Vaccinated America Has Had Enough

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edkamar :
“Pro-Trump America has decided that vaccine refusal is a statement of identity and a test of loyalty.” Ironic, as many GOP leaders are themselves vaccinated.
including trump
clueless_in_ny_or_nj :
> Yes, I’m very sorry that so many of the unvaccinated are suffering the consequences of their bad decisions. I’m also very sorry that the responsible rest of us are suffering the consequences of their bad decisions. This sums it up perfectly. It's like having a brand new park in town only by the ending of the day garbage is everywhere, one bench is broken and some of the playground equipment is destroyed.
What if we **aren't** sorry that the unvaccinated are suffering debilitating, life-long medical issues as a result of their wilful ignorance, avarice, and thirst for chaos in the name of "law and order?" These are the same people who gleefully declared Obama was a secret Muslim-Kenyan deep state body double plant who was simultaneously the most cunning foe America had ever faced and a bumbling idiot to make Mr. Bean appear a Nobel laureate. I'm sorry they're sick. I'm sorry they're going to have consequences for the rest of their lives. I'm sorry that those responsible among us will have to support them through disability, medicare, and higher hospital bills when they ignore their six-figure costs to ignorance. I'm sorry we have two Americas - one hardworking, responsible, and concerned for the welfare of our brethren, and Republicans. And I'm tired of paying for the latter.
Trumpkake :
These geniuses find it "suspect" that unvaccinated people are getting sick. Take a look at /r/conservative, they want to know what Biden is going to do about all the death - while they scream that he better not enforce anything.
Sigh. It's like a home owner complaining about firemen not putting out a fire that's burning their house down, but the home owner has refused permission to connect the hose to the fire hydrant because it's on their lawn and they "heard that water kills people". The fireman are standing around saying "What the hell do you want us to do if you won't help us do our job?" So the fire burns down the house and then starts burning down the neighbor's houses too due to a combination of misinformation and pure stubbornness.
corkboy :
>Biden’s America produces 70 percent of the country’s wealth—and then sees that wealth transferred to support Trump’s America. Which is fine; that’s what citizens of one nation do for one another. Something else they do for one another: take rational health-care precautions during a pandemic. That reciprocal part of the bargain is not being upheld. Liberals forced to help their idiot conservative cousins who spit it back in their faces.
I bought my father a house after his second heart attack so he wouldn't die working. I delayed my own retirement by years to do so. Last year, by my mother's death bed, he blamed me for her death because I helped elect Inslee and Inslee he blamed for my mom not getting checked out sooner for a cough that turned out to be cancer.... Small cell carcinoma from 40+ fucking years of smoking. My mom had stopped smoking 3 times but went back because my dad could never stop. But Yea, it's my fucking fault my mom died. And my brother wonders why I basically avoid my dad since. He can't understand it.
MSgt_Jeff :
It just goes to show the power of propaganda, even when it comes to life/death situations for their own personal health. People are willing to die over propaganda, and the republicans are watching and learning. If people are willing to accept and believe the propaganda to this level, what is next? There is an unacceptable amount of people in this country who fall for, believe, and will die for such propaganda. Such misinformation and propaganda is a threat to national security.
40 years ago Republicans were cutting the seat belts out of their own cars to own the libs. Something is wrong in GOP land.
hasordealsw1thclams :
I really don’t understand people feeling bad for not feeling sorry for these people or hand wringing trying to find compassion. It’s okay to not feel bad for people who are selfishly hurting others because of their ego. Our choices have consequences and these people chose to risk death (and public health for those who aren’t allowed the vaccine) despite having a solution. You don’t have to cheer their deaths, but anyone beating themselves up for not feeling sorry needs to let that shit go. You don’t owe them anything.

AlfaHotelWhiskey :
“Biden voters generate 70% of the nations wealth…” Leaving that here.
But...I thought they were all freeloaders who didn't have jobs! This doesn't fit my MAGA narrative!
tessameee :
My father has always been Republican as long as I’ve been alive. I’m now 30 and pregnant with his first and likely to be only biological grandchild… told him he can see her and be part of her life if and only if he cuts the crap and gets vaccinated. He showed me his vaccine card this week. I cried.
I've read so many anecdotal stories where the ending to this story has gone the other way. It's fucking sad.
thellog :
Yesterday, a conservative CNN commentator just blurted it out: >"Why the hell should vaccinated people have to *struggle* to accommodate anti-vaxxers?" It should be the other way around. Get the anti-vaxxers out of our way. * Don't let them steal normalcy for good citizens. * Don't let them destroy the economy for good citizens. * Don't let them keep killing Americans. Push the anti-vaxxers to the periphery of society. They can easily rejoin with zero effort.
This exactly - make it onerous to be willfully unvaccinated.
P1xelHunter78 :
It’s just been maddening. Excuse after excuse. First it was “fake”, then “just a flu”, then it was “don’t worry Trump is gonna get a vaccine” now it’s “we can’t trust the vaccine”. Pure lunacy. It’s been almost two years of Russian propaganda making the Trump cult pout. It’s like trying to drive the car with a toddler screaming in the back
More like the toddler has one hand on the wheel.
BestFriendWatermelon :
>Experts list many reasons for the vaccine slump, but one big reason stands out: vaccine resistance among conservative, evangelical, and rural Americans. No no... there's really just that one reason, and I think the experts are pretty unanimous, it's all because of Trump supporters.

