Tell me who relates

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Jaron5_55 :
Shit it's the opposite with me. My parents probably wondered why they got the most careful kid in the universe. My dad had to beg me to go do "bad things" lol
Same. One time my parents left me alone for a week and I made a joke about throwing a wild house party and my mom said "you have no idea how relieved that would make us."
impeneau :
I had my “let’s get into this building that is still under construction phase” that was addicting
Loyalist_Pig :
Me and a friend of mine looked way older for our age at 15-16, and snuck into every club and bar in the city. Fortunately, nothing ever happened to her, but there were a *lot* of sketchy moments. And at the time we would just laugh about it and drive home drunk. Also one time, I hooked up with this woman who was clearly in her 30s at a club when I was probably 16. I still feel gross about it.
Lol... thsts the kind of shit i did and worse, bars, whores, fights, i am embarrased at what an a__hole i was
IraTheDragon :
No clue how I'm still alive. Going from one death defying feat to another. I'm starting to think I'm immortal or just the luckiest guy this side of the earth.
Or it’s all a simulation and you’re the main character. Edit: typo
ThisIsMockingjay2020 :
I had coming home drunk down to a science in high school. I knew if I went straight to my room, she'd come in and pester me. So I'd sit on the stairs and talk to my mom for a while and act as sober as possible, then tell her I was tired and go to bed. I don't think I fooled my older siblings, but I fooled her. If I bring it up now, 30 years later, she'll deny I ever partied in high school.
Same here! I remember being on acid and walking in at 11 excepting my mom to be fast asleep. She was up late because of something going on on the news. So I had my first ever long-form conversation with mom on acid and she had no idea.
RavenWingTheCat :
I hope I’m not the only one who can’t relate to things like this.. I haven’t done anything crazy yet and I don’t want to regret not doing anything crazy when I’m older.
Same here, had a very mellow childhood. Helicopter mom that made it hard to get up to anything crazy, and the fear of that took all the fun out of something anyway. I’m still pretty young but what’s helped me feel fulfilled in this way is spontaneous trips. On your way home from work and the sunset looks too pretty to ignore? Find a good spot and stop to watch. See a cool event you didn’t know about happening? Pull over and check it out. And last but not least, if it’s your thing, check out a camping music festival sometime. No obligations to anybody to do anything or be anywhere, you can just run around and meet new people or explore weird hidden art exhibits. I’ve found some “secret” hidden places and it’s such a thrill (even though they’re meant to be found if you’re looking, it’s not like I was trespassing but it felt special in a much better way. Secret bars or art exhibits, etc) If that’s not your thing I still recommend some sort of impulsive trip whether it’s camping or a night at a hotel in a cool city. There’s something special about doing something without any obligations to do anything or be anywhere.
theundercoverpapist :
All the time, actually. In fact, for several decades now I've felt horribly guilty for the time my buddy and I walked around his neighborhood, breaking into houses to set off smoke bombs in their living/family rooms. We didn't steal anything. Just lit smoke bombs. If I could remember which houses they were, I'd stop by an apologize... And that's not even beginning to scratch the surface of my childhood/adolescent shenanigans. God, I was an ill-behaved, little shit.
I stole a flag from the top of a granary when I was around 14 or 15. It still hangs in my shed and the place I stole it from never replaced it. I've thought about taking it back to them.
AVeryAngryMailman :
I’m so boring that no, I can’t think of those things…
Haha me too
GooseJaw :
Unfortunately we were the lucky ones who survived. If you think about it you know people who didn’t. Either they didn’t pull out of the substance abuse spiral, or they didn’t survive the same stupid stunts we did. I know several examples of both unfortunately. Drugs were by far the worst of the two. Stay away from heroin kids. Your childhood friends don’t want to go to your funeral.
Yeah, the stupid shit group i hung around with when i was young has seen WAY more funerals than weddings since we've parted ways. It's sad.
NekoSaiyajin :
I went to actual drug distribution centres and places gang and mafias would rent to sell their services. There was this one firefighter headquarter that had a huge fenced perimeter in the middle of our country's capital. It was pretty normal, kinda big for a firefighter headquarters, even had a small football field inside the perimeter. My older friends just took me there, we passed by the gates where the guards were guarding and they didn't care at all. We went to a zone that had a small building. It had a bar inside full of shady people. Guys with dreadlocks, crackheads, skinheads, lots of girls, some of them really hot. Some playing cards or billiards or drinking and talking. Groups in corners that were obviously selling and/or doing drugs. Tables full of bricks of hash and coke. I was 14, they were 16. We played billiards the whole night with the black guys with rastas and got drunk, it was awesome.
Firefighters? I'm imagining dudes wearing fire retardant coats and fire engines lol.
ItsMrQ :
I remember distinctly walking home from school one time and being stopped by a couple of guys and told to go with them to their car. And i went. And they asked me how old I was and what my parents did for a living. I guess they must of guessed we were poor as fuck cuz they let me go.
There had been a string of business robberies on this major street I worked on (a karate school). Well one day some one comes in the door, and right away he was acting sketchy. He picked up some pamphlets on the counter trying to look non-chalant, but one was for a home make-up business (Avon) that one of the parents had asked if they could set out. As he was asking generic questions, one was "how's business?" as his hand was steadily sneaking around to his back. "Well it's a karate school, so there no money in it. You do it because you love it. Plus I don't know how well I'm doing until the end of the month because all the parents direct deposit directly to the bank." His hand immediately moved away from his back and he politely BSed his way out the door. Benefits of being poor.
DyingMustSuck :
I spent a decent amount of time in Paris’ catacombs at that age. Just remembering the dark tunnels makes me claustrophobic. No UV blue though.
I had forgotten about UV blue for the longest time. It was a cheap, easy to drink, Berry flavored hard alcohol. Just reading those words made me puke a little in my mouth. UV blue and Bacardi Limon… can’t drink that shit anymore.
PackagingMSU :
This is actually way to specific to something I have actually done. Take this down.
We know what you did...
wolfgang784 :
Oh man yea lol. My 15th bday where I smoked weed for the first time ended crazt. Me, my best friend then, and 3 complete stranger adults we met at the drug dealers house across town, were all huddled under 1 large umbrella in heavy rain struggling to light several badly and hastily made blunts in an alley a bit after midnight.
how did you even pull that off without dying
Das_user :
I can relate

