He takes the shoes off so they won't get muddy

missemilyowen15 :
Should’ve used a stick
He probably had a small heart attack when he fell. The depth of that fall looked like he was sent to hell.
Dobby_Le_Man :
The color of his shirt being completely unrecognizable after taking the plunge is fascinating. Doesn’t even have a tinge of blue left!
Blue shirt guy is still under there. Him falling in released the last guy from the trap.
J_D_Bridge :
Check out this 1 step trick to organically tie dye your wardrobe with dysentery*.
i like how he points to where he wants to drown.
doublecomforter :
I love you for sharing that sub
alexkayownsabus :
FYI he doesn’t remove them to avoid getting them muddy. You can see that when he tries to take a step the sandal gets stuck in the mud and comes off of his foot. So he’s taking it off because he can’t walk in them comfortably.
And not lose them.
thebigrisky :
Has anyone noticed when you expand these vids to full screen lately the Reddit design has the fast forward bar so low you can’t touch it without hitting the iPhone screen bar below it. Now you can’t touch a video anymore
Yes. I fucking hate it so much. That, and many times when I click on a video it will open a different one in a different sub. I can’t click on the comments. And like it’s a different video every time I click the same one.
eberkain :
Pretty sure this is staged, no way that is his real reaction.
The thing that makes it look most staged is how he stays down for so long and comes up slowly. If you really weren't expecting that you would freak right the fuck out.
Vaux1916 :
Maybe the Internet has made me overly-cynical, but this seems staged to me. No surprise/panic flailing, he immediately tucks his right leg up like he knew the hole was there...
It is so staged. When you fall like that, you fall front over because youre leaning into your step and when nothing pushes back on your step, you'd fall over. This dude just plummets straight down gracefully
LineLife2234 :
How can i make my blue shirt a brown shirt? Bro say no more.

69_420_bonerjamz :
He takes the shoes off so he doesn’t lose them. Because this video is staged.

Flerdermern :
That’s the stuff. Things like this, they fuel me
Might I suggest /r/misleadingpuddles ? someone linked it below and it seems pretty perfect for you!
ElGuaco :
Doesn't want his sandals muddy but doesn't roll up his pant legs? Camera person doesn't even flinch when he goes under, like they knew he was going down. I'm leaning towards staged or done on a bet.
He carries the sandals because they wouldn't stay on in the sticky mud.. they are dirty already
HappinessHappening :
This is almost a Chaplin skit lmao

_Administrator :
Not staged at all
::friends sinks to bottom of a watery muddy hole:: ::keep filming without moving even an inch::
theinfotechguy :
That's how you get leeches
I was cutting out old dwarf banana trunks one day in my yard and when hauling them out, a leech fell out of the crook where the leaves attach onto my arm… Lots of water in a banana tree i guess. Nearest water is probably a canal about 2500 feet away Leeches errywhere
tipsandfips :
My man went to narnia

GirthyBirther :
Is there an r/staged_regret?
We're in it, apparently.
E2Monster :
Dude needs to lower the dose! Too much tren fried his brain.

hellslave :
He takes them off so they won't get stuck in the mud and possibly lost. Moot point, now, though.

rockmeup :
Hey its me, jumping to conclusions

ebbi9876 :

DanB1972 :

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