Totally_Not_A_Bot_5 :
My aunt's husband died of covid Wednesday. They have been very anti-vax, Trump won, full Q nuts. When he got sick, tested positive for covid, they laughed it off. "Oooh, scary covid! I've had worse allergies." then the hospital. She has to get vaxxed to visit. lots of hopes and prayers. Then ventilator. Coma. Death. It took weeks. Aunt is angry, confused. The same day, Fox starts telling them to get vaxxed. She is sad, and enraged. It is all hitting home that- like EVERYONE has been telling them for a year- fox lies to them based on their republican agenda. Now she has to deal with that betrayal along with the unnecessary and preventable death of her husband. Yet she still reacts with anger and hate to "liberals", anyone who was not 100% with her the whole time. It is going to take a long time for them to come down from that artificially induced rage platform.
It will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. To see a loved one die from a disease that could have been prevented. A sad story. Don't be that person people. But if anyone is to blame it is not liberals who want people to be vaccinated but the Conservatives who have deceived her. Why would you be angry at the people who wanted her husband to get that vaccine that would have saved his life.
Devilnaht :
It’s still mind boggling to me how much of an unforced error the GOP handling of the pandemic has been. If Trump had responded to the pandemic seriously from the beginning, it would have finally let him be the wartime president he so desperately wanted: an unambiguously evil opponent (the virus) to rally around. In all likelihood he would have sailed to re-election. But instead he prioritised keeping the stock market elevated; it seems almost insane to reflect upon. All this vaccine hesitantly and mask hesitancy and conspiracy theory bullshit can be tied to one man trying to keep the market protected, and then doubling down to avoid admitting he was wrong. You can’t bullshit a virus.
Prior to all this i used to be of the opinion that while i tend to swing more Democrat, both sides are as bad as each other. After watching the Trump years, and particularly his handling of the pandemic it is clear that the Republicans are just completely incompetent.
Radclima :
The Republican party had always been and will always continue to be the great anchor holding this country down from achieving greatness

SirPhilbert :
Seriously, I think if you are intentionally unvaccinated you shouldn’t be allowed to receive Covid treatment in hospitals. The advancement of modern medicine has greatly interfered with Darwinism. Let these people die if they want too be idiots and put the rest of us at risk.

[deleted] :

[deleted] :
I am very much feeling the same way. You've articulated it beautifully.
Tsmitty247 :
The unvaccinated can go fuck themselves they’re the ones dragging this out
These are also the same losers that threw temper tantrums and refused to wear a mask last year. They tried to overthrow Michigan over a fucking mask. You think these people, who are afraid of everything, will suddenly become brave enough to get a little ouchey shot in the arm?
revdakilla :
It’s baffling how Republicans are willing to let this happen. They need these votes, instead of people dying. You’d think they’d want to save their seats. I drive for Uber here in NJ, and people are starting to get nasty about the masks. Anyways, I don’t feel sorry for people who don’t believe in science. I feel for the kids, they have no choice rn. But those dumb ass adults who can’t read a legitimate article on how this works deserve what they get.

The_Patriot :
I always wanted a "**NOT ONE RED CENT FOR TEXAS**" option on my income tax forms.
Add Florida too
Buulord :
Honestly I feel like my empathy is being used up entirely. I’m fed up with stupid people doing stupid things and then dragging everyone else with them. I half wish the worst would happen to them only because I honestly don’t think they’ll learn otherwise.
Yeah, I'm seeing this among almost all of the otherwise genuinely nice kindhearted progressives I know. I can't count how many times in the past few weeks someone in hushed tones has said something like "I know it's terrible, but I just don't care if they get Covid anymore." Personally I don't give a fuck if they get Covid, hit by a bus, OD on opiates, or get brain cancer. They are harming responsible people for NO FUCKING GAIN. I could almost understand it if they were getting something from it, but their idiocy is hurting them more than me. But the fact that it \*is\* hurting me has made me completely incapable of feeling anything for them at this point. Fuck 'em.
P0ltergeist333 :
Should have long ago made a public health requirement to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to group together. Just more coddling of those who act in purposeful bad faith to the clear detriment of public health. If you cannot protect society, you should not be allowed to participate in it.

ItsjustJim621 :
*Pro-Trump America has decided that vaccine refusal is a statement of identity and a test of loyalty.* Yet these people are also first in line to praise trump for Operation Warp Speed….can’t have it both ways
>can’t have it both ways I see you're unfamiliar with "pro Trump America's" mindset. Cognitive dissonance is their life.
dondee9si :
I’m angry at them. We are so lucky to have the vaccine widely available and other countries would give anything for it. My husband and I spent a year staying in the house. We were in the first group able to get the vaccine and we got it. We thought our nightmare was over. Who ruined it? The ones who refuse to be vaccinated! We looked forward to going to the movies and other things we used to do. Now I’m afraid to go out again. My health is crappy and even a light case would probably make me pretty sick because Delta is so strong.