anbx81 :
At 15, my friend and I decided to hitch-hike home from a neighbour town, a 30 minute drive, on a Saturday night at around midnight. Ofc we anticipated that two super-hot guys would stop and give us a ride. Our excitement went through the roof when a yellow sports car stopped, and then said excitement plummeted through the ground when we saw that the driver was a 40/50-something man, far from super-hot. We got in anyway, as we were cold and wanted to go home. Initially we chatted about everything and nothing, but after 15 mins or so the guy put his hand on my friends knee (she was in the front passenger seat), as he was telling us how he always kept swimtrunks in the car in case he wanted to go for a midnight swim. He wondered if we knew any good places for swimming at night. Enter creepy mode. We had told him where he could drop us off along the road, but when we came to that place he blatantly ignored our directions and kept driving. He drove through our town, as we came to the town center we again told him he would drop us off- and he just kept driving, out of town. At this point we were both pretty scared. At the edge of our town is a gas station, this was sort of the last stop before a 20 minute drive to the next town. He was headed that way and we started to realise why our parents had told us to not get in the car with strangers. As we passed the gas station we saw some of our friends there, and told him he could just drop us off there as our friends could take us home. Imagine our relief when he actually pulled over and stopped and let us out. We were freaking out when we ran to our friends and had them drive us home. This is 25 years ago now, and as an adult I realise what a potentially horrible situation that could have turned into. We thought we were cool as heck and that since we were two, we would be safe. That guy could easily have overpowered us and raped or even killed us. If I had kids I would have flipped out if I knew they were in a situation like that and I didn't dare to tell my mom about that situation until I had passed 30. I have never hitch-hiked again, and I don't think my friend has either.

sleepsholyfoothill :
Sleeping in my car downtown in a city where people were regularly murdered sleeping in their cars. I mean, I didn't know that at the time.

andesmint94 :
Told my mom I was staying at a friend's place for a weekend. Drove 10 hrs across state lines to see a girl. Hit a deer while I was in the other state, luckily I saw it in time and slowed down enough that I just clipped it. Car was fine, just a bit of damage to the fender. Drove back home and told my parents I'd just hit it on my way home from my friends house. Lol. Can't imagine how bad it would have been had I hit it centered at the 65mph speed limit, it was a small car too. Definitely would have gone through my windshield. This happened late at night on a rural highway without much traffic.

Embraceduality :
there is no way i would have let you keep the bottle
Rigor Morty
wriddell :
When I turned 21 my dad goes "now what are you going to do you've been everywhere you weren't supposed go?".

Disney_Princess137 :
Truth. In Italy, we met these guys on the street ( ! ) Got into their car and went to a PRISON, that was closed and was a big party in the courtyard. We were nuts to trust and I would NEVER do that now. Sooooo much fun though and thank god they were normal guys and didn’t kidnap us and sell our organs.

_Dragocat_ :
I mean, I was a serial book theif from my second grade classroom, and my teacher is scary as hell.

50_hero :
I live in a pretty shabby area, and in my adventurous teen years i would go to these places to feel the thrill, it felt pretty good until i heard the first gunshot and a body flopped on the floor, i still don't know how i survived a bullet to the hip.

Creationiskey :
Well, my mom was a punk rocker in the 80’s and constantly complained that we were “Golden Children” and to live life a little. So I think I’m good!

