They aren't wrong

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ChuckBoBuck :
This is obviously the suburban headquarters of pharmaceutical company
Complete with way too expensive sculpture that represents the "spirit and ideals" of the company and that everybody has to walk by mumbling to themselves:"Fuckers paid 70 grand for some twisted metal but for some reason we can't afford a fucking wireless printer."
Carburetors_are_evil :
Ah yes, a CS:GO map contest runner up looking house.
Aden-Wrked :
Maybe Donald Glover will move in and make everything go full circle.
Troy and Abed in the mooorning
delugetheory :
Maybe the real estate agent who sold it to him told him that it had a lot of class.
And a lot of glass.
Madiemm33 :
Well you’ll certainly get a lot of light if you buy it
You get a lot of light standing in a plain too. Source: am a leaf
dae_giovanni :
is he downsizing into a Trade School? damn, that's rough.
No he’s upgrading to an Ivy League Law School that looks like a 15th century castle off the coast of Scotland.
sillyandstrange :
Times are tough. Sometimes you have to move out of your community college.
That's a nice looking community college though.
NerdyBirdyAZ :
for tech, cosmetology or healthcare?
Wearyoulikeafeedbag :
It looks like the HQ of a mid-sized oilfield services company.

redcutter123 :
Community college do be looking nice though
Certainly better than a McMansion.
Pak1stanMan :
This actually looks like the cc across my street haha

RangerAdventurous599 :
I only wanted 1% of that money :(

DJCyberman :
I'm going to a damn tech school and it doesn't even look that nice. Damn I'm getting ripped off

soannoyed86 :
I’ve never understood why somebody would want to live in a glass house. At night when you turn on the lights, anybody walking by is going to see you. It’s spooky
I assure you there's a fence and gate that on it's own costs more than a nice house
SpongeRobTheKing :
I'd take that as a compliment
Same I don't see how that's an insult. It's still pretty witty and funny though
sentientlob0029 :
Looks like a modern university meant for hundreds of people rather than a mansion.

lemme_skip_this_part :
That look like a hospital

foxyexemike :
What community community college did u go to 🤨
I went to two. One was old, brick, and square. Standard and boring. The second, which was in a larger, nicer city looked similar to this.
Rodric12 :
What is it with rich people and their ugly houses... Do they just have too much money to spend it on good things?
It has all the charm of an out patient surgery center.
[deleted] :
Stolen joke from the LA Times

atticanmedusoid :
Dude has class
A few classes inside actually
5sectomakeacc :
They aren't wrong True This is the truth This An interesting title They're right though Bad titles used to get downvoted.
Thought you were having a stroke until the end there
Bgfinster445 :
I don’t really understand how this is a insult
His house is so ugly it looks like a middle of the pack commercial building. That’s really specific and rare. But if building comparisons don’t offend you… your mama house needed door so wide the agent just sold her an airplane hanger.