South Korean broadcasting network MBC used Chernobyl picture while introducing the Ukraine Olympics team.

anonxotwod :
Somalia qualified for the first time in ages and the commentator mentioned their genocidal leader from the 80s and their decades long civil war…………… is there a running theme?
apparently yes, there was a comment on r/olympics talking about how they insulted nearly everyone
M40A1 :
Also they show tacos for Mexico and riots for Haiti. Culturally South Korea just DGAF.
in fairness, tacos are one of the greatest achievements of humankind.
LightArisen :
Apparently they messed up almost every country. u/Huge_Trust_5057 posted thus list on the Olympics subreddit: Apparently they messed a lot of things up that it deserves a list. Romania-a picture from the movie dracula Ukraine-picture of chernobyl Turkey-man making ice cream And [cardi B]( Italia-[Pizza]( Norway-[salmon]( Quote from the comments: "do they just google the country and use the picture without thinking?" Japan-[sushi]( Chile-one of spain's heritage Samoa-Dwane Jhonson, Roman Reigns Dominica republic-David ortiz El salvador-bitcoin Haiti-picture of a bomb terror, also mentions their president being assasinated Palestine-wall between israel And other things they messed up.. China-talks about beijing, picture points on wuhan America-calls the capital "washington", forgets the D.C. Gabonaise-cut due to ads Indonesia-points to malasia Marshall island-calls them a "once america's nuclear testing area" Nauru-talks about their country's economic failure Timor-leste-mentions their liberation from indonesia, which is a problem because you don't mention international politics in the olympics usally Pakistan-also mentions their liberation, with the wrong date Australia-"center of Oceania", a statement that could offend some people Also they put in GDP per person and vaccinated rates in their description, which is not really relevant. And this isn't even the full list. Sadly I can't find the live footage right now and the only ones I can find online are these, so I can't provide a full list right now. (They did shortly apoljise after) As A korean, I will have to say that this isn't right and most koreans including me are confused or disgusted by this, and I hope MBC can do something about it.
As they say, once is a happenstance, twice is a coincidence but thrice is ~~an enemy action~~ either gross incompetence or a very fat trolling.
nameiam :
Russian TV showed ads instead of our introduction lmao
Wow thats... Really funny and, kinda sad in a way?
R-ten-K :
Is there any South Korea-Ukraine beef I'm not aware of?
Nah, from other comments on this thread it looks like they were just dicks to everyone
ArsCortica :
They should be grateful they didn't overlay the sound with the Bandit Theme from *Stalker*.
You serious, that would have been absolutely amazing instead!
xQuasarr :
This is the funniest I’ve seen all week ahahaha

mirceaulinic :
And [a Dracula photo for Romania](
I thought it'd be legit Vlad the impaler, not a 20th century looking dude from black and white vampire movie.
Superbuddhapunk :
Not great, not terrible.

GoGetYourKn1fe :

Hamkecccc :
LoL, imagine if they used a picture of Auschwitz to introduce Poland.

MathiasFraenkel :
Seriously did no one tell those athletes how your suppose to wear a mask for it to work?
Doubt they care.
Enjolras55 :
They also put a picture of Dracula for Romania.
Okay that one is pretty funny
FatKookie :
Did they hire the South Park football [commentators](
Do you have a non dairy creamer
Hockyal34 :

ilrasso :
Also they don't wear masks well...

bonescrusher :
They went pretty tame with my country in comparison (Romania)

NKTdebil :
they have points for originality xd

Hide303 :
For anyone curious about what Korean people think about this, here's a translation of their comments on articles about this issue: Edit: and here's their comments about MBC's apology:
That is hilarious.
anonymousneto :
That intro was explosive...

NotoriousMOT :
Wondering what they showed for Bulgaria. Did they leave us out of the roast?

Legal-Software :
It's clearly too early to discount the developmental impact of left-over radiation, given that none of them seem capable of figuring out how to wear a mask.

ArchBulkov :
I invite South Korea to visit us in Ukraine. We have a beautiful and large country. We have rivers and mountains, forests and fields. We have wonderful cities. We have many problems, but this is the path of improvement that we have to go through. We have many good architects and many talented engineers. I would like Ukraine to be known better and more than the country in which there was an accident in Chornobyl.
Whatever you say Chornobyl boy /s
kbgman7 :

Jaysong_stick :
Holy shit, this was real. I was watching on different broadcaster on time, so I didn’t know. News article (This is in Korean) They apologized for showing Chernobyl and other inappropriate information(such as why on earth would you show each countries’ vaccination rate) but everyone is throwing shit at MBC. Shame on them for not thinking straight

superfrankie189 :
wtf ? I am not from Ukraine and I am not the type of person who gets offended easily but I think this is fucked up

Limmmao :
Cue Ace Combat music

dannylenwinn :
Oh my god no way, that can not be.....

AFiveDayStorm :

darkalgae :
That is too funny lmao

gogi_once :
It's just South Koreans trolling Japan, since they only got silver in the nuclear disaster olympics, being awarded to Fukushima.