that Fred did it and his explanation is that the condom broke

A1phaRhino :
Daphne after Fred runs away - Scooby dooby doo where are you

Justgarbage123 :
If you think about it, that show is on steroids, meth, and 3 cans of mayonnaise.

Miss_cosplex :

seb_alv :
The scooby goop

heydotti :
Fred says "fuck" for real

Unknown_Xmas_tree :
More like split her up

Cosmodizzy :
Fred: Shaggy you take the girls home and I will go get the milk

KittencatBAKA :
Is this a real episode I goddamn hope it’s not

anal_juul_inhalation :
Fred and Daphne are Never-Nudes. There are dozens of them.

jeskoummk :
Makes sense why Daphne & Fred are a segment to the Jeremy Kyle Show...

H0tS4wc3 :
Like, WTF Scoob....zoinks yo!

RustyBarbwiredCactus :
But did she have chili?

mikerotchmassive :
Sike fred just has a pregnancy fetish and needs some alone time with daphne.

230581 :
But I thought daphne and Velma did that while Fred with the wrestlers doing happy tapioca (Two references in one, get them right and I’ll tell you)

Fuzz_Vegas :
Looks like every split is gonna have a doggy

AI12321 :
Lets split up gang Not spilt up gang