I think this belongs here.

clocksforsale :
@ indonesia and @ monaco
Geoguessr battle royale trolling intensifies
XLM462 :
Haiti added a fucking jpeg
"Do I look like I know what a JPEG is? I just want a goddang picture of my coat of arms." - Haiti
Ramguy2014 :
Not the 1936 Olympics fact I thought I was gonna get…
[Germany used one half-Jewish athlete to prevent the Olympics from being boycotted.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helene_Mayer)
Pimp-My-Giraffe :
Someone should tell Chad and Romania...
I imagine chad and romania at the olympics just giving each other the side eye 😒
kdeeneyzz :
Thankfully their embarrassment was overshadowed by the rise of fascism.
Phew. That would’ve been awkward😅
Gonoles1851 :
Haiti added the coat of arms WAY before this.
Yeah but the Liechtenstein part is true.
ohmanger :
As far as I can tell the flags wouldn't have been identical at the time - Haiti adopted a design with the coat of arms much earlier but the whole revolution thing makes it a bit hard to tell exactly when ([source](https://www.haiti.org/flag-and-coat-of-arms/) \- correct me if I'm wrong!). Although maybe the plain bicolour was still popular. Also Haiti didn't go to the 1936 Olympics.
Civil flag was 2 bands, national and military had coat of arms. Liechtenstein changed it so people didn’t think it was Haiti parading.
-NGC-6302- :
Classic bicolor flags

MrBeer4me :
... after the 1936 Olympics, the Haitians mistakenly flew to Lichtenstein, and the Lichtensteinians mistakenly flew to Haiti which resulted in the ‘No-takesies-backsies’ treaty of 1936. In 1952 the treaty was reversed when it was litigated that the Haitians had their fingers crossed the whole time. When asked about the National Tet-a-tet, the Dominican Republic went on record responding, “¿Que?”

conjectureandhearsay :
It makes sense given that the countries themselves are quite similar
I'm racking my brain and I literally cannot think of two countries more similar than Haiti and Liechtenstein.
greyetch :
While we're on the topic, moment of silence for all of the cool flags and symbols that can never be used because the stupid knucklehead nazis ruined them. Shit, even the all red design with a black emblem is immediately suspect now. Fuck them, dude, smh.
Yeah. Such bullshit. Next equality flag should steal some of the less infamous symbols back.
Gadget100 :
At which Olympics did Liechtenstein and the UK discover that their national anthems have the same tune? /s
At the paralympics deaf competition, when they both hired the same sign language guy
kr4t0s007 :
Why didn't they just look it up on the internet.

s1gnalZer0 :

bigbrother2030 :
Here you go: [Link \#1](https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/#?src=https%3A%2F%2Fres.cloudinary.com%2Fdsy3ysgra%2Fimage%2Fupload%2Fv1627055360%2Ffpq32liohvcptduqcmrl.png) ***** Beep boop I'm a bot. If I'm broken please contact [\/u\/Lunar_Requiem](http://reddit.com/user/Lunar_Requiem)
efeneh :
Did anyone else notice one of the Polish athletes waving a Singapore flag at the opening ceremony?

MidnightSun77 :

AccessTheMainframe :
This is only partly true: >The crown was added to the flag in 1937 after the country found out at the Summer Olympics held the previous year that their flag was identical to the civil flag of Haiti. Haiti *always* had the coat of arms on their national flag, or at least since the mid 19th century. It was their *civil flag* that had no coat of arms, and their civil flag remains unchanged.

TheWeighToTheHeart :
Also, sorta amazed that Lichtenstein even had a team for the ‘36 Olympics….
Half the country must have been on the team.
D1WithTheFluffyHair :
That's probably the 2nd best thing to occur in the whole 1936 games
Jesse Owens n1
stencilizer :
Russia's flag is just the same (dating back to 17th century), but they obviously used the Soviet Union flag in 1936. [The presidential version](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQijoBd-KdU0I6KV4zRbvs0ENyxei-oausDvqFPEVdjE4RfnQYUhpxtHhHEsgGtfa08980&usqp=CAU) has a coat of arms too.

LyMaxertty979 :
nice, love knowing history facts about flags

doscervezas2017 :
Can someone please make that Spiderman meme with Haiti and Liechtenstein pointing at one another?
The colour scheme will stay the same
Tip_ddnt :
I think Poland could also start adding their eagle! It is quite pretty in my opinion, and it would make them more distinguishable.

panzercheddar :
Sadly, Haiti didn't know about transparent jpegs.

Mongolium :
I wonder where the 1936 ceremony took place.
Berlin, Germany.
eidbio :
They saved the world two boring bicolor flags
Don't tell him about Irish flags
7355135061550 :
Yet another reason to hate the Olympics. Spawned a flag with a COA on it

IAmSeamonkey :
I'm just imagine Hitler watching the countries make their entrance and thinking "hank on ein minute..."

Um_ironbanner12342 :
1936 *where?*
Berlin, a free and modern city where people just want peace and harmony and the government definitely isn't about to start another world war and carry out a genocide. Speaking of genocide, the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing.
ragsoftime :
Liechtenstein's national anthem also uses the same tune as "God Save the Queen". If anyone is interested, I host a podcast about obscure places, and we did [an episode](https://80dayspodcast.com/2017/08/07/liechtenstein/) on Liechtenstein a couple of years ago. It's a fascinating place.

MartiniPolice21 :
I wish I could have seen their faces when they realised

Riley31415 :
I always forget that there were other things going on during the 1936 olympics

LancasterNotYork :
I just wish Haiti would get rid of the white box on theirs

BayzedNatSoc :
The 1936 olympics were historic in many ways. It created many traditions we still follow today.

ARedstone :
that is a fun fact!

qqqrrrs_ :

TripleCurl :
1936 what a year to be alive

neverleave173 :
They obviously didn't get out much

mr-dogshit :
Also, [Lichtenstein's national anthem](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE4mEkH7Qbk) uses the same melody as the [UK's "God Save the Queen"](https://youtu.be/I8KSAtos-dk?t=16).
yes, anthems are kind of fun because the song existed before the UK adapted it as their anthem, some other countries use it as well. it‘s kind of like as if germany would now adapt „o tannenbaum“ as their anthem and everyone else would know it as a christmas carol.
pmcd_com :
I’m not saying r/vexillologycirclejerk lol.

axolotlzoo :
Haiti 👉 👈Liechtenstein

theAlienTourist :

xratedcheese :
Next Olympics, they bump into each other and notice that Haiti's coat of arms looks exactly like Liechtenstein's crown.

LilBoi07 :
Didn’t stop Indonesia and Monaco, and Romania and Chad

TubaJesus :
The US also stopped dipping its flag to the host nation during the opening ceremonies at this point as well. It had been an intermittent thing prior to that but it has never been official policy to do so ever since.