James Gunn reacts to Cleveland's MLB team being renamed the Cleveland Guardians

Batman1384 :
Rocket city Trash Pandas are already a minor league team based in Alabama. Probably my favorite team name out there.
They actually did respond to Gunn here https://twitter.com/trashpandas/status/1418610373125623817?s=21
miserablemousse :
Wild thing gonna be pretty upset
Can they have yondu’s head as the logo?
MasterKingdomKey :
Dang when did James Gunn get white hair?
he's always had gray i think he dyed it just to hide all that gray.. its been all over his IG
[deleted] :
strangebru :
How about Groot with one arm made into a baseball bat.

AllPurposeNerd :
fart_fig_newton :
Make Drax their mascot and then during the game just announce that he's standing still on the mound. Easy peasy.
Get Mantis and Drax to tag team as serious mascot and silly mascot
jrzzt :
A raccoon with a machine gun is totally Ohio appropriate.
As someone born in Ohio, can confirm.
puppy_fan :
You said it yourself…We’re the Guardians of the American League, bitch!

Capital_Gate6718 :
The Russos are from Cleveland, did anyone get their reaction?

DarkwingDuckHunt :
Named after Statues made by Bob Hope's father for a bridge. The Statues are considered landmarks.

x86_64_ :

Really missed the chance for Cleveland Steamers
Yeah. Just fucking lean in and sell some shirts. They'd definitely capture some parts of the market they've missed out on so far. Gotta be "legit" though and have a train mascot...
ClamsHavFeelings2 :
Guardians of the Gateway. The Gateway district is the area in downtown Cleveland where the baseball stadium is located. It’s almost too perfect.

_________FU_________ :
it's gonna be a fucking star or some shit.

[deleted] :
When they play the Padres in the World Series it'll be known as the Custody Battle
ShambolicShogun :
What is there to guard in Cleveland? Neil Peart's Golden drum set?
Transportation. There are four giant art deco statues of the "Guardians of Transportation" on the bridge near the stadium.
DrHem :
They are the guardians and their colors are red and white, so their mascot should be [this guy](https://i.redd.it/mmvn3vxfti241.jpg)
Crimson Dynamo?
Falcrist :
I still wish the redskins had just changed their logo to a potato.

raflagg1999 :
*trash panda

DisregardMyLast :
the guardians of what? [not being Detroit?](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oZzgAjjuqZM)
*See our river that catches in fii-iire.*
Yaddlethejedimaster :
If drax was the logo it would just be blank
That would be unfair for the rest of MLB. Fly-balls would never go over their heads again. Their reflexes are too fast. They would catch them.
[deleted] :
Oh god I was worried this was serious when I started reading this. Brilliant.
That man always has such good tweets.

Mycobacterium :
I mean, It’s Ohio. The raccoon should probably be our state bird.