Deadly coral disease sweeping Caribbean linked to wastewater from ships

SavageCucmber :
Wouldn't it be cool if humans stopped destroying everything?
Wouldn't it be cool if people were accountable for their actions.
HenryCorp :
> A virulent and fast-moving coral disease that has swept through the Caribbean could be linked to waste or ballast water from ships, according to research. > It spreads faster than most coral diseases and has an unusually high mortality rate among the species most susceptible to it, making it potentially the most deadly disease ever to affect corals. More than 30 species of coral are susceptible. It was found in Jamaica in 2018, then in the Mexican Caribbean, Sint Maarten and the Bahamas, and has since been detected in 18 other countries. > The deadly infection, known as stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD), was first identified in Florida in 2014, and has since moved through the region, causing great concern among scientists.
We can't afford to not maximize the profits. Think of all the money left on the table. Will someone please think of the money‽
StarSeed0000 :
Pyrogenesis would completely solve this issue if these ships would invest in their waste disposal tech or governments would help the transition. We should be pushing to equip all ships with their offerings. The US has already equipped some of their ships with plasma waste disposal. Waste goes in, reusable material and energy come out.
This seems to be mostly linked to ballast water, rather than more traditional wastewater; the issue is that ballast water loaded at one port may contain the relevant pathogen, and when it is dumped at the next port (to allow for cargo to be added), the pathogen escapes into the water of that next port. The sheer volume of ballast in cargo ships is enormous. Unless I misunderstand what you mean by pyrogenisis (I looked it up), the energy required to vaporize and then ionize the ballast would be, well, also gargantuan. It’s probably much more efficient to treat the water via some other means, or to not use seawater as ballast in the first place—ports could start using closed-cycle ballast systems by keeping (comparatively sterile) ballast in large tanks to be used as a common resource. Desalination of the ballast is also an option; kill two birds with one stone by offloading ballast and then desalinating it to use as drinking water rather than dumping it in the sea. If this were raw sewage, it would be a different issue. It’s still possible it’s a product of raw sewage rather than ballast water, but the prevailing hypothesis is that it is a pathogen carried in the ballast.
KimJongsDongUnMyFace :
I work in the industry. Biofouling enforcement is becoming more and more relevant to protecting the oceans, unfortunately the companies that cause most of the contamination and spread of diseases are much to rich to be affected by the fines given out. I work in New Zealand for reference. We were the first country to introduce import standards for biofouling, hopefully more nations will follow suit and the impact can be reduced.

Slouchingtowardsbeth :
I'm so glad billions of tax dollars bailed these guys out. Next let's donate some money to whoever kills the most baby seals.
There's no way humans haven't already done that.
crelp :
Maybe the cruise lines will use some of that billions in government bailouts to help restore the reefs they're poisoning....
Yeah, and monkeys may fly out of my butt!
BadnewzSHO :
So they have known about this for 7 years now? They know what and who is the cause of it, yet it continues still. Perfect. Must be nice to be an unaccountable corporation or rich asshole who just doesn't care about anyone but their own needs and wants. What is stopping the government from patrolling those bays and absolutely bending boat/ship/yacht owners over the railings and driving the point home that the world doesn't belong to them?

HegelsBikeMechanic :
Cruise ships are the pinnacle of McDonaldized capitalism. Over eating Gambling Overpriced drinks Mass consumption of resources. Dump waste anywhere Spread diaease Fuck up economies Hop from one beach port to the next with the same corporate shops at each port. "Hey, its Senior Frogs, but this time its in Barbados!"
Add to your list the horrific dredging required In the shallow water Caribbean ports and the huge plumes of sediment they kick up every time they come in and out. They’re really awful.
pinkpekker :
literally shitting on nature atm we are

LittleLuckyCosplay :
Man this sucks. The corals that it affects most viciously (small polyped stony corals) are a very vulnerable and slow growing type of coral—but they’re also some of the most integral for reef structural integrity and biodiversity. It will be really hard for reefs to recover from this :(
There is no recovery for coral reefs. Before life on earth becomes finally merely impossible, it will for a long time before have become completely unbearable.
mojocookie :
Couldn't help but think that this is a real-life example of trickle-down in action.
“But just wait it will work I swear! Now quit trying to make us pay more in taxes!”, said the enraged billionaire
Hard-Hand :
I'm tired of living in this timeline. Someone bring back the gorilla, please.
I’m a firm believer that the death of Harambe was the catalyst to everything wrong and put is on a completely separate timeline
nightly_nukes :
"Why is this generation so hopeless and doomer?" We are literally seeing the world collapse in 4k HD.

POCKETB00K1337 :
We are gross!

