This guy house walls getting hit by car accident 2 times in 4 days!

Patient_Display_7722 :
That's a little more than mildly infuriating.
Mickets :
I've come across a couple of places like this, where the cars would go directly on to the sidewalk where pedestrians might be. Mitigated by installing a few I-beams vertically at the edge of the sidewalk. Ugly but protected.
bollards are your friend. Those bastards are set in *deep* I think there are special ones around important buildings in london that go several foot down into the ground and can stop a truck
Ocixo :
If he didn’t have that wall, one or maybe both of those cars would have slammed into his house. That’s terrifying.
He doesn't have them now.
ryuk9o4 :
I was fully expecting him to come out at the end and just throw his hands up.
Tune in this weekend for part three, I’m sure…
sofia1_11 :
This happened in my city! Poor guy said he was fixing the mess on his garden, went back inside and instantly heard the second crash. He could've been hit, which thankfully he wasn't. Also, according to him, this is the first (and second) time there has ever been a crash there edit: The drivers coming from the left side are at fault for the crashes, I don't really know how to put it but the car coming from the top has the preference there since the left street is crossing it edit2: This is Brazil. Everybody has a wall around their houses
The phrase you're looking for is "right-of-way". The cars coming from the left ignored the stop sign, which gives the car coming from the right/front right-of-way.
thelastfaxmachine :
Probably a good spot for an all way stop lol
I'm completely blown away how people are comfortable to just run through that, way too fast even, with no way to see what's coming. No matter the stop sign or not, I'm stopping.
Fat_Lenny35 :
My dad lives on an intersection like this, and he got so fed up that he put 3 big boulders on the corner of his yard. Now people just hit the boulders and his yard is protected.
Fuckin love to hear it lmao
nicolewasnthere :

Wikkell :
So he ignored the stop sign ánd just drove off?
If you're talking about the second accident, the black pick up didn't drive off. You can see just in the end that the shadow of the car comes to a stop. I think he just wanted to clear the road
94bronco :
At least the 2nd accident didn't knock over the wheelbarrow from him still cleaning up from the 1st accident

lane32x :
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muppethero80 :
There is a fence in my town that this happens too often. The owner but a gravestone that reads “here lies all stiff and tense. The last SOB that hit my fence” I remember this from 30 years ago. But it is still there.

DazzlingDingos :
Well he's got the video to show to the city so they out a 4 way stop light there :/
Whats going to do? The two drivers causing accidents blew through a stop sign already.
s1lverv1p :
A simple and affordable solution to this problem is anti tank landmines.

oojiflip :
What a stupid fucking intersection
How is it stupid? There are intersections like this all over the place, the people with the stop signs just need know....stop.
iguanadumbass :
Those are the same fuckers who don't use the blinkers when changing direction

caveinrockcorsair :
That corner looks like a good spot for a big ass boulder.

ChanelNo50 :
This is why daylight corners exist

SxFtn :
The wheel barrow survives!

sloppy_seconds88 :
I'm sorry this is hilarious
I was waiting for him to walk out the second time all bewildered
theprefessional :
That dog was ready for it

pease_pudding :

bruceymain :
He's going to start taking ofFence.....

pointofthought :
Someone should put up a stop sign or two. No one can see around that corner.
There is a stop sign on the left
isthisanonamyous :

cszintiyl :
Why are these dickheads not even slowing down for a blind corner? Since both drivers obviously the cause of the accidents , make them pay for rebuilding!
I only see one stop sign, so I don’t know if the fault is equal for everyone involved.
R3d_Ox :
At least they didn't wait for him to build another wall

hotsy-totsy-flopsie :
This is a clever way of demolishing your wall. By the position of the camera I’m guessing this happens a lot.

[deleted] :
This is Brazil, almost all houses and properties here have walls around it like that, or big fences. Mainly because high crime rates, it's supposed to make it more difficult for tresspassing and breaking into your house, though of course it doesn't prevent it completely.
lordgublu :
I don't know witch country this is, but in germany we have a "right before left" rule stating on an intersection - if nothing else is shown with signs - a car coming from your right side has the right of way before you. Since i don't see signs here, at least after german rules, both cars should stop, look if there is somebody and the at both accidents the one from top would need to give way. EDIT: after looking again, the guy coming from the left has what looks like a stop sign. Can't help him then.
This happened in Brazil and we have the same rules, even with no signs they still had to stop
FlacidPasta :
Lmaooooo it's like watching a game of angry birds

wutangerine99 :
Truck drivers ignoring driving laws at the expense of others safety? Now I've seen it all

Low_Yak_4842 :
The stop sign is right there plain as day!! How did this happen twice?

SerMonkeys :
Truck drivers suck ass at driving. 100%.

WookieBaconBurger :
Someone needs to put a stop sign there