Homeowners yell 'have him die somewhere else' as hero lawn care worker tries to save man's life

NonfatNoWaterChai :
>>> The owners of the house where the car stopped allegedly yelled, "Get off our lawn" and "Get the man out of here. Have him die somewhere else." >>>Tony quickly realized he knew where the injured man lived. He ran down the street to their house, was able to get his wife, and they called 911. I certainly hope that the man and his wife know that their neighbor wished him dead.
Not just dead, but dead *elsewhere* Can't be having *dead-guy lawn*
Reminds me of a neighbor who flipped out when my brother's friend started having a seizure in OUR yard, yelling about how "what if my daughter saw somebody dying?!" even though my brother was telling her that it wasn't lethal, his friend just had to lay in the yard and let it pass. I witnessed part of it and my dad even told her what a piece of shit she was, lol. Not only did she make somebody's health problem all about HER and how it affects HER (and her daughter), but she yelled at somebody for allegedly "dying" as if they were doing it just to be rude. Why not ask if they're okay? Ask if there's anything you can do to help even if it's as simple as getting them a glass of water? Just move your kid away from the damn window instead of bringing more attention to it, WTF!
Ugh! I had something similar happen. My bf at the time had a medical emergency and almost *died* and my neighbor complained about her “kids having to see that” and saying they got scared by the ambulance being there. I told her, would you rather they took him out in a fucking body bag?!? Get a grip!
Guckalienblue :
Shits gonna be real awkward in that neighborhood after this. Stupid selfish people.
Id do every petty thing I could to make their life a little worse everyday :)
HachikoLu :
Oh God, once when I worked at an overpriced supermarket and elderly person had fallen and wasn't doing good. We shut down the aisle for a few mins and this bitch had the audacity to complain that there was a medical emergency in the aisle and the incident was in HER way and 'couldn't we move the injured person out of the way'.
I used to lifeguard and I jumped in to save a drowning child once, and someone stole my shoes.
pdxscout :
LOL. I spent six years living in Florida. When I read this headline, my first thought was, "That sounds like rich pricks in Florida."
I worked at Office Depot when I was in college. We would have sales every Sunday and people would be nuts about it, it wasn’t uncommon to have people lined up in the vestibule waiting for the inner doors to be unlocked. One Sunday it was very hot, like 90F at 8am hot. The Vestibule was glass and not regulated so temperature in there was well over 100F. There was a woman waiting in the vestibule for us to open when she suddenly collapsed. We called 911 and the paramedics were treating her where she fell when we had to unlock the doors. Customers were pushing past the paramedics and some even stepped over her body so they could get those sweet sweet office products at a slightly reduced price.
Papa-pwn :
- Wednesday, the grateful man and his wife went and found Tony, and gave him a hug. Glad everyone ended up alright, but something about how this story wrapped up was really underwhelming.
I'm not glad everyone ended up alright. The story would have been perfect if a meteor suddenly crashed into those fuckheads' house
pm_me-ur_vulva :
Maybe they were being encouraging? Yeah, save that man. Let him live so he can die somewhere else, well into the future. You can do it, Tony! But probably not
Nope, this is Florida. They 100% had a meth lab / alligator sex club / nude gambling room and didn't want any LE sniffing around.
Somnambulist815 :
Literal NIMBYs
It was probably in their **F**ront Yard, so perhaps technically NIMFYs.
The7Reaper :
> Tony screamed for help, asking and begging for someone to help. The owners of the house where the car stopped allegedly yelled, "Get off our lawn" and "Get the man out of here. Have him die somewhere else." What worthless excuses of human beings.
I know, right? Who would drive into someone’s freshly manicured lawn? If I was having a stroke while driving, I would at least try pull into a parking spot so I didn’t inconvenience anyone.
Zkenny13 :
What the fuck is wrong with people.
I prefer to think "what the fuck is right with people?" Like what caused Tony to try helping? How is it that he had the presence of mind to recognize the person having a medical emergency and go get his wife? I expect people to be like those homeowners, but I don't expect people to be like Tony.
Darktyde :
I bet the homeowners who yelled for the man to go die somewhere else also bitch and moan about the ethical failings and degeneracy of the youth today
Definitely also the type of person to hate taxes and social programs because charity funded by goodness would do a better job. Until exhibit A.
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KingWithNoLand :
Jesus. I worked at a movie theatre and someone died during a showing. The family was obviously distraught, and we had to clear out the theatre for paramedics. I will never forget people yelling and screaming at me in the lobby cause we had to stop the movie while this mans family was feet away in tears. People suck.

flynnie789 :
>Have him die somewhere else If these people were my neighbors I’d go to extraordinary lengths to make them miserable

[deleted] :

FriesWithThat :
> Without thinking, he ran up to the rolling car and grabbed the fender to try and stop it from rolling down the street further. It ran over Tony’s foot, but thankfully he had steel-toed boots on. Not just "thankfully", Tony doesn't sound like the kind of guy that would even leave the house in the morning without being ready to roll. Luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.

mystical_princess :
Ah, Florida. Edit: OH MY GOD THEY SAID THAT ABOUT THEIR NEIGHBOUR?!?!?!!! Saying that about anyone is bad enough, but about a dude living down the street? Wtf.

EtsuRah :
Let me share an uplifting story of when this EXACT scenario happened to me... But this time in an actual caring community. Back in June of 2020 I was sitting in my house playing games around like 4pm. Right outside my house I heard a screeching, a loud pop, then I feel the wall behind me quake. I take no more than 30 seconds to throw some shorts on and run outside my side door do see [This](https://imgur.com/a/HoEteLe) lodged into the underside of my porch and partially into my house foundation. I mention the 30 seconds because within that time there were like 15 people on my lawn helping out. Some town lineman were there, the town vice mayor who live 2 doors down, some people walking their dogs, her husband who lives across the street, and some town land surveyors all rushed to help this woman. We found out that she had a seizure at the stop sign and one of the guys walking his dog noticed by her body language. He tried to reach into her car to throw her in park but she seized up and gunned the gas hopping the curb and railing straight into my house. She was taken to the hospital and only suffered from a bloody nose and a whole lot of bruises but other than that noting major. It was nice to see the community come together to help. Her husband talked to me very frantic when this first happened. He was so anxious to tell me how he would pay for it and insurance and all that, but I just made sure to reassure him that my house and my porch are all repairable, and that his wife being cared for is what really matters.

Perioscope :
Can you imagine yelling that and then finding out it was your neighbor from down the street? OOF
I can't imagine yelling this about anybody.