The ketchup and mayonnaise packets I got from a restaurant with my food are the opposite brands off what I would consider their specially, ie Heinz made the mayo and Hellmann's made the ketchup

Velvetundaground :
Wait till you try Kellogg’s toothpaste
Kellogg's REAL toothpaste.
EccentricSoaper :
It's counterintuitive but whenever companies use the word 'real' it immediately makes me think there is more not-food involved than not. Very off-putting marketing strategy.
It's probably true. I don't believe "real" is a regulated term by the FDA. You could make ketchup with entirely artificial ingredients, and it would be real ketchup, just without naturally occurring ingredients. It's real, because it exists, and they called their concoction ketchup.
jakecarmody :
The absolute pinnacle of mildly interesting
“Yeah, that is interesting” - Me
PunkNDisorderlyGamer :
I feel like Heinz put out their “real mayonnaise” and Hellmann said, “ok ~~~there~~~ they’re fucking with us, well we got “real” ketchup now” Edit: FTFY 🙃
"The audacity of this bitch!"
kravisni :
[reminds me of this pair](
bro he ain’t wearin a bra😨
Parnell-Finkley :
The kitchen manager smirking and ordering inventory like, “Wait til they get a load of this.”
*Hey, boss, I was going over the condiment order with our distributor. I think the mayo and ketchup brands got swit-* *-No! I know what I did. The order stays.*
MrMichael31 :
I use French's ketchup instead of mustard. Heinz started using a very annoying squeeze top on their bottles. When you squeeze, nothing comes out, if you squeeze a little harder, 25% of the bottle comes out. French's squeeze top requires little if no squeezing at all.
Heinz bailed on all the Canadian farmers that provided their tomatoes, then French's saved those farmers by buying their tomatoes for their ketchup. So, fuck Heinz, hail French's! Haha
Aim413 :
Why both packages gotta specify it's "REAL"? Is there fake mayo and fake ketchup?
Just a guess but for mayo it might have something to do with Miracle Whip, which isn't mayonnaise, but is often next to it on supermarket shelves, and tends to be used by people the same as mayo. No clue for ketchup.
Whispering_Wolf :
Heinz mayo is so damn good
Duke's though. 🤤🤤🤤
otisfranklin174 :
Parallel universe condiments! They also have candy shakes with Hydrox cookies! (This is the universe where Hydrox became the dominant brand and Oreos are an off-brand.) Edit: Grammar
Technically Hydrox came first, so Oreos are the knockoff.
yo_skank :
Dog, you might want check if you are in the twilight zone
Look for Bella she can help you. Just don't show the ketchup to edward.
mr_mcpoogrundle :
This makes me deeply uncomfortable

TomDobo :
I prefer Hellmanns ketchup over Heinz and i prefer Heinz mayo over Hellmanns.
Do you own this restaurant?
JimboTCB :
You need to find a bookshop ASAP and check how the Berenstain Bears are spelled to make sure you're still in the correct universe.

conroyale :
Good on Hellman's for not putting HFCS in their's. Heinz sure does.

BingErrDronePilot :
I bet he drove to the restaurant on a Yamaha piano.

find it more odd both need to emphasise that its REAL

FirmAardvark6208 :
Heinz mayo is the best mayo
Duke's hands down IMHO
ballrus_walsack :
TVA incoming

hotpie_for_king :
Life....uh... finds a way.

jeffborba :
Heinz mayo is the best btw

xJBr3w :

VitruvianGenesis :
This truly is *mildly* interesting. I think it should be stickied to serve as a benchmark for every other post.

rockybudz :
Does no one realize Heinz ketchup packets have High Fructose Corn Syrup? This establishment purchased the abnormal due it being a healthier option.

TimeTraveler3056 :
Helmans ketchup has been hard to find in my stores since the pandemic. Lucky you.
Aside from the time I made my own, helmans ketchup has been my favorite. But we can only find it in small bottles if ever at all. It's a shame
TheRealAsskicker :
Transgender sauces. If only I could draw beautifully, I would paint rule 34 picture on this case. :D

Ol_FloppySeal :
On the west coast hellmans is called "best foods" Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

wordnerdette :
I had this happen with French’s ketchup and Heinz mustard.

I-Have-An-Alibi :
Bizarro World condiments

Skutie :
I always forget Hellmann's makes ketchup

Zadama :
I don't like that. I don't like that at all.

smilbandit :
somewhat same thing at a diner, heinz mustard and frenchs ketchup.

s_0_s_z :
What parallel universe did these comes from?

_my2cents :
Which alternate universe do you live in?

righthanddan :
I can't speak for Helllmans ketchup but Heinz mayo is excellent.