Nicolas Cage's 'perfect performance' in 'Pig' movie sniffs out his best reviews ever

slardybartfast8 :
I want to live in world where Nic Cage is a two-time best actor winner
He should have gotten his second for *Adaptation*.
Balls_of_Adamanthium :
It’s sitting at 97% with 126 reviews on RT but the 82% on Metacritic is most impressive. Watched Mandy not long ago and it was amazing.
I left the theater dumbfounded. It was not at all the movie I thought it was going to be - it was much, much better than that. Possibly my favorite performance from Cage, and overall just a really beautiful movie.
l33tWarrior :
National Treasure, Nicholas Coppola Cage
Man, to think that he doesn't like to use the name so people don't think he gets his roles handed to him
kaptaincorn :
I hope he gets his renaissance going. Like how Sean Connery had all those weird movies in the eighties, but then started getting cool stuff in the nineties.
He recently did The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with Pedro Pascal, and that should be a lot of fun. It's going to be a major studio release in 2022. The premise is that a washed up Nic Cage (he plays himself) is paid to attend a lavish birthday party in Mexico by a super fan, which turns into a deadly cartel situation. So Cage the actor has to become Cage the action star IRL. Funny script that also functions as an ode to Cage's career.
GrumboGee :
he can now die in peace in his giant pyramid grave he bought in New Orleans
The construction of which also damaged, I think, at least two other graves.
nE-Coli :
I keep trying to watch a preview but have no luck searching “Pig trailer”
myslead :
"I DON'T FUCK MY PIG" - Nicolas Cage 2021
"I did not have sexual relations with that pig"
windysan :
the sex fight scene in 'Drive Angry' is his best work
Shame he got snubbed for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for best sex scene in an action film that year.
jjdubbs :
It's so good.
Where can it be watched?
davelm42 :
No seriously guys... this movie was fucking amazing.
It totally was! But it’s hard to explain the plot to people without giving much away…
Dubious_Titan :
Saw it last night. Great film and performance.

caekles :
Don't be like me and go in expecting Nic Wick (that soured the experience for me a bit). Don't watch the trailer either. Just park your butts and take it in.
This! I never watched the trailer but read people comparing it to John Wick but with a pig instead of a puppy. It is nowhere NEAR that and it took me a while to readjust my expectations while watching the film. I adored it nevertheless but going into the movie as blind as possible will yield the best experience imo.
teebor_and_zootroy :
There's no way it's better than Con Air. That's not possible.
"why couldn't you put the bunneh back in the box?"
falipey :
I want to hear what Abed has to say about this !
"I'm a cat. I'm a sexy cat"
ImTheOnlyDuck :
Nicholas cage as the riddler in batman... Always wanted that to happen.

gwar37 :
It's really great. Given the write material and direction I truly think Nic Cage is an incredible actor.

Frendazone :
Anyone who thinks nic cage is a bad actor doesn't understand how movies work tbh lol
How does it work? Tell us how it works.