My finished Tanzania oil painting! Fifth in my countries series 🇹🇿

relaxlu :
For all those neckbeards who made or are making those special kinds of comments just shut up and go back to your tendies(also be aware that sexist comments will get you banned) : (Credit for the list goes to u/error0800)

gitty7456 :
“I don’t know which is more beautiful: the painting or my comment.”
altiif :
*grabs popcorn and props feet up*
and sort by controversial...
Snugglejitsu :
Do you have any high res images of this painting?
yeah, you can buy them on her etsy store
davgonza :
*Ah shit, here we go again*
It’s the only road Reddit’s ever known.
Is that Jason Momoa?
RodgeKOTSlams :
i will never comprehend how another human being can do something like this, while even my stick figures look like ass
You have to like creating the ass-looking stick figures enough to do it over and over and over again. The end result will eventually improve. *"Don't fight for victory--fight to improve yourself. Victory will come."* -Ryu, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
[deleted] :
[deleted] :
Sooo .. you’re masturbating? Nice.
soirailaht :
I love how you got the water and the reflection of the sky and the plants down. It looks so real.

[deleted] :
Abbreviations are always helpful.
daneelthesane :
I will never understand how one makes pigment look like light, but you not only did it, but you captured a sublime moment in light and shadow. Nicely done.

[deleted] :
Method__Man :
How long did it take approximately? I used to do oil back in HS a long time ago, but only tiny little canvasses.

Scoots_Magoot5 :
It looks like a photo from this distance, that's crazy

TigerStripesForever :

Sto0pid81 :
I knew this one would be fun to sort by controversial.

dejaVooAgain :
I can't do that. I can't do anything that vaguely resembles that
You see that little black shadow underneath the rock in the water on the left? I bet you could do that.
The_Cubone :
Please don't be weird guys.
Deelaxation :
Did you use a reference or is this just from your mind? You are an excellent artist either way

BeefInBlackBeanSauce :
Is she was average or ugly you lot wouldn't be complaining. Lol stfu.

penelopesheets :
Why do men get so mad when hot girls are also talented? Lmfao

[deleted] :
DooglyOoklin :
I hate that whenever a female artist posts a painting or sculpture or exists on camera we all fucking know what's coming. Awesome painting OP. I'm teaching myself to paint and would love to be as good as you someday.

MrCasterSugar :
This is incredible! The detail! Do you paint from imagination or have some scenery / pics to base this on?
Thank you!! And I ALWAYS use a reference :)
Outrageous_Baby8536 :
comments are a classic reddit moment

31theories :
This is why women on Reddit don’t tell anyone that they’re women.

Yung_Gucci2 :
Jesus reddit

Open_Mouth_Open_Mind :
It's posted on /r/pics not /r/art. So not really a big deal to show yourself. Also mods don't ban me but I'd type to just show the drawing next time to anyone. Also, have you guys seen her post history? She knows exactly what she's doing. The mix of controversial gives her a lot of exposure on this sub.

courtnerymyersart :
Huge thanks to Tom Archer for letting me use his amazing photo as a reference!
Why is this the second comment when I search by controversial.
Lara-El :
What's next on your list?

BryTheSpaceWZRD :
Sorting comments by controversial is currently giving me life; damn some of y’all be wilding out fr fr.

daboobiesnatcher :
Real talk how clean is the inside of your steel-can brush bucket? I did the aesthetic but I just feel like reusing it over and over would lead to have really hard water due to high undissolved solid content from the oxidizing steel and tarnish caused by residual paint partial/paint cleaning solvent left of the steel. and I feel that would lead to well for a lack of better terms "brushes becoming proper fucked rather quick."

[deleted] :
What’s wrong with her standing in the picture? Just curious
awtcurtis :
The number of posts trying to shame OP for posing next to an amazing work of art she created just shows how hung up and intimidated you guys are by women. **Edit:** Bring it on incels! Your delicious anger and shitty awards give me strength. And yeah, most of you are proving my point pretty hard, so thanks for that. **Edit 2:** Hey incels, you can stop pretending you care about the art at all, otherwise you'd be commenting on it or asking for a link to her website. Your objective is to knock a woman down a peg because she is both attractive and talented and you're too insecure to handle it. **Edit 3:** Ah, I get it, the new line of attack is to call anyone defending the OP "white knights" and imply the only reason to defend OP is because we are thirsty. Classic ad hominem attack. Never mind the mountain of evidence the mods posted showing your sexist bullshit for what it is.
Can barely tell it's an amazing work of art because it only takes up about 1/4 of the photo...
tensor20007 :
Self-promotion pays it’s the age of the Internet

Indigo162 :
Jesus Christ.. why does it matter if she wants to be in the picture with her art? Maybe she does it for upvotes, maybe she's just proud of her work. Either way get your heads out of each other's asses and stop tearing people down for doing what they like to do. Great work OP. You're obviously talented and have loads of potential. Got any plans for what country to do next? (Go ahead and downvote. I expect there's gonna be a lot since yall are sad, jealous, whiny baby-people)
All the other artists regardless of age or gender also normally post a pic of themselves next to the art they are proud of but because the men on here fancy her they have to complain. Get a life.
dualboy :
That's a painting? It looks like a photo! Her skill level goes to 11!

gerfboy :
[Just the art](
2 karma. Checks out.
Historical-Author-49 :
This is really cool, I think this is one of the best paintings you've posted