Toilet for scale

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Lingerfickin :
Welcome to cribs lemme show you around
And this is where the magic happens
birdiesarentreal :
Goliath grouper
I was night scuba diving in Belize and we came across one of those that was the size of a Mini Cooper, I shit you not. It was really cool to see but the pucker factor went way up knowing you can get inside a Mini Cooper.
udontknowmuch :
That’s one massive aquarium
I thought the same thing. I am subbed to r/Aquariums also. I did a double take on which subreddit I was on.
smackgowen :
At first I didn't see the toilet because I didn't expect the fish to be that huge.
I am unconvinced. Need banana for scale. Edit: thank you for the award, kind stranger.
questfire :
Someone didn't replace the roll of toilet paper when it ran out!
The place is a giant bidet..
__knowthyself :
Tell me that is a miniature toilet my brain cannot process this perspectives
If that is a normal toilet, that fish is between 4-5' tall.
Elbatcho :
Ah, the great Atlantic Nope fish.
Can’t wait for the documentary
zebpongo :
Funny story: a friend worked in a restaurant that served snapper kind of curled around the edge of the serving platter. After he explained this presentation to a diner, they asked if the grouper came the same way. He replied, yes, but we use a wheelbarrow. This puppy would need a dump truck!
Get me the snapper, bozo!
YaDrunkBitch :
I'll do alot of things. Skydive, zipline, jump motorbikes, but keep me the fuck out of that ocean.
Just the Atlantic?
SniffCheck :
That’s one big grouper by the pooper
There's a fish by the dish. Well, I bet there's a dish....
Substantialspinach5 :
Americans will use anything but the metric system
1 exception. Ammunition. The rest of you need to know what you've been shot with.
Independent_Ad6385 :
*Please no*

Returnoftheape :
Took me a while to find the toilet, i was not sure what scale I was looking for.

Wonthebiggestlottery :
Ive dived on that ship with that Groper or its ancestor. Its the SS Yongala off Ayr in Queensland.

willsagain :
What is this??? A toilet for ants?
How can we expect the fish to be able to poop, if they can't even sit on the toilet? The toilet needs to be at LEAST 3X bigger than this
TheRealScubaSteve86 :
“So let me show you where the magic happens, follow me!”

Woody_of_Astora :
That's alotta F I S H S T I C K S
Kanye doesn't understand this comment.
yParticle :
It was **THIS** big! "Joe, I really wish you wouldn't talk about your poops at the dinner table."

lexicats :
Okay but why is there a toilet under the sea? Is this a sunken ship? I feel dumb that no one else is questioning this
shavedheadedbi :
hard to flush this one down a toilet when it dies

NickShank :
Goliath grouper are no joke

helmutboy :
Why no banana?

kmm_123 :
Oh wow.

leolugosi :
Wow ..

DirtyCocoabean :

kiwicult :
Ah, so this is what happens when you put a goldfish in a pond

whooo_me :
I knew it! My toilet is a portal between my home and this huge fish's. I've known it ever since watching Trainspotting.

Obvious_Party_5050 :
NSFW for the unaware. Edit: SFW sub [/r/alwaysabiggerfish](
TerribleTemporary982 :
Careful, they bite!

DuckOnQuack694205189 :
Bro that giant grouper just wanted to show you his crib