Then_Translator_6118 :
Everyday I just remember how fucked up the world is

WoXiHuanChi :
Eh at this point I have just accepted that humans will all die and earth will have to largely start over on its ecosystems/environments. Humans are selfish and won’t do anything about it. We are probably already past the tipping point. I’m just gonna try to live my life as a mindful person and just be sorry for the generations that will live through humanities extinction. I can’t help but imagine the last peoples on earth feeling so painfully alone and lost, helpless. All for the previous generations mindless gluttony.
I bet the earth can rebound quickly after humans are gone. Maybe a couple million years? Nothing to a planet that’s billions of years old. We’re like a 24 hour cold.
bananafor :
Global warming promote new diseases, like those reef sharks with skin cancers, even though sharks don't usually get cancers.

dubtime5 :
Ban all cruise ships. I was fucking dumbfounded to hear that not only were they coming back, but that some wouldn't even require vaccination. Fuck that whole industry.
This is about ballast water. Cargo ships are the main problem here, and there are vastly more cargo ships than cruise ships in the world.
JimmyHavok :
A friend of mine was studying the effect of ballast water on local ecosystems. Ships are supposed to dump their ballast far offshore and refill with pelagic water, but too many of them do not, and they bring organisms from one shore's ecosystem to others.

Kman1121 :
People will watch shit like this and think capitalism is sustainable.

2lovesFL :
the northern berry islands in the bahamas, (and other areas), cruise ships bought entire islands for their ships to stop. they sat there for much of the covid lockdown. should be easy to see.

willread86 :
How the fuck treating effluent before dumping in the ocean isn’t sop is beyond me 🤦🏼‍♀️
It could be ballast water, just plain seawater used to balance the ship, but it's sucked up in one country and dumped out in another as they do adjustments. The seawater can have diseases or even invasive species that live in the ships ballast tanks until pumped out.
a52dragon :
It’s the fucking cruise ships. 11,000,000 plus people shitting everyday for 2 weeks plus all the chemical that go with it. We are doing the best we can to kill of human beings
The disease isn't spread via wastewater but ballast water.
WetPinkButthole :
Its so cool all the unique, awful ways we've doomed our planet. Remember, it's a lot less cruel to adopt since they had no choice but to exist during the end of the world, and you can ease their suffering by being a good parent til' the end :)

meaniereddit :
Wait, floating trash barges are bad? The plague, virtual slaves, bunker fuel registered to despot country floating sizzlers are bad? shocked pikachu.jpg

OneofYourFiveaDay :
As one of the guys working on a ship in the region, I just want to clarify a few things here. Firstly, as the article explains, this is likely linked to the loading and discharging of ballast water. Simply put, water is moved from one area of the Caribbean to another. No pollutants added, and any chemicals used in the ballast water treatment are designed to neutralise any bacteria or microbes. Ballast water treatment is a relatively new requirement and will take time to be fully utilised by the entire industry, but it's getting there. Secondly, the idea that this is from ships dumping literal shit in the ocean is a misconception. That's not how it works. All sewage is treated and neutralised and is guaranteed to be cleaner than any of the stuff coming from the islands themselves. Thirdly, folks can bash the shipping industry all they like, but how do you think you got your clothes, phones, cars, food? Over 90% of the world's goods are moved by sea, and the industry is ever changing and improving, reducing its environmental footprint rapidly over recent years. All I'm saying is; Do some fucking research.

Double-LR :
No shit? You mean to tell me if you dump shit water mixed with industrial runoff in to the ocean, it does *bad stuff?!?!* Nofukkinwaydood!!!

no_klue :
Surprise, said no one with any commonsense.

Ok_Condition966 :
I never knew ships did this sort of thing. I always just assumed it was properly disposed of. Not just fuckened dump out in the ocean like that. Crazy but I feel like nothing surprises me anymore. So sad.

Flor3nce2456 :
Great, now the Corals have Covid...

laserbot :
Don't worry, coral, if you survive this disease caused by wastewater you only have to deal with acidification of the ocean caused by rising CO2 levels. hang in there!

Ophelia4200 :
This is why we can’t have nice things

PDXdeej :
Consequences for dumping all that (literal) shit, who knew? We really need to overhaul our methods.

Sailor-JT :
Most ships are being retrofitted or have already been retrofitted with ballast water treatment plants built into their ballast system. Edit: Also there are very strict regulations on where you can dump ballast water loaded in certain parts of the world due to invasive species and the different chemical composition of the waters.

Stardustinged :
The companies that make the money, pay off the politicians that make the rules. As in musical chairs, only the last one caught pays the price. Except for everyone else that suffers under such a slanted system.

Ryrynz :
Slowly but surely fucking over the planet for profit. We don't even care about tidying up after ourselves.. that shit eats into profit. FUCK THE WORLD!

kevinTOC :
Didn't China dump so much sewage in the SCS that it could be seen from space?

Fun-Evidence-476 :
Nothing will be done until collapse, and then it will be too late. It is already too late. I'm pretty sure those on top are just getting their last kicks in before this entire human civilization thing implodes.

whitenobody :
What!? You mean dumping whatever wherever we want is not good for nature? Dang.

Insipid_Pedantry :
as a dive instructor on Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras, I can tell you this disease is spreading widely, it's now on Utila as well, and it's doing some serious damage. From what I've been told by folks who know more than I do, we're gonna lost 90% of our stony corals to SCTLD. Go see the reef while it's still alive, folks.

Alldressedwarmpotato :
For starters, maybe we as a collective of humans, should start boycotting / avoiding cruise ships?
Okay but the vast majority of ballast water comes from cargo ships, not cruise ships. Take a look around you, how much of the stuff in your house came from China?
Kenmore1414 :
Fuck you if you go on cruises and give money to that shit industry.

PinkSpider1998 :
We don’t deserve this planet…

Soundkillaa :
I feel pain... we only have one me...