What do we say to the God of Death?

cyberpunk3025 :
Optimus Prime on a bender
"You're under arrest for transforming under the influence"
tormunds_beard :
The truck looks like it's kinda bummed that it missed.
"Here's Truckie! Nom! Aww, nuts!"
thermidorthelobster :
Amazing reaction times, and they also kept complete control of the vehicle swerving in the rain.
My thoughts, too! I'm a professional driver, and would be forever proud for life if I could have handled it that well. That driver is an Ace.
LynnButlertronn :
Truck lookin like a chain chomp
Fuck you Mario.... missed
hungry_tiger :
Good example of always being aware when driving. Even if you're following the rules and driving safely, you can't always account for other vehicles.
I had an ex who would say things like "well if they rear end you it's their fault anyway." 1. I drive an older, paid off Corolla/Civic type car and the insurance check would not cover replacing my car. 1. Dealing with the aftermath of accidents (insurance, rental, researching and buying another car) is a black hole of time 1. Most importantly, I'd rather not be injured or dead.
LordCommanderBlack :
The young truck failed to capture its prey. It will go hungry for another day.
I just saw the family guy episode with the fire truck documentary…. The fire truck eats first, the ambulances will have to wait
WildFlowerTeaTime :
not TODDAAYYYYY Edit: My goodness... My first gold. IDK what to say! I guess this thread is just onnnnn fiyaaaaa. Damn wooden sward. Thank you! :)
Jesus fuck, Reddit! How the hell is this NOT the top comment?
DjBizwy :
Missed me, bitch!
Uncle Gus
SpikeRosered :
That has to be the most anthropomorphic I've ever seen a real vehicle. It looks liked it a living creature attacking then looking on after it's missed prey.
Like a crocodile launching itself to catch its prey on the shore
stayathmdad :
Goddamned cab came out of there like one of those Hungry Hippo toys!

MNConcerto :
To quote my husband, "That's some Final Destination crap."
Final destination scared the shit out of me from driving behind log carrying trucks. I try to avoid them while possible.
suttonsboot :
Piss off ghost!

lfg_spiritanimal :
David Attenborough needs to narrate this. "The lorry hides in the divider, waiting for it's chance to strike."

Vanson1200r :
Not only does the driver have fast reflexes he or she also kept their cool.
And the car didn’t flip! Really good handling!
travlerjoe :
T-800 coming for John Connor right there
T-1000, you mean. This reminded me of the truck jumping scene from T2.
DarthCloakedGuy :
"Not today, Satan!" ~ GrayStillPlays
"Not today, Nibs" ~Terry Jeffords
Blackmonguy :
Truck's tired of waiting for anime protagonists to carelessly cross the road. It's now on an active hunt for victims.

retroboy91 :
This guy dodged with a fucking mini van. A fucking mini van. What an absolute legend
And that guy's name is... Dominic Toretto.
SlashCo80 :
From among the bushes, the hungry truck pounces! ...but it is too slow, and the prey gets away this time.

FlipSchitz :
That truck came out like a Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Scared_Custard_1412 :
“I’m not getting Isekai’d today, Truck-kun!”

Exsces95 :
This is some national geographic shit

yor89 :
Not today Jose

Nihhrt :
If you like watching close calls like this /r/watchpeoplesurvive is a pretty interesting sub I found recently.

oldtreadhead :
Not today, Bitch!!

chase25 :
I love how the traffic lights perfectly highlighted the situation: Good to go Look to your left Ok everyone stop.

sparksthe :
T-t-t-today junior!

ledow :
Trinity: You always told me to stay off the freeway. Morpheus: Yes, that's true. Trinity: You said it was suicide. Morpheus: Then let us hope that I was wrong.

thinkfire :
Not today Satan. Not today.

oishoishoish :
Not today

Grevin56 :
Truck just tried to Nom that car.

MrsWolowitz :
Thank God for stability control

keggypooh :
Not today, Satan!

[deleted] :
"Fuuuck that this is a rental!"

XandertheGrim :
4 out of 5 hunts are unsuccessful for trucks. Looks like they’ll have to go hungry yet again.

GivingIsTheBestGift :
The guy in car deserves free insurance for a life time...

tragondin :
Not today Satan ?

dartanion :
Hungry Hungry ~~Hippos!~~ Tractors!

flarpington :
Please show this to the ‘you’re not supposed to swerve’ crowd.

meta_ironic :
I don't think I would've known what to do in that moment

Kilren :
We've been trying to reach you about your extended warranty. No? Wait. Come back!

Midas_o_Virtuoso :
Not today!

AmyHeartsYou :
"Stay in your own lane!"

livinginfutureworld :
"We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty!" "No thanks"

dudemann :
"Hey! Hi, how are ya? Okay, later!"

grz_45 :
Truck came out like a hungry hungry hippo!

abdulisbomb :
Looks like a dark souls jump scare

vshawk2 :

Alexzpl :
Not today

Sp0ticusPrim3 :
That Decepticon nearly got that commuter.

karthik_2k :
Haha not this time bish

johnmarkfoley :
suck it, mean god!

XTL5000 :
"Not Today"