Heard you guys need democracy!

Axellllfoley :
Im actually pretty excited for this one to be honest. Battlefield Portal
I low key thought it was gonna be a Portal x Battlefield crossover with portal guns and shit. But this is pretty great too.
Lockon501 :
This reminds me of the Russian Badgers video about enlisted
You killed one of me, but did you kill all of me?
Dargorod100 :
I had no idea this was a Battlefield Portal trailer and thought some Naruto or Battle Royale joke was being made
I like to think of it as a variation of that umbrella academy scene
LeatherFisherman3596 :
God i love how many memes have been made from the portal trailer

baddabingbaddaboop :
Hey captain… On your left

Blunt_promise :
Phones: *exists* Ads:
So. True. There’s no escaping them
MaticBlox :
I pray that EA don't fuck the game up

myroomateisbanned :
I’d like to thank our troops for keeping American corporations safe from people overseas trying to use their own resources.

moxie_gusto :
Best meme out right now
"If you have oil, we'll take your soil."
DimebagPants :
The U.S no longer needs Middle eastern oil. They produce enough for themselves nowadays. Texas alone produces a shit ton of oil.
We also don’t have many oil fields in the middle east and the oil we get there is sold to allies
guy_thirteen :
Reverse it for Taliban exists.
Isn't the USA giving up on the problem they created?
DjDisingenius :
2005 called, they want their foreign policy joke back.
I laughed out loud at that.
humans_live_in_space :
we'll give saudi arabia democracy any day now
As soon as they switch from seeling oil in USD to CNY
Lonestar-Boogie :
This joke was funnier in its first fifty iterations.
And at least they had the colon in the right place
KestreI993 :
Don't worry people. We are here to liberate you of your rights and your natural resources.

SnooBunnies3166 :
Based imperialism
And they say white people have no culture
CoolDudeNike1 :
Steal the oil, commit some war crimes and pretend they never happened, and leave. It’s truly the American way. /s
N4RQ :
Scene from The Tomorrow War

Walter_White_24 :
Fuck this Reddit video player is shit.

dmharvey79 :
So…where is all this oil? Haha

Kardashian117 :
I don't normally laugh at the oil memes, but this one made me chuckle. Good job op

Hidiety :
When the masks had to go on I realized just how oiley my nose is. I would tell people that I'm concerned the government will find out, label me a terrorist, and deploy a peace keeping op on my nose.

TheRealStarWolf :
Redditors will make memes like this then unironically buy CIA propaganda about China and Cuba and never notice the irony

ThanOneRandomGuy :
Yea cuz if our military was really what they were trynna preach to us they'd all be down there in Mexico fixing up that country, a country that's freaking ATTACHED to America

_Navigator :
Because the middle east was such a lovely place before we invaded.. /s
The CIA funded and trained Al-Qaeda. It wasn’t a lovely place, but the USA sure as shit made everything worse.
Hot_Effort_4859 :
Germans when there is BRATWURST

MisterCow1 :
Country: elects socialist government democratically Usa: *democracy time*

kaustix3 :
lol people still believe the US invades countries because of oil.
In some cases they did 🤷‍♂️
Toasty_Mostly :
God damn, this one got me good.

RevolutionaryAd8218 :

supernasty :
Freedom juice

idkwhattowastaken :
We are just built differently


Lor_D_Rat :
ha ha murica oil funny ha ha. Make something new for a change.
Guess we found the American
ThriftyNarwhal :
I love the US of A

Professional_Clod :
“America bad! Give me upvotes!”
so true
Country_ball_enjoyer :
Canada, Sweden, russia, Greenland and Antarctica have lots of oil but it's just under the ice and very hard to get and if all of ice have melt , Canada Sweden, Greenland, Antarctica will probably be a powerful country
As insane as it sounds, the US actually has enough to be self sufficient, off-shore in the gulf, Alaska, plus a few large basins from North Dakota down the Rockies into texas...yet we still have the massive military for overseas fun
yankee77wi :
And look at all the cool shit the world is blessed with because of oil based products. Thank you free markets!
Is Free market what the kids call war crimes these days?
Lt_Flak :
Hey is there a way for me to download and save this? I want to cringe my non-US friends. Also sorry if that's seen as stealing or otherwise not allowed! My mistake.

balacharya :

Revloxy :
shouldn't have used that extra teaspoon of oil in my food

SiddhuBatsy :
The only thing missing is the Avengers theme music.

toosinbeymen :
More like: “we heard you all have a natural resource that my country’s fat cat companies want. Give it or we take it.”

Cat_toes69 :
Who wants some freedom

AutoBot5 :
The most powerful fighting force this plant has ever seen. 🇺🇸
Only to get their ass handed to them by the tailban
GigaShagger :
This format is gold

AlpArslan7 :
Lets bomb the democracy in there

Kai_ert :

thepunisherbvb :
Guy shared the literal purest meme for the past 2 years and everyone’s talking about games 😕

w1nt3rmut3 :
“Uh, actually, democracy machine broke, but we can install a right-wing dictator for you”

tetrimoist :
I feel like a marketing team paid this guy to post this

TheInevitable1s :
holy heck I want to play BF