Megotaku :
This is the political party that attacks gay and trans people, denies medical and climate science, worships fascism, claims racism doesn't exist in America, makes mask mandates to protect people a partisan political issue, claims their political opponents are pedophiles while doing everything they can to elect actual pedophiles like Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, and Roy Moore to political office, and so much more I could make this 10 paragraphs just discussing how much evil they are responsible for. I'll tell you what, let's make it a federal mandate that everyone who died without a vaccine who wasn't immunocompromised receives a "sorry for your loss card" with a message that says "thanks for doing the one thing you could do to improve the world: die." Republicans are evil and their suffering at their own hands amuses me. If you have even a shred of compassion for these monsters just consider how many people are **dead** and not just from covid19, but from lack of accessible healthcare every year at the hands of these people.

Jackadullboy99 :
> Yes, [the anti-vaxx community] have been deceived and manipulated by garbage TV, toxic Facebook content, and craven or crazy politicians. But these are the same people who keep talking about “personal responsibility.” In the end, the unvaccinated person himself or herself has decided to inflict a preventable and unjustifiable harm upon family, friends, neighbors, community, country, and planet. Well put.. hypocrisy is not an alibi.

[deleted] :
Reminds me of the story i saw on CBS nightly fucking news the other night. Guy in hospital with Covid says he STILL won’t get the vaccine. Doctor is interviewed right after and says: “how does he think he got treated? Plasma from people who go the vaccine.”
Druro :
As a healthcare worker, we are put in an impossible bind. We are still obligated to provide care for those who did not get vaccinated. This degree of exposure can put even those who are vaccinated at risk. I am sad and ashamed my fellow Americans care so little about their “Healthcare Heroes”.
Thanks for fighting the impossible fight. It would seems easier to accept if they were only hurting themselves, but the fact they are hurting so many along with them (including the very people trying to save their lives), is ridiculously infuriating. They love to call everyone sheep not realizing they are lemmings.
feixuhedao :
Yesterday the Florida Governor vowed freedom from mask mandates in schools, meaning my 8 year old can’t go to public school this year. I’m not going to put her in a situation where teachers and other students are trying to lure her into catching coronavirus and she has to say no. That’s… a really nightmarish thing for a kid, I think. And the lesson that your teachers and most adults are absolute morons isn’t really a great lesson for kids to learn, psychologically speaking. I had adults kind of fall apart around me as a teen and it caused me to pretty much hate everyone in authority. And if the whole world was full of people like me, well, that’s not good. I think this will have a serious impact on our societal collapse in that everyone is showing their morals on their sleeve to everyone else. I know who the bad people are now, and it’s a LOT of them. Mostly smug white people, it seems. I don’t know why it’s just they’re the ones who smugly flaunt their “freedoms”. If they get sick and die I don’t care anymore but they will spread disease to innocent people and hurt them maybe my own family. Fuck those people. I didn’t get the virus and I didn’t spread it to anyone. I refuse to participate in this idiocy. But what do I do now? I guess I have to pay for a private school that requires masking.

ZombMonster :
As an essential employee who has worked through this entire thing, I have no compassion left. I had coworkers who threw temper tantrums about wearing masks and many who proudly flouted the rule when work put it in place. I had listen to endless Facebook propaganda fron those same coworkers. I have a medical history that put me at risk of increased death if I caught the virus and it enraged me to no end to see how little some Americans care for others. I didn't see my family for a year and a half. I didn't go anywhere (including the gym) that wasn't absolutely necessary and even then, I tried to be on and out as quickly as possible. I did everything I could to avoid catching, waiting for my turn to vaccinate. My workplace had probably a dozen people who had it and I had to pray and hope the entire time I didn't accidentally catch it. My supervisor got it that first February and everyone saw how he had to deal with long haul Covid (and I had to constantly and gently remind people of this at work). My eye eye doctor caught it and he ended up hospitalized and almost died. I'm done. Mandated the vaccine. Require proof of it and make it impossible to do anything if you are not vaccinated. I'm done picking up the slack of others, doing my part while others refuse and throw temper tantrums. This last year and a half has killed my patience of dealing with those who choose to be willfully ignorant and unrepentantly spiteful.

Graphics_Nerd :
>Experts list many reasons for the vaccine slump, but one big reason stands out: vaccine resistance among conservative, evangelical, and rural Americans. **Pro-Trump America** has decided that vaccine refusal is a **statement of identity and a test of loyalty.** What an terrible hill to *literally* die on. "Yep, I'm a fucking moron! Whad'er you gonna do about it!" Next week "Please, please give me the vaccine." as the doctors intubate.
>Next week "Please, please give me the vaccine." as the doctors intubate. [This guy] ( literally was intubated because he didn't get vaccinated and said afterward that he would rather go through that again than get the vaccine "because that's their agenda".