On Facebook, quoting 'Dune' gets you suspended while posting COVID and vaccine misinformation gets you recommended | ZDNet

DevestatingAttack :
Man, you won't believe how long I got banned for merely quoting the scene in pulp fiction where Quentin Tarantino is trying to helpfully inform Samuel l Jackson and John Travolta that he has no spare room for storing anything.
“My dear friend Jules. While I understand you situation and the dire circumstances that lead you and your associate to seek my assistance. I must reiterate, that my humble abode is not, and never will be, a receptacle in which you may store deceased African American cadavers.” -Quentin Tarantino, probably.
[deleted] :
this is like saying "I will kill you" and then an article says he "got suspended for saying the word 'you'"
thecravenone :
He posted "I will kill you" and then got suspended. It's not like they suspended him for posting the litany against fear.
No no, your honor, he clearly said "[The Bart The](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaXigSu72A4)", must be a mistake.
Mathesar :
Man complaining about misinformation writes article with a clickbait headline to propagate his own misinformation, more news at 11. Jason Perlow, you are part of the problem.
Calling the author out!! Yes!
t0ny7 :
I got banned on twitter for making threats because I had the words "go die" together in a sentence. I had someone tell me that people with pre-existing conditions don't deserve to receive healthcare and I replied "So you are saying people with a pre-existing conditions deserve to go die in a gutter if they can't afford expensive healthcare?" They even manually reviewed it and said I made a threat. So stupid.
I was permabant for responding to a threat by joking that I’d squeeze their head. Twitter had no choice but to shut down my terror spree before someone got hurt.
TheGreatDingALing :
Obviously OP didn't read it. All for the fake internet points.
Wait is there any other kind of Internet points?
itstommygun :
This is an absolutely stupid article. He basically threatened someone’s life without specifying someone. I would hope someone saying “I will kill you” gets looked at closely.
Pretty much any reference to killing is going to get reported on Facebook. Usually on Reddit too for that matter. People will mash that "report" button if there's any hint it's not a joke. Facebook people are really bad at Internet sarcasm too. Witty quotes just go over their heads most of the time.
ghostcharm_blue :
Did op even read the article

aure__entuluva :
>I plan to see the new adaptation, but the 1984 film will likely remain the definitive version for me. Oh no! The writer of the article is a moron.
Could be worse, they could be saying the new books were good.
NacreousFink :
Very clearly Facebook believes Mark Zuckerberg is the kwisatz haderach.

onanoc :
I don't know why this is so difficult for people to understand. No one from facebook reads your posts so, duh, they will get taken out of context by the ban bot, and you will be banned for posting a threat to someone's life. By the time you appeal, the ban will be over, though. And, posting misinformation cannot be so easily banned, since the bot will not know the information is not accurate. Youtube works similarly: the other day I set up the restricted mode for kids, so now they cannot watch the yoga for kids videos we were so fond of, because the yoga instructor is wearing tights and youtube must mistake her for some sexy pop star twerking to sell her art.

thor-e :
Shitty article, the guy is just angry and complaining
Angry people complaining encompasses a large part of the content that gets made these days
praetorfenix :
Quoting Game of Thrones on Twitter gets a ban now too. Try tweeting “All Men Must Die”.

Slapchop420 :
The writer is an idiot! You go and quote an amazing movie/story and the quote you choose is a death threat… *scratches chin* I don’t know why they suspended you. /s

Sawatdeekrap :
Downvote this sensationalized headline and help rid this world of fake outrage. EDIT: it was at 300 when I said this. It is now 500. There is no hope.
You were expecting people to read the article or the comments instead of just reacting emotionally? Edit: 9.5k now
[deleted] :

Skullface360 :
I have been suspended multiple times for saying the most mundane anti Trump and Republican posts. I truly believe Facebook is a right wing application.

SquirrelGod9000 :
Every time I see something like this, I am so glad that I never signed up for FB.

AzFullySleeved :
People still have FB?

[deleted] :
Facebook is a joke. I got a restriction notice when I replied to a Trump supporter who was posting misinformation. He didn’t like my response so he reported it as bullying. Facebook is suspending and restricting the wrong people.

ThatMangoAteMyBaby :
Posting I will kill you is a nobrainer ban.

sh0ckwavevr6 :
Once i got 30 days ban for sharing a 9gag meme... Since that i barely share thing on FB ...

