Drones shaped like earth at the openings of the olympics, Tokyo.

kalitarios :
Now this is actually next level. Not some random kid doing a kick flip for the first time
this comment is next level!!!!
garymason74 :
That's going to annoy the flat earthers.
They probably started hashtag on twitter by now
icywoodz :
Just imagine the shit we’ll be able to do with drones in 10 years.
Holographic sky porn here we come!
MartianGuard :
How long did it take them to planet?
You need more upvotes
y_r_u_runnin :
Funny how some countries form earth from drones and in our coutry we can't have a normal, clean train station
A lot of countries have the drones AND no clean train stations.
Entomoholic :
I wasn’t following it too well in the beginning but by the time I could make out some continents, I was all in
Google the tokyo olympics logo.
Existing-Register-98 :
This would be sick at an outdoor rave/festival, choreographed to the music. Could make any shape!
Or pathway indicators/signage in a major emergency where you need to communicate information to those who are stranded and have to evacuate themselves. Shootings, fires, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, post hurricane (imagine if they had this in Katrina.) etc.
GreaterScorpion :
We’re one step closer to Megamind’s mind blowing drone spectacle.
\*cue Welcome to the Jungle\* PRESENTATION!
ashesall :
Ah, so that's why they insisted on continuing with the Olympics. They can't wait to show off their drone globe.
The IOC made them. Japan requested to extend it
[deleted] :
Sky net will destroy us all

TheChalbs :
The future is here
South Korea: But....but........we did a giant drone olympic showcase, first.................
cstrovn :
If Mysterio can be a thing so can Spider-Man

ender4171 :
[1824 of them!](https://www.cbssports.com/olympics/news/olympics-2021-drone-show-highlights-opening-ceremonies-at-tokyo-games/). I'd love to see an in-depth "behind the scenes" of the setup and testing of this.
I was kinda curious myself, and it's not nearly the scale of this, of course, but this video gave me quite a bit of insight. Caveat, I'm not a schill, but this does appear to be an ad for the software. https://youtu.be/YW_VR3Yx0DE
ppppie_ :
so satisfying the transition between that pattern and then turning into a sphere wow

itslozfromoz :
Looks like NZ actually made it on to this map
But they missed Tasmania 😭
Speckfresser :

soup_skin :
Omg, they included New Zealand, if drones can do it so can you, map creating corporations.
Tasmania continues to be ignored however.
gowingsgo :
Waiting to see this posted over in r/ufo by someone claiming they saw something in the sky tonight

MattFlyers :
Imagine being the poor drone that had to be Ohio

Begle1 :
Now imagine each one has a grenade attached and they're all out to kill you.
Grenade? More like IED/C4
FoodWholesale :

restlessleg :
the future is here and its wild

lugb :

Unlucky_Narwhal3983 :
Fire works should literally be a thing of the past now. They are toxic for the environment, a fire hazard, horrible for veterans, horrible for animals. This is so much cooler.

Turbulent-Falcon6005 :
Looks like something out of Far From Home.

RentalGore :
Too bad Kyrie’s not on the team this year. This may have helped.

ColdFire-Blitz :
Oh, you're a villain alright. Just not a SUPER one!

KarmaPharmacy :
I’m not ready for this.

Comminutor :
Ooh it’s like that scene from Megamind [presentation!](https://youtu.be/yGSSgSfsdDk)

Gibora89 :
So the video froze the first time I saw this, and it was just that first random circle for awhile, so I was like "I guess it's like Earth because they're both circle shaped 🤷‍♀️?", but now that the video is actually playing it makes a loooooot more sense!

nickolik :
looks like they're about to host the stark expo, not the olympics

Emotional_Dinner_913 :
Wrong! It's flat with an ice wall and armed soldiers all around.

dinglelingle12 :
Perfect time for a Godzilla appearance..