He was relying on max oxygen and prayers

D-Spornak :
I really can't believe that people are willing to DIE for this choice.
They don’t think they will die from it until they do
ogrefab :
WTF do email and covid have to do with each other? Must've already been infected when he parodied Jay-Z's bar.
It was mentioned in another thread, that tweet was right around the time of Dr. Fauci's e-mail "leaks" which the pro-disease crowd willfully misinterpreted as being "proof" of whatever it is they think these days.
Stevieeeer :
Imagine being a doctor or nurse right now and having to treat people with covid. You’d be watching people suffer or die from it when they could have stopped it. I can only imagine the trauma and bitterness and disgust that comes from having to watch more and more people get sick and die because of their own stupidity, and you’re stuck treating them…
I think about this all the time. Think about all the stress and the long hours, and the bullshit that you have to put up with normally as a nurse or a doctor. And make it exponentially worse. Your job is to comfort and treat these people who would discount all your knowledge because it doesn't align with their beliefs. They come in and they're basically like 'make me better' but will talk literally until their dying breath about how vaccines don't work and covid is a hoax. It's basically a constant slap in the face. I know that I would have an extremely difficult time treating these ungrateful, willfully ignorant people who think that you have nothing better to do with your valuable time than intubate them when they could have prevented it themselves and that you might even be part of a hoax. Just so they can go back to their lives spewing lies about vaccines, covid, science etc. That's the thanks that you get for bringing them back from the edge and putting your own life at risk to do so.
a-horse-has-no-name :
Meanwhile, I got 99 problems, but dying of COVID aint one.
I got 99 problems… and counting [and a racist message lol](https://www.reddit.com/user/txsxxphxx2/comments/oqd05h/got_a_lazy_racist_message_lol/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)
mrswilson87 :
The real pandemic is stupidity.
When I watched Zombie movies, I'd always be like, why are they walking down the streets when there are Zombies running around the place? I used to think it was poor writing. Now, I get it.
mwaaahfunny :
Stephen Harmon: Jesus, I was praying for a miracle. Where was it? Jesus: I sent you a vaccine. What more did you want?
Yep... yep... yeahhhhhh...
not_trevor :
So which one of you guys forgot to pray?
I forgot to share it to 100 friends on my facebook😞
graph_marine :
It’s sad that when faced with “intubation or death“ he chooses intubation, but when asked “vaccination or death”, he chooses death. Also ironic that he thinks intubation was his “choice”. Also ironic that these anti-vax people keep saying they don’t want the vaccine “forced down their throat”, but they are willing to have an endotracheal tube forced down their throat. It’s sad his ignorance led to his demise, but there’s a lot of comedic material in these people and their stories.
If you read through his Twitter, sadly he chose death when he could have chosen intubation. He turned down intubation during the time that it probably could have actually helped. By the time he “chose” intubation, it was already far too late for him.
Dirk_Diggler_Kojak :
Sad, but he pretty much chose his fate.

The_Flash_1011 :
I hope his relatives, friends and family members, who are anti vaxxer, Covid denier will take a note, and start taking things seriously, so that no more life's are lost to misinformation.
You would think so but I would seriously doubt it. Source: I work for a very very well respected orthopedic surgeon. He lost his step father and grandfather to COVID. Still denies efficacy and safety of masks… He’s a surgeon. *rubs eyes. Squints.*
tobias10 :
He made his choice
"He chose... poorly".
Lewca43 :
He was happy to take all the medical intervention used to try to save his life. Culling the herd.

Ok-Introduction-244 :
He isn't wrong. He had zero problems with the vax... Probably should have taken that sore arm and feeling like crap for a day, but he preferred more serious problems
And now he has zero problems at all.
Ok-Letterhead4601 :
Well he doesn’t have any problems now.

mckinney22 :
Idk about y’all but if I’m on my death bed I’m not taking the time out of my day to take selfie’s and tweet..
Fr, I got real sick once and had to be intubated and put into an induced coma I was mostly crying and trying to understand what was happening because I already was on so many drugs that I wasn't really grasping the idea that I was being put to sleep and might never come back
ginsataka :
“I got 99 problems but a vax ain’t one, HIT ME” well, he vaxed for it

[deleted] :
He just died yesterday so that's a surprisingly fast funeral.
yuxngdogmom :
It’s always hilarious to me when these Christians are like “God and my faith will protect me from covid”. God is not your magic force field, Karen. If you really knew as much about the Bible as you say you do, then you would know that God has made people suffer the consequences for their stupidity many many times and you’d be a fool to think that you’re never gonna be an exception to that.
The OT God's favorite pastime was giving people the answers they were looking for, then when they turn him down, he roasts their entire lives and the lives of everyone they love. Idk why anyone who believes in that stuff would wanna test his patience like this
NotForMeClive7787 :
I’ll never rejoice in someone losing their life but this stupidity has to stop. When will these idiots wake the fuck up?? It’s almost like natural selection being carried out before our very own eyes......
I won't rejoice, but I won't feel bad for a second.
Razir17 :
Hillsong is a cult. Every friend I’ve had that has gotten heavily into nyc hillsong has a drastic personality change in an unnatural way and suddenly all they care about is how cool their church is.

what_the_a :
You know people are brainwashed when their self preservation instincts aren’t kicking in. The arrogance is what gets me—like I might be skeptical about something but I’m still gonna err on the side of caution if it’s literally life and death. It baffles me that you could see tons of evidence to support that it’s a dangerous illness and that the vaccine is safe, and not even wanna flirt with the idea of protecting yourself because you’ve staked your whole identity on being contrarian on this topic. My super super conservative Methodist pastor grandfather is a Fox News junkie. It’s on 24/7 and he regurgitates all the talking points. But when it came to covid, something that could kill him, his own mortality knocked some sense into him and he took it seriously and got vaxxed despite what the hivemind was saying.
They think they're not the brainwashed ones too. They think everyone else is - that we're all sheep. It's opposite land for them 24/7.
asyrian88 :
Sucks to suck. Everyone knows the risks they’re running at this point. Sorry you flippantly threw your life away. That’s a waste. But hey, F science and own the libs, right?

Harmacc :
He also posted this. He was a part of the anti vax propaganda bullshit. I’m glad he won’t be spreading lies anymore. https://i.imgur.com/zgKBYDB.jpg put that hashtag on his gravestone.
he posted that from the hospital rofl
ScubaSteve145 :
Hillsong: the answer to the question what do you get when you combine mega church stupidity with general Hollywood stupidity.

Diacetyl-Morphin :
Worst thing is, that even from his case, other guys like him with that anti-vax shit will not learn, that corona is real.

Rtg327gej :
Man, I hate this shit!!! People are dying needlessly, just bc shit became political. A fucking virus became a political tool. WTF is wrong with people!!

ob123 :
Thoughts and prayers

TinyBeast23 :
He chose euthanasia.

Berna_count :
Thoughts and prayers. Too bad prayers didn't save his thoughts.

Jay2612 :
Had 99 problems. Now he has zero.

Stoked004 :
Natural selection Some people find science very hard Sadly many people are misinformed

Technical_Ostrich842 :
"Willingness vs forced" No one was forcing anyone to do anything! If he had gotten vaccinated before this, it still would've been a matter of willingness, he's literal proof that nothing was being forced on anyone.