All of Team USA singing happy birthdaу to Kevin Durant despite his birthdaу being in September

getmyjuicesflowing :
This is how you get free dessert at a restaurant
last time we tried this at applebee's our server was just like 'ok' and then never did anything lol
Ylissian :
KD looks so confused LMAO
One day everyone in my 8th grade science class started singing happy birthday to me because some dickhead convinced them it was my birthday. You can try saying "ITS NOT MY BIRTHDAY" but once the song starts there's no stopping it. So, so, awkward.
Rockstar408 :
JaVale just there to vlog and fuck around lmfao
Honestly Javale being there is very good for us content-wise.
indiansprite5315 :
Oh its literally all of the US Olympic team .Makes it all the more funny.
I didn't realize it until I watched the video, even from your comment. They got ALL of the US Olympic team, from every sport, in the tunnel, to sing happy birthday to a very confused, very unbirthdayfied Kevin Durant.
hoo24 :
I love the “his name is Kevin” 😂

buckfan7 :
Kevin "I don't want to be here" Durant
Kevin Bledsoe
mostlylurkingg :
This was probably Bam’s idea 🤣🤣
"Bam, this is on you!"
Neuroxex :
We need to talk about whether Kevin is being bullied by Team USA
This is exactly what would've happened to Isiah Thomas if he had been on the Dream Team.
40Vert :
KD is now the [2016 Melo of the team](
Looks like Waka flocka
krsaxor :
Is that how you defend KD? Sing him happy birthday.
Well he didn't score
xRingo :
Nam flash backs when your parents tells the restaurant its your birthday and the staff cha cha's in singing happy birthday and you have the look of a deer in headlights.
Bro I feel so bad for the staff in those situations. That cannot be fun
ayending1 :
Dame should give KD a basketball as the present.

The entire Team USA trolling KD and KD’s face is amazing here lol. Team USA is on twitter watch for KD’s tweets the next 48 hours! On a serious note, KD doesn’t get enough credit for being a good sport sometimes!
I gotta imagine this was a Draymond move.
RandomVintage :
Nah this is one of the funniest shits I have ever seen 😂😂

KhabibTime :
THIS is why we needed Javale on the team

kai_123 :
The chemistry on this team is good, in a weird way 😂

redX009 :
This team is producing more funny moments than I thought it would lol
On and off the court!
PhileinS :
hahhahhaha man I swear the look on his face got me rolling

[deleted] :
Statistically it’s probably someone on the team’s actual birthday and they feel even more awkward
Oh, that happened to me before. It definitely feels kind of sad, especially when it's a small group :(
kenjirouen :
Oh yeah this team is building CHEMESTRY CHEMESTRY
Wow misspelled chemistry back to back
latman :
In before KD gets hated on for not looking thankful and how he acted in this joke video
r/nba psychologists bout to have a field day with this
ATLHenchmanMike :
I really can't stop watching this. This is so good. His expression gets me every time.

wallycron :
JaVale McGee seems like such a fun dude. Wouldn’t have picked him for the Olympics, but maybe the Fun Olympics.

BigThurm :
The real story here is Kevin appears to have got a haircut and actually brushed it for once.
Yeah, the hair caught me off guard. I think he might be seeing Lebron's barber
L_I_L_B_O_A_T_4_2_0 :
KD being the type of dude who would (and clearly does) fucking hate this makes this 100x funnier
He looks disappointed in a joking way No chance he takes it seriously
belokas :
Perfect reaction.

sgandylau :
lmao this man can't catch a fucking break. this is so fucking hilarious. he's as confused as when philly fans were booing him on the bench

FeverythingLnothing :
Is he the Team USA captain?
Probably Draymond for leader but since he’s the best player there and everyone loves him he’s a good trolling target
wrmm :
this shit made my day 😂😂😂

lvl1_slime :
imagine if this became a thing and people just sing happy birthday to KD everywhere he goes. Most importantly someone always needs to start with “His name is Kevin!”

OPxTendies :
This has Draymond written all over it

ThisIsTheTrap :
KD bout to leak another Draymond dick pic

prediscan :
This is hilarious

app999 :
Maybe it’s his cake day?
For which burner account? Happy bake day BTW.
PrOKCedure :
This dude gave the reaction I probably would gave… Like you dumb mother fuckers don’t have google…
Yes because the first thing someone does when you’re told it’s someone’s birthday is whip out google/Facebook to check /s
peachboyspeaks :
funniest shit i’ve seen all morning, i love how fed up he manages to look in his eyes alone. that Javale posted it makes it even funnier

SuperTupac :
KD has actually been SOOOOO likable since he joined Nets, all the olypmics videos involving him are hilarious and him interacting with fans on twitter is cool!

Bladex20 :
LMAO his reaction

slktycn :
Seems like KD is playing it well at this point

Jordanwolf98 :
I love this lol

cedarvalleyct :
Yaya Touré [in shambles.](

fosjanwt :
you guys are so random