GlitteryCakeHuman :
I got banned for graphic nudity for posting a picture of the ballchinnian from men in black 2. I also got banned for “hate speech” commenting “😂 fucking Americans” on some silly stuff.

ReluctantMastermind :
A year ago I was given a 30 day ban from Facebook, mainly because I called a white supremacist a bad name 🤷🏻‍♂️ After that I decided Facebook is trash and I haven't been back since

Metzae :
I'm currently on a 30-day ban for making what was obviously a joke that the algorithms took out of context.

tocksin :
I feel like this article is misinformation itself. Which is ironic considering it’s complaining about misinformation. You can’t say “i will kill you” and then be shocked you were given a slap on the wrist.

ZZXplosion :
Facebook is seriously messed up. I got suspended for quoting Huckleberry Finn. SMH.
Was it about a character named Jim?
NastyKnate :
ive been on facebook since 2007. no strikes on my account until july 2020. since then ive had comments removed, a couple 7 day bans, and im not rocking my 2nd 30 day ban. trust me when i say i was comment muuuuch worse things in 2007 than i am today lol i have literally had people threaten to kill me only for me to get banned for telling them to be better. and its not because people are reporting the comment. i will hit enter and immediately i get a popup that ive been suspended im not going to pretend to understand how facebook systems work for removing comments and suspending people. all i know is that system is broken hard.

bordain_de_putel :
Why are people still using Facebook despite everything that has come out of it in the news?

we-em92 :
Not that it’s particularly related but... Facebook is a joke. They have the least regulated information on the internet and they have the gall to say Biden is throwing accusations around when probably 80% of the country believes Facebook is a problem now. But they say 80% of the people on their platform are vaccinated; what standard are they using for burden of proof because I remember a time when they required me to show them my ID to keep my Facebook page. Are they doing the same for vaccinated people, I really doubt it.

kevinds :
I know people who were suspended from Facebook for quoting the 'Home Alone' movie.. Of course my Facebook account was permanently banned after I said "Who is the criminal?" to an article... Downloaded all my Facebook data, it was less than 20MB... Good example why NOT to use Facebook to sign into services.

No_Success_754 :
People still use Facebook?

HumanChicken :
The best day to quit Facebook was yesterday. The second best time is now.

therankin :
Why is anyone still using Facebook?

AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren :
Protip: Facebook is absolute garbage, I got fed up and noped-the-f#@& out over a year ago. I don't miss it.

Onlytheonethatlived :
How bout just leave facebook and delete accounts. Every day w this fb shit. Its broke. Been broke. Leave.

Blueyourmyboy1 :
I got suspended for 30 days when I post “600,000 more American killed because of lack of leadership”. All their monitors are right wing, why suspend for posting the truth- that’s Fakebook.

George_Skittle :
Well yeah....Facebook fucking sucks.

Juno10666 :
Facebook is the new 4chan

RustyPwner :
Easy fix: don't use Facebook.

WestCactus :
Facebook is such trash. Seriously, get rid of it, and you'll be amazed at how little you even miss it.

[deleted] :
Did you read the article? The quote was: > "I will kill you!" The Facebook algorithm must have taken it as an actual threat. Kinda dumb, but the algorithm had no way of knowing it was a movie quote.
Prolifik206 :
What a stupid article. Outlines the damned if they do damned if they don’t by these people.

Will-I-Am-A-Gamer :
My parents and my sisters keep telling me to get Facebook. Never had and never will.

UR77Meteorit :
Got banned for posting “sexy” pictures along a private thread on my “own” page, banned again for answering to a friend of mine “Science bitch!” on a private thread on my page and another ban for another sexy picture that I photoshopped as a reply to a friend of mine on a thread on my page. Rules are rules, fine with that. But just as the article points out, how are those curse words or nipples more hurtful than antivaxx pages or groups (some of them are public)? So it was time to say bye to Fuckerberg. That and the shitty targeted ads. Suggesting churches pages to me, an atheist…

Eddy_Monies :
“Fear is the mind killer. Covid is the body killer.”- Paul Atreides, prbly

spicyartichokefowl :
Yum yum yum reddit back at it again upvoting wothout actually reading

Lcc96 :
Facebook is hell on Earth.