BadMuthaFunka :
This really hits home, if my kid is ANYTHING like I was… I’m in for some interesting sleepless nights

throwdeo :
We survived mostly because crimes and accidents are both less common than our 24 hour media cycle leads us to believe. When all you hear about are shootings and kidnappings, you expect them to be common. Turns out they really aren't terribly. You're far, far more likely to die in a boring way like being hit by a car within a half mile of your own home.

SeanGlobal :
Yeah, but instead it was gang shit and hypnotiq

SleevesMcDichael :
I mainly just climbed shit that I wasn't supposed to - water towers, abandoned downtown buildings, cell towers, etc. Never got caught once.

j4321g4321 :
This is true. I feel like we have nine lives from the teenage to college years lol

Lectric_Eye :
So many times so many stupid places. At about ten years old, we had a club of “ secret investigators “ We thought we were like the Scooby Doo gang. There was a recently burned down house in the woods that we believed was connected to and caused by a murder. No such thing was of any truth. We went inside , all four of us 10 year old girls , climbing up a badly burned staircase. We should have fallen through the steps, we should have fallen through the floors upstairs. It was a death trap for a child. But there we were, too stupid to know better, looking for clues the entire time.

iMacintoshPlus :
Am I the only person that didn’t do crazy shit at that age and just chilled at home

ShirtStainedBird :
Or a bottle of REV Ina field, snow up to my knees on 24-May weekend.

pettypeasant42 :
Not only am I lucky to be alive, I’m lucky to not have a criminal record. The cute, innocent white girl privilege I used to the max! The amount of cringe I have when I think about what I’ve done…goddamnit little me what were you doing!

Cthulhuhoop :
Ah, going to a shitty punk show at a shitty dive bar and smoking pot in the door-less bathroom stall in the door-less, sink-less bathroom. Oh to be 16 again.

Endersgaming4066 :
Jesus Christ, I’m reading all of these and realizing I didn’t have a childhood

jeenyus :
I'm from Detroit, my teenage years were spent exploring abandoned buildings in the area.

[deleted] :
I’m so lucky to be alive. Got lost by myself in Nuevo Laredo when we drove across the border to go party (cocaine, booze)…people wanted to effing buy me. I was only 17. 2 firefighters from Laredo happened to be there and saved me. Incredibly naive and stupid. I’ve got plenty more “genius moment” stories but that one popped in my head 1st!

GonzoRouge :
I'm relatively sober now but I recently caught up with a friend of mine that knew me at my absolute worst when he himself was deep into coke. I'll always remember what he said because I never took the time to appreciate the impact during that time of my life. He said: "I've seen many people pound rails all night long, I've seen people pop pills all night long, but I've never seen anyone mix like you. I've never seen anyone do as much as you and I'm frankly amazed you're still alive, I don't understand how you survived when I barely did and I seemed reasonable compared to you." Having an ex-junkie tell you he almost died trying to keep up with you is...scary. I was at a bar with him once and the bartender ended up calling an ambulance for me, as I was unconscious in the bathroom. When the paramedics showed up, I guess the uppers overcame everything else because I told them to fuck off and walked home. On my 25th birthday last year, I realized I was on 7 different drugs and felt *nothing*, that's when I decided to make a change. I wasn't having fun, I was just as empty as I ever was and I found nothing in drugs. At the height of my abuse, I was drinking and smoking weed multiple times a day, popped 3-4 speed a day, rolled on MDMA 3 times a week and dropped LSD twice a week. That's not counting all the shit I took from friends like ketamine, coke, xan, meth, etc. I don't think I ever hit rock-bottom, I'm not sure rock-bottom exists. It can always get worse and you can always go lower, it just depends when you get tired.

Blues-Boi :
Never, really. I think I’ve gone to “shady” places before, but as long as I was with at least one or two friends or with my parents they didn’t care. They trusted me to not drink, do drugs, smoke, steal, or jump out windows and I never did. Also good thing I made friends with people who never drank or at least hid it from me and never told me to drink. Most “illegal” thing I ever did in highschool was sit in a freezing parking lot by a motorcycle store at like 11 at night and screem for a bit but no one bothered us and all the drinks we had were just slushees. So there was never any need for me to lie to my parents about where I was, because all the fun places I went I was with friends and my parents were just pretty cool. :3

PickledPlumPlot :
How in the hell were you people going to sketchy places when you were 15 I didn't have a car until I was 17. Edit: I've come to realize that there exist places outside the suburbs that you can get around in without a car

[deleted] :
I do, I do. They have no idea 😆

Normal-Elevator-926 :
i used to always sneak out alone, and i’ve gone through this sketchy bridge multiple times with groups of men lurking and im shocked that im still intact, because considering my height, i look very much like a kid.

elementaltheboi :
Yes especially when I hung around drug dealers a lot and lied to my parents where I was all day

scout_410 :
Bruh the UV blue part is too real

gordon_rattmann :
u guys are lucky, i never did that. welp, im 18, time to do it now IG

shadow-124 :
As a 16 year old I can happily say that I have barely done anything fun sketchy or memorable since the start of 2020 I didn’t do a single fucking thing during the age of 15