The very first professional photo I had taken with my mom and then our most recent one.

roselightbird :
The daughter looks like Elsa
Let it go.
[deleted] :
My mom just seems to get more and more beautiful the older she gets! She's also just a really kind, selfless person. Haha, I'm obviously biased, though! Edit: I've sent this thread to my mom and while she is a little shocked by some of your usernames, she is still very touched by your kind words. She also called out u/splodypants for "dissing" her perm 😂 Anyway, I'm happy so many people enjoyed this! I geek out about 90s photos and love seeing them on Reddit - especially when an updated photo is included - so I'm glad to finally be able to contribute.
[deleted] :
/r/agedlikefinewine - - nsfw due to nudity.
Made-a-blade :
Bold move, Cotton. Let's strap in for the comments...
I'm from 2hrs in the future and let me tell you they don't disappoint. It also appears u/godsfatclit might end up dating OP's mum, so that was a happy ending.
nethobo :
Moms smile went from "SHE WONT SIT STILL! THIS IS THE 15TH PICTURE ATTEMPT!" To "I am so proud of her."
She finally learned to sit still <3
desquibnt :
You could be sisters in the recent photo.
Came here to say this. Gorgeous picture of you both. Happy to hear you describe her as a wonderful person. Aw.
Ridewithme38 :
The late 80's and early 90's were a tough time for mom fashion. She looks great now though.
This was taken some time in the 90s, but I don't know the exact year. I think my mom looks wonderful no matter what, but yeah, fashion was pretty brutal back then 😂
americasweetheart :
Your mom looks amazing. I want to age that gracefully.
Don't smoke or drink. Have a good diet, get lots of rest, exercise, and money.
avrins :
How did society ever go so wrong to believe that we should look off camera :x
The photo on the left was probably taken at K-Mart or something. I doubt the photographers were highly trained 😂
S_204 :
Your moms teeth are a lot whiter now.
Bleached teeth weren't really a thing back then.
latheya :
Oooh those lace tie-on collars... I had some of those in the 90ies... both of you are beautiful ladies!
Both photos seems taken with prevailing fashion of respective era. It may look diffrent when we look back. Who knows what will be the trend in twenty years time. So actually I also like the old photo.
carl2k1 :
Woah what did I stumble upon
IlikethemB00Bs :
Your mom is a hottie. Tell her Ilikethemb00bs said what up
This guy B00Bs!
myk_check :
Yall aged...very well

niceguy191 :
Glad to see you both got some sleep

qbak :
Which one is the mom in the right photo ?

scawtsauce :
Tell your mom I said what's up

TesticularTentacles :
Is your name Stacey? 'Cause yo mom got it goin' on.

vcof2005 :
Milf and cookies

TheRealKevO :
Congratulations on your genetics 🧬

Graphitetshirt :
Strong Elsa vibes from the new pic

Avieshek :
Dang… you've two moms?

UltimateDonny :
Can I get your moms number. She’s a dime
Smoke show
soslowagain :
So genuine curiosity. Did posting your hot mom go like you thought it would.

Amegami :
Your mom looks younger today than she did back then, impressive.

Jammer97 :
Your mom seems to be aging backwards. You guys look great!

ComicNeueIsReal :
man, professional photos from the 90's were something else

Dried_Raisin :
Your mum could literally pass as your sister ! Thank her for the good genes

00134 :
Man y’all both had a glow up. Both of y’all killing it out there.

[deleted] :

Tweed_Man :
Your mother reversed aged?

Fearless-Effective86 :
The mom is like good wine, she just gets better with time!, lucky husband!.
That would be me. And yes I consider myself lucky. She really is as hot as the photo suggests, but she doesn’t believe it in spite of me telling her so on a regular basis. Thank you Reddit for backing me up on this.
Simpleas1992 :
You look older than your mum

Kahless01 :
are yall still on the same sides??? i think your moms a vampire dude. careful.

Analcuntt :
Which one is the mom?

itsjawknee :
RIP your inbox

SmirkingMan :
Why did you post this?

SpiderZiggs :
Were you prepared for some of the comments?

BrunoSpatchcockIII :
So…I’ll be the one to say it. You guys both go to the same plastic surgeon right?

sumilia :
Wooow, 30 years later, she just kept getting hotter

fusball :
Lol you look older than your mom.
That's what I thought too
legostarcraft :
You and your mom look like youre the same age in photo 2 lol.